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[On the sixth day, due to the abundance of spiritual energy, your cultivation reached the perfection of the Golden Core stage.”

[On the 10th day, you successfully entered the Nascent Soul stage.”

[On the 15th day, you successfully reached the perfection of the Nascent Soul stage.

Thinking about how that kind-hearted Granny Sun could take out a breakthrough pill, you finally walked out of the house and went to Granny Suns house.

You once again saw the child in your memory.

It was actually a little girl.

Granny Sun seemed to be very happy with your arrival.

She took out a lot of fruits to entertain you and chatted with you for a long time.

You took the opportunity to look up Granny Suns information.”

Name: Sun Xiuqin

Race: Plant Clan

Cultivation: Ascension stage (Peak)

Description: A good-natured 100,000-year-old Purple Heart Ginseng.

She has a kind heart.

When she ascended 50,000 years ago, the quasi-Sage of the Confucian School sealed and suppressed her in the Tianwu Village.


[Looking at Granny Suns information, youre even more confused.

If the Immortal World had strict requirements for ascension, it would be fine if those people werent allowed to ascend, but why was Granny Sun, such a good person, not allowed to ascend

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[You checked the little girl on Granny Suns body again and obtained all the information.

Name: Ginseng Doll

Race: Purple Heart Ginseng

Cultivation: Incarnation stage (Intermediate)

Introduction: Originally, it was just an ordinary human body.

Granny Sun nurtured it with her heart for thousands of years and successfully gave birth to spiritual wisdom.

However, its IQ was like a 5-year-old child.

It took many years for it to mature.

[After chatting with Granny Sun until late at night, Granny Sun told you a lot of information about the cultivation world.

You received a lot of goods.

Before you left, Granny Sun gave you a Baby Pill and told you to cultivate well and leave the Tianwu Village as soon as possible.]

[On the 18th day, you swallowed the Baby Pill and successfully advanced to the Soul Formation stage…]


[On the 30th day, you successfully reached the completion of the Soul Formation stage.

You intended to leave the village.

Before you left, you intended to check the information of the village head.

When you passed by the village heads house, you happened to see the village head who was quietly watching you at the door.

You did not panic at all.

You maintained your composure and greeted the village head.

The village head also nodded to you.

After that, you walked out of the village.

When you left the village, you used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes and checked the village heads information.

Name: Ge Tianji (Old Man Tianji)

Race: Human

Cultivation: Mahayana stage (Early)

Introduction: The first existence to be sealed in the Tianwu Village has been around for 200,000 years.

Back then, Old Man Tianji claimed to have entered the world.

In the end, he even predicted that there would be great terror and danger when he ascended.

He planned ahead but still chose to ascend.

When he ascended, he plotted against the quasi-Sage of the Confucian School and successfully broke through to the Mahayana stage.

However, he was still unable to ascend to the Immortal World and was sealed in the Tianwu Village by the quasi-Sage of the Confucian School.


[When you saw the village heads information, you were greatly shocked.

You originally thought that the entire village should be filled with experts at the peak of the Ascension stage.

Unexpectedly, when one tried to ascend, they would be sealed by the quasi-Sage.

You didnt expect the village head to be at the Mahayana stage.

However, he was still sealed here.

You were filled with doubts and decided to investigate.]

[On the 35th day, you shuttled through the big cities formed by various immortal cultivators.

Unexpectedly, you discovered that there wasnt a single cultivator of the path of Confucianism in all the cities.

You were very suspicious.

Since the quasi-Sage of the Confucian School had sealed it, how could there not be a single cultivator of Confucianism in the vast Immortal Continent]

[On the 43rd day, you came to the Wan Lin Academy, which had the most books.

You spent some Spirit Stones to enter and wanted to find information about the path of Confucianism.

However, you discovered that none of the ancient books that had been passed down recorded the cultivation methods of the path of Confucianism or the books on the path of Confucianism.]

[On the 55th day, you didnt have a single clue.

You planned to take the risk and raise your cultivation to the Ascension stage to investigate the situation.

For this, you went to the location of the Heart of the Sky Demon in your memory.]

[On the 65th day, you found the well in your memories.

The well was emitting faint demonic energy.

You entered it directly, and under the influence of the dense demonic energy in the ruins, you obtained the legacy item, the Heart of the Sky Devil.]

[On the 103rd day, in order to raise your Cultivation Base, you massacred millions of people in the cultivation world.

Your Cultivation Base reached the Tribulation Transcending stage, and demonic energy billowed all over your body.

It was as if the Sky Devil had descended into the world.

You directly swallowed the heavenly tribulation, and the Sky Devil appeared once again to possess you, but you directly killed and devoured it.]

[On the 150th day, you massacred tens of millions of people and successfully fused with the Heavenly Devil Essence from outside the Heaven Domain.

Your Cultivation Base entered the early Ascension stage.

You deliberately fell into the trap of the people of the cultivation world and were surrounded by the desert.

Three Ascension experts personally held down the formation and used an army of 5,000,000 cultivators to set up the Yin-Yang Sun-Burning Devil-extinguishing Formation.

You didnt panic at all.

A great battle was on the verge of breaking out.]

[On the 160th day, you killed three Ascension stage experts and refined five million cultivators.

The entire immortal cultivation world trembled under your might.

Youve successfully reached the peak of the Ascension stage.

You have to test your guesses, and you still resolutely activated your great tribulation of Ascension

[On the 161st day, a boundless bolt of lightning appeared in the sky.

The lightning tribulation transformed into golden-armored divine generals that madly attacked you.

Every strike of the tens of thousands of golden-armored divine generals was no less than the full-force strike of an Ascension expert.

You relied on your powerful talent and the vast amount of cultivation you absorbed to stubbornly survive the Great Ascension Tribulation.

[The gate to the Immortal World appeared.

Just as you were about to ascend to the immortal World, you suddenly sensed a terrifying divine sense attack.

In an instant, it was as though you had been completely seen.

[A cold snort rang out from the gate to the Immortal World.

“A mere Skyfiend dares to act so presumptuously in front of me”

[Then, a ray of light shot out of the gate, directly turning you into ashes.

You are dead.]

[This Cultivation Simulation is over.

You can permanently retain a Cultivation Talent and extract it into the real world.]

[The simulation has ended.

Simulation Time: 161 days.

System Cooldown: 161 minutes.]

“System, extract theIllusion-Breaking Divine Eyes.”

[Ding! Cultivation Talent, “Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes”, extracted.]

Zhao Hao looked at the Cultivation Simulator that had entered its cooldown period, and his heart went cold.

Just now, he had verified something, an extremely abnormal conclusion.

According to the sealed people of the Tianwu Village, they had come to a conclusion that the Immortal World did not allow ascension.



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