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[On the 21st day, the battle outside gradually quieted down.

Your door opened once again, and the village head walked in and brought you out.

He then told you that if you could break the great formation at the outermost part of the village, he would let you go.

You came to the edge of the village and looked carefully.

Only then did you realize that there was actually a great formation under this small village.

It was also the second formation you saw last night.

You used the formation-breaking method in the Taoist Scripture, but it was useless.]

[On the 22nd day, you learned from the village head that this formation was called the Heaven-Sealing Formation.

However, the village head did not share any other information with you.

He only told you that one of the prisoners could be released with your blood.

If you could not break the formation, then you would be killed.]

“On the 25th day, you studied this great formation for a long time, but you didnt have any leads.

It was almost time to leave the novice village.

You were so irritable that you almost went mad.”

“On the 29th day, you saw that you couldnt break the formation, so you thought of sneaking out.

However, before you could escape the village, you were surrounded by more than ten people in the village.

This time, even the village head did not intervene.

You were dismembered and died.

[This Cultivation Simulation is over.

You can permanently retain a Cultivation Talent and extract it into the real world.]

[The simulation has ended.

Simulation Time: 29 days.

System Cooldown Time: 29 minutes.]

Zhao Hao looked at the interface and exclaimed, “Damn! I knew this village wasnt simple, but I didnt expect it to be a village of monsters!”

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Then, he took out his phone and wrote on his notepad while the cooldown was still on.

Most of the NPCs in the village were ghosts and monsters.

Their cultivation was unknown, but from the fact that he had been in the Nascent Soul stage and couldnt tell how deep they were, as well as the fact that he was trapped in the village by the Heaven-Sealing Formation, he could tell that they were at least in the Tribulation Transcending stage.

Previously, he could leave the village in such a dangerous situation, but this time, he did not.

Obviously, it had something to do with the three Confucian Cultivation Talents that he picked, so Zhao Hao did not extract any of the three Cultivation Talents.

Widow Zhang and Carpenter Li had been fighting, and they saw a big spider.

It was accompanied by the wailing of ghosts and howling of wolves.

It was clear that one of the two must be a Spider Spirit.

Unconsciously, Zhao Hao recalled his own experience of being sucked dry by Widow Zhang in a simulation.

“As expected.

No wonder I, a grand Mahayana Holy Body, was so easily killed by a demon.

I almost thought I couldnt do it at that time, but I didnt expect Widow Zhang to use me as a furnace.”

Sighing, Zhao Hao began to wait patiently.

The cooldown was only half an hour, and soon, the time was up.

“System, activate the Cultivation Simulator.”

[To enable the simulation, you may select only three of the following Cultivation Talents.]

There were already ten ordinary talents, and Zhao Hao randomly chose three talents that had nothing to do with Confucianism.

[On the first day, you came to the world as a Colden Core cultivator.

You knew that the village was strange, so you didnt go out.

Instead, you focused on cultivating the Tao Te Ching.]

[On the second day, your cultivation reached the completion of the Colden Core stage.

You had been paying attention to the movements outside the house.

You found that the village had been watching your house silently for a long time before finally leaving.]


[On the third day, you did not choose to continue with your breakthrough.

You planned to make use of the opportunity of the simulator a few more times to investigate the numerous villagers in the small village properly.

You visited Widow Zhangs house and received Widow Zhangs warm welcome.

While Widow Zhang was cooking, you secretly opened her wardrobe and rummaged through it.

You did not find anything strange, but the fabric of those clothes was very strange and smooth to the touch.

It was definitely not something that a villager could wear.

However, you suddenly turned back and found Widow Zhang staring at you coldly.

In order to dispel her misgivings, you greedily took the clothes and sniffed at the tip of your nose, then pounced on Widow Zhang.]

[On the fifth day, you limped out of Widow Zhangs house.

You couldnt help but sigh in your heart.

As a peak Colden Core cultivator, in the end, you were defeated by this Spider Spirit.

Yes, at this time, you have already confirmed that the hundred-foot-long patterned spider is undoubtedly Widow Zhang.

Although you have never heard of spider silk being used to make clothes, you are extremely certain.

Dont ask.

Asking hurts the dignity of a man.]


[‘Losing to a Spider Spirit, a demon, is not shameful! If Widow Zhang was not a demon, how could a seven-foot-long man like me have lost]


[On the sixth day, after a night of rest, You finally recovered your yang energy.

You did not cultivate, as it was easier to deal with the villagers with your current Cultivation Base.

You went to two nearby houses in a row and accidentally discovered that they were households of ordinary villagers.

You cast a spell, and they all fell asleep.

From this, you concluded that this village is a village where mortals and ghosts coexist.]

[On the seventh day, you woke up very early in the morning and suddenly remembered that Butcher Zhang kept dozens of chickens in his house at the eastern end of the village.

It was precisely because you had eaten dozens of chickens that Butcher Zhang had hacked you to death one time.

At that time, you had the cultivation of the Foundation Establishment stage, and you also had the “Mahayana Holy Body”, but you couldnt fight back at all.

This Butcher Zhang was definitely a ghost.

You snuck into Butcher Zhangs house and stole a chicken.]

[On the eighth day, you did not kill the chicken.

Instead, you observed what was different about the chicken, and you found some clues about what kind of monster Butcher Zhang was.

“As expected, the heavens do not disappoint those who have good intentions!” You found a very evil bloodline in the chicken.

You killed the chicken and planned to stew it for food.

Just as you were plucking the feathers, Butcher Zhang rushed into your house and saw the chicken that had died.

He cried out in pain and swung his knife at you.

At the last moment, you suddenly discovered that the evil bloodline in the chicken was very similar to the aura that Butcher Zhang had accidentally released.

You then died.]


[This Cultivation Simulation is over.

You can permanently retain a Cultivation Talent and extract it into the real world.]

[The simulation has ended.

Simulation Time: 8 days.

System Cooldown: 8 minutes.]

Looking at the end panel, Zhao Hao opened the notepad and began to record.

Widow Zhang was equivalent to a Spider Spirit.

Butcher Zhang and the chicken had the same evil bloodline.

After recording, Zhao Hao closed his eyes to rest and quietly waited for the cooldown to finish.

Eight minutes quickly passed, and Zhao Hao hurriedly activated it again.

“System, activate the Cultivation Simulator.”

[To enable the simulation, you may select only three of the following Cultivation Talents.]

There was still no Red Cultivation Talent, so Zhao Hao randomly chose three non-Confucian Cultivation Talents and started the simulation.

[On the first day, you descended into the world with the cultivation of the Golden Core stage.

You did not choose to cultivate but headed to Butcher Zhangs house.

Butcher Zhang was full of enthusiasm for you and asked you if you wanted to buy fresh pork that he had just killed.

However, you said you wanted to eat chicken meat and buy the chicken that Butcher Zhang raised at home.

Butcher Zhang was furious and chased you out.]


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