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Throughout history, there had been only one sect that had enjoyed an equal footing with Buddhism and Taoism, which was Confucianism.

It had been passed down for thousands of years.

Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism came out top of the three religions and nine schools of thought.

Confucianism must have its own uniqueness to be able to enjoy an equal footing with Buddhism and Taoism.


Based on the information, Zhao Hao found a very good location, Dali.

The Dali Confucian Temple had been passed down for centuries.

Not only did it have a long history, but there had also been an endless stream of pilgrims.

Most importantly, there was also a Dali Martial Temple that was a short distance from the Dali Confucian Temple.

What was worshipped in the two temples were those who had earned themselves a place in the history books.

Based on Zhao Haos judgment, he could definitely obtain a lot of Cultivation Talents through these people.


Since he had already determined the location, Zhao Hao did not wait.

After all, there were still over five hours before the cooldown time of the Cultivator Simulator ended.

So, he should spend the time doing something anyway.

He did not choose to fly with his own ability.

Zhao Hao booked the earliest flight to Dali.

Then, he hurriedly left the hotel and took the flight to Dali.

At the same time, Bai Bing immediately received the news that Zhao Hao was going to Dali.

Bai Bing was a little confused, but she ignored the news.

She just thought that Zhao Hao was going on a trip while he still had time since he would start working soon.

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In Dali.

After a journey of over two hours, Zhao Hao successfully arrived at the Dali Confucian Temple.

Unlike the Taoist temple on Mount Longhu, it was off-season now, thus there were not many visitors at the Dali Confucian Temple.

Zhao Hao leisurely bought a ticket and then stepped in the temple.

The architecture of Dali Confucian Temple was the same as all the other Confucian Temples.

The main hall in the middle of the temple was the Dacheng Hall.

The main hall was dedicated to the sage Confucius, the second sage Mencius, and the proximate sage Yan Hui.

The two side halls were dedicated to the 72 disciples of Confucius and the great Confucian scholars of the past.

Zhao Hao was very respectful to these ancient sages.

Since his schedule was not tight, Zhao Hao entered the side hall first.

The side hall was very quaint and elegant.

There were dozens of memorial tablets, and a portrait was hung behind each tablet.

Just as he entered, Zhao Hao received a system notification in his mind.

[Ding! The Orange Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]

Zhao Hao looked up at the nearest memorial tablet.

“Gongye Chang I remember this.

He should be the son-in-law of Confucius.

I didnt expect him to have an Orange Cultivation Talent.”

Obviously, any random disciple had an orange cultivation talent.

Zhao Hao was instantly overjoyed as he walked past so many memorial tablets.

[Ding! The Orange Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]

[Ding! The Gold Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]

[Ding! The Gold Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]

[Ding! The Orange Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]

Along the way, Zhao Hao had obtained dozens of Cultivation Talents.

The most inferior one was an Orange Talent, and most of them were Gold Talents.

“Sure enough, if cultivation was possible back then, it was natural that Confucius would be called a saint.

Just looking at the talents of these disciples of Confucius and of those great Confucian scholars, Confucianism is a bit too terrifying…” Zhao Hao could not help but exclaim after he had collected talents from all the tablets in the side hall.

None of the Cultivation Talents obtained from the Buddhas in the White Horse Temple were of a quality as high as those he obtained in this side hall.

After all, everyone here was a legend, enjoying the worship of the world.

After his exclamation, Zhao Hao turned to the second side hall.

As before, he received many system notifications.

[Ding! The Orange Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]

[Ding! The Orange Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]

[Ding! The Gold Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]

[Ding! The Red Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]


Among the Gold and Orange Talents, a Red Cultivation Talent suddenly appeared, which undoubtedly made Zhao Hao stop.

Originally, Zhao Hao thought that most of the talents here were probably Gold and Orange and that he would only obtain a Red Talent from Confucius in the end.

He had not expected that there would be a Red Talent in this side hall, so he could not help but look up at the tablet.

The person in the portrait was eight feet tall, with a jade-like face, a silk scarf on his head, and a cape on his body.

He looked like a celestial being.

The name of this person was written on the tablet.

He was the ancient Confucian scholar Zhuge Liang, and his courtesy name was Kong Ming.


Zhao Haos eyes instantly lit up.

If he obtained the Red Talent from Zhuge Liang, then it made total sense.

After all, if there were ghosts and gods in this world, Zhuge Liangs skills were definitely not as simple as he knew.

After bowing to Zhuge Liangs tablet, Zhao Hao continued to walk forward.

Unfortunately, the remaining sages did not provide Zhao Hao with any more Red Talents.

However, Zhao Hao was still very satisfied.

This trip was absolutely worth it.

It had been so rewarding.

After collecting talents in the two side halls, Zhao Hao excitedly stepped into the main hall, Dacheng Hall, right away.

In the center of the Dacheng Hall was the statue of Confucius, the sage of Confucianism…

In this world where ghosts and gods existed, Zhao Hao did not know the cultivation status of Confucius.

However, since as the Descendant of Taoist Trinity he had the experience of shattering the Patriarch of Mount Longhu into pieces by worshipping him, he did not dare to worship Confucius as he wishes…


He took three long incense sticks and bowed respectfully to the statue of Confucius before slowly stepping forward…

[Ding! The Red Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]


[Ding! The Gold Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]

[Ding! The Gold Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]


After three consecutive system notifications, Zhao Hao knew that he had successfully obtained the Cultivation Talents of the three Confucian sages in the hall.

He bowed decisively and respectfully.

Then, he walked out of the hall.

The trip to the Confucian Temple was a huge win.

Apart from accidentally obtaining Red Cultivation Talents from Confucius and Zhuge Liang, he had also obtained many high-level Cultivation Talents.


The Cultivation Talent selection pool had originally been occupied by Blue and White Talents, but finally there were many high-level Cultivation Talents now.

However, Zhao Hao did not get too ahead of himself at the moment.

Instead, he looked worried.

The reason why he was worried was exactly that there were too many strong Cultivation Talents in the selection pool and that he had collected more information from the simulation.

Now it was already very difficult for him to die in the simulation.


Take the last simulation as an example, he had spent over 300 days in the Cultivation Simulation and the cooldown period was already over five hours.

If it was the same every time, he would not be able to use the Cultivation Simulator more than a few times per day, and the chances of getting a Red Talent would undoubtedly become much lower.

“So, the most urgent thing to do now is to look for an event or a talent that will make it easy for me to die.”


Zhao Hao could not help but frown as he thought about it.

With a cheat as big as the Cultivation Simulator, he should maximize the effect of the cheat.

It had been nearly four hours since he rushed to Dali from Mount Longhu.

Zhao Hao thought a while and took a taxi to the Dali Martial Temple that was not far from him.


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