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Zhao Hao slept soundly in the Cave Estate.

On the other hand, the entire Mount Longhu was in chaos.

The statue of their Patriarch, which had been passed down for thousands of years, had exploded for no reason.

This was not a trivial matter.

The milder way to explain this incident would be that their Patriach had made his presence felt because his descendants had been unfilial.

Whereas, the serious way to explain it would be that the entire Mount Longhu had gone against the original intention of the Patriarch when he had founded the sect, so he had destroyed his own statue out of fury and refused to protect them anymore.

The current Celestial Master of Mount Longhu and many elders were all gathered in the Patriarchs Hall.

Although the Patriarchs Hall had been badly damaged by the explosion, they all respectfully knelt before the Patriarchs statue and begged for the Patriarchs forgiveness.

There were gods and ghosts in this world.

The Patriarchs statue of Mount Longhu had been passed down for thousands of years, so how could it possibly be an ordinary object

It was precisely because of this Patriarchs statue that Mount Longhu held the leading status in Taoism in the entire country.

Putting everything else aside, as long as this Patriarchs statue was erected on Mount Longhu, so many supernatural beings would not dare to get even half a step closer to Mount Longhu.

Even the level-ten Pharaoh King in Africa had been smart enough not to provoke Mount Longhu back then.

Otherwise, they could have easily killed him with this Patriarchs statue.

Therefore, no one would think that such a terrifying statue had been damaged by any human.

They would only think that it had happened because of the fury of the Patriarch at his unfilial descendants.


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A soft groan came from the side of the stone statue.

The current Celestial Master of Mount Longhu and the elders all looked over.

It was the red-robed Taoist, Zhang Tongxuan.

“Who Are You How dare you barge into the Patriarchs Hall of Mount Longhu”

“Where are you from, Taoist priest How dare you not show your respect to Mount Longhu”

“Was it you who caused our Patriarchs statue to shatter”

The elders of Mount Longhu were all furious.

Many of them were prepared to chant their mantras and attack Zhang Tongxuan.

“Stop it.”

At that moment, the current Celestial Master of Mount Longhu, Zhang Zhiwei, stopped the elders and said respectfully to Zhang Tongxuan, “Ancestor, why did you come out of your closed-door cultivation Could it be that you came out in shock because of the shattered statue”

As the current Celestial Master of Mount Longhu, of course he knew that this was his ancestor whose cultivation was unrivaled and who had been cultivating inside closed doors in the forbidden area of the mountain in the back.

Zhang Zhiwei thought that his ancestor had also been alarmed by the shattered statue.

“Mm-hmm, thats right.

I also sensed something strange, so I came here to take a look.

You all dont have to blame yourself.

After all, the statue is a dead object.

Dont spread the news, and quickly get someone to build another one that looks the same as the original.

Otherwise, if this gets out, our reputation will be damaged, and we cant afford that.” Zhang Tongxuan said without batting an eyelid.


The elders immediately understood.

They hurriedly went to look for the craftsmen to build a new statue.

After the elders had left, Zhang Tongxuan came to Zhang Zhiweis side and said softly through voice transmission.

“Theres a young man in my Cave Estate who has an inborn Taoist physique.

You take him out tomorrow.

Dont even think of taking him in as a disciple.

Take him to the Scripture Depository and let him study as he pleases.

If he wants to leave, dont stop him.

Its good enough to form some good karma.”

Zhang Zhiweis eyes lit up when he heard this, but he did not ask any more questions.

He believed that his ancestor had his reasons for making such an arrangement.

Although Zhang Zhiwei was the current Celestial Master, he knew very well that this ancestor of his would not have any problem dealing with someone with ten times Zhang Zhiweis strength.

After Zhang Tongxuan finished speaking, he said nothing more.

With a flash, he disappeared in front of Zhang Zhiwei.

The next morning, the sky was bright.

Zhao Hao woke up from his deep sleep.

He looked around and found that the old priest had not come back.

There was nothing to eat in the Cave Estate, so Zhao Hao walked out of the cave.

Coincidentally, an old Taoist priest and a woman were walking outside toward the Cave Estate.

“Eh Bai Bing Why are you here”

The woman was Bai Bing, the junior captain of the Supernatural Special Forces Squad.

After dealing with the supernatural incident last night, she had rushed to Mount Longhu to confirm Zhao Haos safety.

After all, Zhao Hao was not obliged to help, and it was her who had forced him to do so, and he had also been a great help in dealing with the spirits.


Seeing that Zhao Hao had been captured by Zhang Tongxuan, Bai Bing had also been very worried.


I just came to see how youre doing.

You did a great job last night, so we have a reward for you.” Seeing that Zhao Hao was fine, Bai Bing said excitedly.

“Theres a reward What reward Could it be cultivation resources” Zhao Hao also said excitedly.

“Uh… A certificate and 500 yuan of cash…”


“…” Zhao Hao was speechless.

Inside the Scripture Depository on Mount Longhu.

Zhao Hao and Bai Bing came here together.

With the order of the Celestial Master, Zhang Zhiwei, they walked all the way to the inner area of the Scripture Depository without any obstruction.

Since Zhang Zhiwei told them to feel free to study anything, the two of them were not restricted in any way.

They walked past the bookshelves and looked at the Taoist classics one after another.


“Mystic Immortals Guiding Technique, Zhengyang Inner Core Technique, Five Thunder Mantra Technique, Yin-yang Five Phases Taoist Technique, Golden Light Mantra, Celestial Masters Complete Collection of Pills and Cauldrons…” Looking at these extremely precious Taoist classics, Bai Bing could not help but let out an exclamation.

Mount Longhu was the number one Taoist sect in the world.

Even the government could not have access to any of these precious classics.

All these cultivation techniques were extremely precious no matter in which era.

Zhao Hao, on the other hand, did not care at all.

He just casually walked past the bookshelves.

Every time Zhao Hao looked at a manual, the Tao Te Ching in his mind would automatically turn the pages and find something similar to that manual, and that part of its contents would definitely be better than the manuals on Mount Longhu.

After walking past everything in the Scripture Depository of Mount Longhu, there were only two secret manuals in the entire depository that the Tao Te Ching did not react to and were not included in the Tao Te Ching.

Holding the two manuals in his hands, Zhao Hao looked at them carefully.

One was called the “Celestial Master Record”.

It was a manual passed down by generations of Celestial Masters on Mount Longhu.

Only Celestial Masters were qualified to study it.

Zhao Hao was not interested in it at all.

He did not even care about the position of a mere Celestial Master.

Ever since he had reached the Moral Enlightenment stage in 100 days last night, Zhao Haos state of mind seemed to have improved a lot.

He would be transmigrating in six days, so everything in the real world was no longer that important to him.

On the other hand, Zhao Hao was very interested in the second manual, the “Golden Light Mantra”.

It was similar to a defensive spell, but it also had an extremely strong offensive power.

Combined with Zhao Haos Mahayana Holy Body, once he picked it up, Zhao Haos strength would probably increase tremendously.

With no hesitation, he immediately opened the manual “Golden Light Mantra” and began to learn.

As the “Descendant of Taoist Trinity”, all the spiritual roots in his body were Heaven Spiritual Roots, so he could learn all the Taoist Cultivation Methods in the world.

Zhao Hao had already picked up the Golden Light Mantra after reading it once.

He slowly circulated the spiritual energy in his body.

Instantly, a faint golden light appeared on Zhao Haos body, enveloping his entire body.

“No way.

Youve picked it up after reading it once” Bai Bing had been staring at Zhao Hao the entire time.

Although Bai Bing was very envious, Mount Longhu did not allow her to learn everything she wishes.

Besides, her special ability was different from the Taoist methods, so she did not care too much about it.

Instead, what she cared about was how Zhao Hao managed to pick up a Taoist technique after taking a look at it.

Such a powerful talent was so unreal to Bai Bing.


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