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“Catch the three Taoist priests quickly.” Bai Bings voice came from the sky.

All the superpowered people flew out and caught the three falling figures.

They were the three Taoist priests in purple robes.

“Taoist Priest Qingxu, how are you feeling Please dont spurt any blood.”

The little fatty carried a Taoist priest in a purple robe and shook him.

Zhao Hao watched the Taoist priest who would not have to spurt any blood pass out after being forcefully shaken by the little fatty.

“Hahaha, who are you guys to take me down”

A burst of wild laughter came from the sky, and then two figures came down.

They were Bai Bing and the male officer.

Zhao Hao frowned.

The current situation was still very dangerous.

Although he had captured more than 10,000 supernatural beings with the “Salvation of Mankind Scripture”, the strongest level-eight supernatural being was still up there.

Now, on his side, the strongest few were already heavily injured and had no more strength to fight against the level-eight supernatural being.

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“Bai Bing, lets retreat.” The young male officer said to Bai Bing.

One of his arms had been torn off, and his entire body was covered in blood.

“No, we cant leave yet.

If we retreat, well have to take back the Inescapable Net.

If this supernatural being escapes at the time, itll definitely be a disaster.

So, we might as well go all out to fight it.

The headquarters will definitely send reinforcements over, and when the time comes, itll be the death of this being.”

Although Bai Bing was also seriously injured, she did not sound weak at all.

Instead, there was a kind of heroism in her tone.

In an instant, the look in the eyes of all the surviving superpowered people became resolute.

As superpowered people, especially those who joined the Supernatural Special Forces Squad, they all had received the most complete education.

They knew better that it was not easy to maintain a peaceful society, and they had long made up their minds to die for their country.


Even though the situation was bad, the remaining people still had an incredible aura.

“Morons… Your men are dead…”

The level-eight supernatural being in the sky had long recovered the intelligence of a human.

It had been able to kill a few of his opponents, but it had not made a move.

Only by severely injuring them, he could see a look of despair on these people and watch them die in pain, fear, and hopelessness.

That was what he wanted to see the most.

There was another reason.

It saw that Zhao Hao easily captured tens of thousands of evil spirits with his unknown chain technique.

Even a level-eight supernatural being like him had to be on guard against it.

However, when he saw that the group of people became determined to fight until they died despite their despair, instead of being dominated by fear.

This high-and-mighty level-eight supernatural being found it hard to accept this.


So, he decided to ignore Zhao Haos unknown means and slashed open his stomach.

A ferocious ghost head flew out from its stomach and flew towards Zhao Hao and the others.

“D*mn it, its actually a pair of ghost twins, and both of them are at the level eight.” The officer in the military uniform with a broken arm gritted his teeth and said.

A pair of ghost twins was a combination of two ghosts.

In the form of a ghost, it could unleash a power that was greater than the powers of the two combined.

With the powers of two level-eight supernatural beings combined, even if they did not have the level-nine battle strength, they were considered invincible among the level-eight ghosts.

“I was wondering why we could not even beat a level-eight ghost that just broke through the seal.

It turns out to be a pair of ghost twins.

It seems like fate.”

Even Bai Bings eyes wavered.

Facing the invincible level-eight ghost twins, Bai Bing knew that they had no chance of surviving.


The ferocious ghost head pulled a long green line as it flew towards them.

Just as Bai Bing and the others closed their eyes and prepared to die…

“The good paths are difficult at first, but one will realize the wisdom behind choosing such paths as he walks further.”

An aged but righteous voice came out afar from the sky.

In an instant, the entire Dragon-Defying River flew into the sky, turned into a water dragon, and swallowed the ferocious ghost head.


The level-eight ghost in the air let out a painful howl.

In that instant, its level-eight ghost twin that had always lived with it died.

After swallowing the big-headed ghost, the water dragon made a sharp turn in the air and rushed toward the level-eight ghost.

The level-eight ghost was scared out of its wits.

However, the moment it raised its head, it realized that the Inescapable Net had disappeared.

It was overjoyed and immediately flew into the distance on its ghost mist.

“Hmph, how could I let a mere little ghost like you escape in front of my eyes”

A cold voice came out as a red-robed elder appeared right in front of the level-eight supernatural being.

He waved his sleeve and put the level-eight supernatural being back into his Taoist robe in an instant.

After everything was done, the red-robed Elder flashed and appeared in front of Zhao Hao and the others.

“Greetings, Senior.” Bai Bing led everyone to quickly bow to this unfamiliar Senior.

“Thats unnecessary.

So, it was you who chanted the Salvation of Mankind Scripture just now”

The red-robed Elder waved his hand, and Zhao Hao flew right next to the Elder.

“Uh… Thats right…” Zhao Hao wanted to deny it at first, but when he saw the chains in his hands, he had no choice but to admit it.

“Thats just what I thought.

Ive been having a Closed-Door Meditation at Mount Longhu for more than three hundred years.

Today, I suddenly heard someone chanting the Salvation of Mankind Scripture that had been lost for a thousand years.

Thats why I rushed over.

Little kid, where did you get it”

The red-robed elder grabbed Zhao Hao and his eyes widened.

It was as if he would never give up until Zhao Hao gave a clear explanation.

“…” Zhao Hao was speechless.

Then, a shooting star streaked across the sky and instantly landed not far from Zhao Hao and the others.

It did not cause any explosion.

Someone slowly walked over.

“I came here in a hurry.

Are you guys done fighting”

The person who came was wearing ancient armor and a steel helmet on his head.

Judging by his appearance, he looked like a handsome middle-aged man in his forties.


“Greetings, Captain.”

“Greetings, Captain.”

“Greetings, Captain.”

Bai Bing and the others addressed him respectfully.

The newcomer was the Chief Captain of the Supernatural Special Forces Squad and a superpowered man who was at the peak of level nine, Ma Qiusheng.

Of course, the red-robed old man noticed Ma Qiusheng too.

He looked him up and down for a while and said, “Mm Your strength is not bad, is it”

Ma Qiusheng noticed the red-robed elder the moment he landed.

However, as he could not identify his strength, he did not act rashly.

“Im Ma Qiusheng.

May I ask who you are” Ma Zhuisheng cupped his fists and bowed in an ancient manner before speaking to the red-robed Elder.


Im Zhang Tongxuan, the 23rd generation Celestial Master of Mount Longhu.” The red-robed Elder said very casually.

Ma Qiushengs eyes narrowed slightly when he heard that.

He knew about the current generation Celestial Master of Mount Longhu.

He also knew that this Celestial Master held the position of a guest official of the Supernatural Special Forces Squad.

However, Ma Qiusheng knew that the current generation Celestial Master was the 26th generation Celestial Master of Mount Longhu.

Based on how a Celestial Master lived for over a hundred years, he could guess that the old man in front of him was three to four hundred years old.



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