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[On the 193rd day, the spaceship traveled without any accidents under the control of Fat Tiger and Skinny Tiger.

Many of the vortexes that erupted from the black holes were successfully avoided.

[On the spaceship, everyone shared the information they had gathered and made a conclusion.

[Alchemist Akator had wanted to collect a Supreme-level ingredient, the Meteor Grass, which was why he had personally come to the Endless Black Hole region.

[The Meteor Grass was a type of medicinal herb that could only be randomly produced after a black hole devoured countless planets.

It was extremely difficult to pick and must be personally collected by an alchemist.

Ordinary cultivators, even Supreme beings, couldnt get the Meteor Grass out of the black hole.

[As for the use of Meteor Grass, it was only announced that it was used to refine a Supreme medicine.

[During this period, you also encountered a Star-class spaceship.

There were also more than 20 Sage Emperors on it.

They were not humans but from the Three-Eyed race.

There was no friction between the two parties, and you brushed past each other.

After that, you went their separate ways.

[This kind of situation often occured in the Endless Black Hole region.

If there was a huge difference in strength, then one might be treated as a fat sheep and killed.

However, if there was a similar strength, they would usually be wary of each other and leave separately.]

[On the 203rd day, you were looking for the alchemist according to the clues.

By accident, you found two groups of forces fighting not far away.

[Your harvest along the way was quite good.

Due to the Endless Black Hole region, many materials would shoot out of the black holes from time to time.

If a spaceship happened to pass by, a Sage Emperor would take action and keep the materials.

[If they were ordinary materials, they would belong to the Sage Emperor, who took action.

If they were very rare, they would be put into the storage space of the spaceship.

After the flight ended, they would return to the human race and be distributed equally to everyone.

[The two parties not far away were fighting over a material.

“Star-Pattern Sand is the main material to make a supreme-grade Sage Emperor weapon.

[A Sage Emperor said to all of you, “There are more than 30 patches of Star-Pattern Sand.

Each of them can be sold for 100,000 Yuan.”

[As the Sage Emperor spoke, the eyes of all the Sage Emperors present lit up.


[More than 30 patches of Star-Pattern Sand meant more than 3,000,000 Yuan.

Even if more than 20 people were to divide it equally, Fifth Bodhisattva Bear, a 9th Order Sage Emperor, could get at least 100,000 Yuan per person.

[To a Sage Emperor, more than 100,000 Yuan was not a small amount.

[For a time, everyone was eager to give it a try.

They all had the intention of taking action.

[On the contrary, Fifth Bodhisattva Bears brows were tightly furrowed.

He did not want an accident to happen during this journey.

However, if he did not take action, it would inevitably cause the Sage Emperors who had gathered to have an opinion.

For the sake of safety, he still ordered Fat Tiger and Skinny Tiger to approach the spaceship.

[The spaceship slowly approached.

The two sides that were in the middle of a battle retreated together when they saw your spaceship.

They actually stopped fighting and looked at your spaceship with hostility.

[You sensed that they werent humans.

The one party was from the Ghost race, consisting of six Ghost Sage Emperors, with the strongest being at the 9th Order.

As for the other party, you had never encountered them before.

They looked very disgusting.

They had no heads and were covered in tentacles.

“Damn, its the Tentacle race…”

[After listening to the introduction of a Sage Emperor, you knew that this was one of the 10,000 races in the universe.

It was not a super-first-rate race.

They had no Heavenly Venerates, but there were a few Supreme beings.

They were not weak.

[The Tentacle party had more than 10 Tentacle Sage Emperors, with the strongest being at the 9th Order.

This was also the reason they could compete with the Ghost party.

There were so many of them.

If they really fought, the outcome was really unknown.

[However, when Fifth Bodhisattva Bear appeared in front of the two parties with 24 Human Sage Emperors, both the Ghost and the Tentacle experts retreated a lot.

[Seeing that the two races didnt turn around and flee, Fifth Bodhisattva Bear was very dissatisfied.

He opened the folding fan in his hand and waved it twice before speaking.

“Three breaths of time.

Either get lost or die…”

[After he finished speaking, all the Human Sage Emperors were ready to attack.

[As for the Ghost race and the Tentacle race, they turned around and ran away.

[Fifth Bodhisattva Bear was very satisfied when he saw that a battle didnt erupt.

Once the battle started, even if he could quickly finish off the two 9th Order Sage Emperors, a big battle would still waste a lot of time and greatly delay his original plan.

[He stretched out his hand and pulled the 30 patches of Star-Pattern Sand floating in the universe into his hand.

Then, Fifth Bodhisattva Bear brought everyone back to the spaceship.

[The fact that the battle had not erupted made the few hot-tempered Sage Emperors on the spaceship unhappy.

However, considering Fifth Bodhisattva Bears cultivation, no one went to look for him.]

[On the 211th day, the more materials you collected, the better everyone looked.

[In the past few days, the number of materials collected had exceeded 10,000,000 Yuan.

Everyone had to earn at least hundreds of thousands of Yuan.

This made all the Sage Emperors very satisfied.

[It seemed that you had found a new way to make money.

This was even the income of a team.

If you acted alone, the income would undoubtedly be higher.

‘With my current strength, I can make some money here…

[You calculated in your heart.

The limit of the Endless Black Hole was the 9th Order of the Sage Emperor realm, and the 1st Order of the Sage Emperor was the most basic requirement of entering.

[Such a limit would greatly reduce the level of danger you faced.

Those who could cultivate to the Sage Emperor realm were millions of years old.

Very few individuals could reach the Sage Emperor Realm at your age…

[Facing so many old geezers, you wouldnt feel any pressure at all.

A 10,000-fold power increase would be enough to sweep away everything.

[You didnt act immediately.

Instead, you waited for the rewards to increase.

When you reached your destination, you would see what Fifth Bodhisattva Bear wanted to do.

[Fifth Bodhisattva Bear squinted and said, “We just received a message.

A team of 15 humans has also disappeared.”

[At that moment, all the Sage Emperors looked over simultaneously.

[There were many ways to send messages in the universe.

However, the most convenient way to do so was through the human races Virtualverse.

[However, they could only rely on other methods after leaving the human territory.

[Given Fifth Bodhisattva Bears means, it was obvious that he was still in contact with the outside world.

[A hunched old man with a few blades of grass growing on his head asked Fifth Bodhisattva Bear indifferently, “Can you confirm the location where they disappeared”

[This person was one of the two 8th Order Sage Emperors, and everyone called him Lord Slow.]


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