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[With the support of the Sage Emperor weapon, you already had the battle prowess of the 5th Order Sage Emperor.

With the addition of the effects of your Time Hunter talent, you believed that the universe was so big that you could walk around as you pleased.]

[On the 189th day, you were directly teleported to the area closest to the Endless Black Hole region through the Ancient Burial stars teleportation formation.

[The Endless Black Hole region was a forbidden area formed by countless black holes.

It was constantly being destroyed and reborn but was rich in resources.

Sage Emperor-, Supreme-, and even Heavenly Venerate-level materials were produced there.

Naturally, all the major races had teleportation formations.

[Still, this place was very special, and those above the 9th Order of the Sage Emperor realm could not approach.

[Once a Supreme being entered the Endless Black Hole region, they would trigger a series of explosions in the already unstable environment.

In the past, countless Supreme beings had wanted to enter, but they all suffered heavy losses and were even devoured by the black holes explosions.

[Once a Heavenly Venerate entered, they would trigger all the black holes to explode simultaneously.

The power was mind-numbing and could threaten a Heavenly Venerates life.

[Later on, in order to protect this precious land, all the races in the universe set a rule that only experts below the Supreme realm were allowed to enter.

With many Heavenly Venerates working together to seal it, even a Heavenly Venerate would not be able to get close to the Endless Black Hole region.

[As soon as you walked out of the teleportation formation, you saw numerous humans.

They were all Sage Emperors.

[Normally, seeing a Sage Emperor in the human domain was very difficult.

However, you were surprised to see dozens of them near the teleportation formation.

[After the guards swift explanation, you finally understood that these Sage Emperors were here for the alchemist.

An alchemist, especially a 9th Order Sage Emperor realm, was priceless.

J[ust providing useful information alone was worth 1,000,000 Yuan and bringing him back 10,000,000 Yuan.

This mission undoubtedly stimulated the interest of many Sage Emperors.

[Previously, you issued a reward of 10,000,000 Yuan to kill Ge Tianji, and a few 9th Order Sage Emperors itched to enter the Demon races domain.

Naturally, a mission like finding the whereabouts of someone was more attractive.

[What you saw was just the arrival of a new batch.

Hundreds of Sage Emperors had already set off, but no one knew where they had gone.

[As you were only a 1st Order Sage Emperor, the stronger Sage Emperors glanced at you and ignored you.


[Those who wanted to form a team also ignored you.

A mere 1st Order Sage Emperor would face grave danger in the Endless Black Hole region.

[Not only were there energy tides that could erupt anytime and anywhere but there were also all sorts of void beasts.

[Black holes possessed the ability to break through space.

Some could annihilate everything, while others could connect to a space.

[Heavenly Venerate Virtuals express delivery service made use of the principle of black holes connecting to other spaces.

However, even someone as strong as Heavenly Venerate Virtual could only control those black holes in the human domain.

“How should I address you, Brother Are you interested in forming a team”

[Just as you were about to fly away, a voice suddenly sounded from the side.

You turned around and saw a middle-aged man.

He looked more refined and held a folding fan in his hand.

[Beside him were two other companions.

One was fat, and the other was thin, and they looked ugly.

[There were seven other Sage Emperors behind them, and their appearances were all different.

With a single glance, one could tell that they were a team that had been formed at the last minute.

[You could sense the auras of these people but couldnt see through the middle-aged mans cultivation base.

As for the fat and thin men, you could clearly sense they were 6th Order Sage Emperors.

[You habitually used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes to observe them and were astonished.

Name: Fifth Bodhisattva Bear

Race: Human

Cultivation: Sage Emperor/9th Order

Introduction: A member of the Virtual Supreme Alliance and the team leader of the Universal Pirates 1st Team.

He comes from an aristocratic family with ties with the Cosmic Human Army and is the fifth-generation patriarch.

He is cunning and proficient in the art of concealment and transformation.

: No one has thought that the patriarch of an aristocratic family that has ties with the Cosmic Human Army is actually a member of the notorious Universal Pirates.

His battle prowess is outstanding, he has many trump cards, and he can fight against a Supreme being.

Name: Fat Tiger

Race: Human

Cultivation: Sage Emperor/ 6th Order

Introduction: A member of the Virtual Supreme Alliance and a team leader of the Universal Pirates, proficient in the Devouring Dao.

Name: Skinny Tiger.

Race: Human

Cultivation: Sage Emperor/ 6th Order

Introduction: A member of the Virtual Supreme Alliance and a team leader of the Universal Pirates, proficient in the Daemon Dao.

[The three people in front of you were actually cosmic pirates.

This was something that you had never expected, especially that Fifth Bodhisattva Bear fellow.

Whether it was his cultivation or background, his position in the human race was definitely not low.

[You really couldnt understand why such a person would become a cosmic pirate.

[Then, you looked at the attributes of the seven people behind him.

As expected, they were all Sage Emperors from all over the world.

They didnt have any background, and their strength was relatively weak.

‘What should I do This fella is obviously up to something.

Now, he wants to form a team with me.

Should I go along and check how things will turn out

[You frowned.

In the eyes of others, it was up to you to consider the gains and losses.

[However, in reality, you had used the Time Hunter talent to sense the age of Fifth Bodhisattva Bear.

Name: Fifth Bodhisattva Bear

Age: 17,850,000 years old

Battle Result: Increase your battle strength by 10,000 times

Name: Fat Tiger

Age: 5,600,000 years old

Battle Result: Increase your battle strength by 5,600 times.

Name: Thin Tiger

Age: 5,600,000 years old

Battle Result: Increase your battle strength by 5,600 times.

[After seeing the age of the three people, you excitedly agreed to the other partys request to form a team.

There was no other reason.

You just wanted to feel what it was like to have your current cultivation level increase by 10,000 times.

[After that, you followed behind Fifth Bodhisattva Bear and stayed with the seven people.

While chatting, you realized that forming a team to enter the Endless Black Hole region was the tradition of all races.

[After all, in the Endless Black Hole region, not only did one have to face the threat of the black holes at any time, but they also had to defend void beasts and the other races powerhouses.

[Although the benefits had to be split equally when forming a team, ones safety could be greatly improved.

[In just a short while, Fifth Bodhisattva Bear had recruited 13 Sage Emperors.

Including all of you, a total of 24 Sage Emperors had gathered.

[Among them, apart from Fifth Bodhisattva Bear, there were two other 8th Order Sage Emperors.

Their strength and aura were extraordinary, but Fifth Bodhisattva Bear still accepted them all.

[This behavior made many Sage Emperors feel much more at ease.

After all, the more experts there were, the lower the probability of internal strife.

[After gathering 24 Sage Emperors, Fifth Bodhisattva released a Star-class spaceship.

It looked and was slightly inferior to the top-tier Star-class spaceship that you had simulated the last time, but it was much better than the one from the Wealthy Mercenary Group.

It was probably worth 2,300,000 Yuan.

[Everyone entered the spaceship, and the spaceship immediately started, heading straight for the depths of the Endless Black Hole region.]


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