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[The business of the Wealthy Mercenary Group was too big.

They spent money everywhere, and the income from the missions could not even pay the basic salary of the members.

[Every time, Su Ye relied on the systems funds to barely maintain it.

[Sometimes, Su Ye was very worried because he did not have any extra funds to strengthen himself and improve his cultivation.

[Now, Su Ye could focus on developing his power and raising his strength with your 10,000,000 Yuan injection.

[Just like that, you signed a contract with Su Yun under the witness of the Virtualverse, and you became the vice leader of the Wealthy Mercenary Group.

[You finally found out the Wealthy Mercenary Groups real strength, and you couldnt help but sigh.

It really wasnt a weak organization.

[The Wealthy Mercenary Group had a total of more than 1,200 members.

Among them, there were many outer members that werent included.

[There were a total of six Sage Emperors, and the strongest one was at the 5th Order.

The expenses of consecrating these six Sage Emperors took up more than half of the funds of the entire Wealthy Mercenary Group.

[There were 34 Sage Monarchs, including Su Ye and your disciple, Kong Xinyue.

The rest were all at the Sageking realm.

[In the Cosmic Human Mercenary Group, the overall strength of the Wealthy Mercenary Group was above average.

[Once they had the protection of a Supreme being and recruited two 9th Order Sage Emperors, the Wealthy Mercenary Group could completely become a top-tier mercenary group.

[After meeting with many higher-ups, you declined Su Yes invitation and left the Wealthy Mercenary Group.

[You had come here mainly to leave a backup plan and let Su Ye, the chosen one, cultivate the great Dao for you.

[Now that everything was settled, it was time to carry out the next step of the plan.]


[On the 175th day, Wealthy Mercenary Group, you did not leave the Ancient Burial galaxy.

You had found suitable managers for your 9 great Daos on your body and could feel your strength increasing at every moment.

[You were already a 9th Chasm Sage Monarch and planned to break through to the Sage Emperor realm first before starting your plan to subvert the five super-first-rate races.

[In your plan, the races that should be subverted the most were naturally the four races around the human race—the Ghosts, Demons, Zergs, and Automatons.

[However, after your many investigations, you discovered that the Ghost race was the easiest to deal with among these four races.

This is because the three Ghost Heavenly Venerates were at odds, and the forces under them were also complicated.

It is very easy to break through from within.

[As for the other three races, whether it was the Demons, Automatons, or the Zergs, they all had strict hierarchy systems.

They obeyed the orders of the strongest, so it was not easy to manipulate them.

[Looking at the information in your hands, you could not help but mutter, “Compared to these three races, the Orcs and Devils were much easier to deal with.”

[Although there werent many super-first-rate races in the universe, there were definitely quite a few.

On the surface, there were 21 of them.

The weakest ones had one Heavenly Venerate, and the strongest ones were like the human race, the Ghost race, and the Orc race, possessing three Heavenly Venerates.

[You knew more about the Ghost race, so the ghost race had always been in your plan.

Although the Orc race had three Heavenly Venerates, they fought for themselves all year round and didnt bother each other.

But they could be defeated one by one.

[Then, you compared the strength of a few super-first-rate races and picked three relatively simple races, the Giant race, the Five Elements race, and the Dragon race.

[These three races all had two common characteristics—they only had one Heavenly Venerate, and it was difficult to reproduce.

The growth period was long, and their population was small.

[The Five Elements race, in particular, did not have the ability to reproduce themselves.

They were raised by nature.

As a super-first-rate race in the universe, they only had a few million members, which was not even comparable to a planet of the human race.

[The fewer there were, the easier it would be.

[Finally, after your confirmation, the five super-first-rate races that you selected were the Ghosts, Orcs, Giants, Elementals, and Dragons.

[You started to enter closed-door cultivation to break through to the Sage Emperor realm.

After reaching the Sage Emperor realm, you planned to go to one of the races to get some information.]

[On the 183rd day, with the support of the managers of your nine great Dao, you successfully broke through to the 1st Order of the Sage Emperor realm.

[You entered the trading hall and spent a lot of money to buy a set of Sage Emperor weapons.

With the support of the Sage Emperor Weapons, your strength was comparable to a 5th Order Sage Emperor.

[After that, you searched for missions that required you to go to other races in the mission pane of the Virtualverse.

“A-level Mission: Kill Ghost Master Lust

Publisher: Cui Chongjian

Cultivation Requirements: 1st Order Sage Emperor and above.

(Limit: None)

Mission Introduction: Kill Ghost Master Lust of the Netherworld star

Mission Reward: 500,000 Yuan

Failure: No punishment.”

“A-level Mission: Collect 1x Five-Elemental Core

Publisher: Hui Yidong

Cultivation Requirements: 1st Order Sage Emperor and above.

(Limit: None)

Mission Introduction: Head to the Five Elements galaxy and kill an Elemental Sage Emperor and retrieve the core.

Mission Reward: 700,000 Yuan

Mission failure: No punishment.”

“A-level Mission: Find the missing Alchemist Akator

“Publisher: Human Medicinal Pill Association

Cultivation Requirements: 1st Order Sage Emperor and above.

(Limit: None)

Mission Introduction: Alchemist Akator, a 9th Order Sage Emperor, entered the Endless Black Hole region to collect medicinal ingredients and went missing not long ago.

“Mission Reward:

– Provide useful information: 1,000,000 Yuan

– Bring him back successfully: 10,000,000 Yuan”

[There were many missions regarding other races.

Most of them regarded collecting some special materials.

For example, the Five-Elemental Core didnt exist in the trading hall.

[Only Elemental Sage Emperors and above could produce them.

The Five-Elemental Core could not only be used to refine pills and forge weapons, but it could also increase the cultivation speed of those who cultivated the five elements.

Therefore, there was simply not enough supply to meet the demand.

[You searched for a long time among the many missions and finally set your eyes on Alchemist Akator, who had disappeared.

[You had never come into contact with the alchemy profession ever since you started simulating.

However, you had eaten quite a lot of pills.

When the Medicinal Spark was sold at the high price of almost 8,000,000 Yuan, you understood that an alchemist was definitely not a simple existence.

[It was a pity that the pill-refining manuals and pill formulas in the trading hall were too ordinary.

They were not enough for you to become an alchemist, and their cost was steep.

[Now that such a mission had appeared, you felt that you should give it a try.

The main reason was that you were extremely confident in your battle prowess.]


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