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[With Kong Xinyue leading the way, you directly entered the Wealthy Mercenary Groups headquarters, the Star-class spaceship.

[Kong Xinyue excitedly held your hand and told you about her experiences during this period.

“Master, did you know that my ancestor is actually still alive and extremely powerful He broke through to the Sageking realm and then joined the Cosmic Human Army.

“Im also at the 1st Chasm of the Sage Monarch Realm now.

Oh, right, Master, whats your cultivation level Why cant I see through you

“Also, Master, our Wealthy Mercenary Group is extremely rich.

Do you want to join us My monthly salary is 100 Yuan.


[Along the way, Kong Xinyue kept chattering.

It allowed you to collect quite a bit of information about the Wealthy Mercenary Group.

The benefits and treatment of the Wealthy Mercenary Group were really not bad.

Even someone like Kong Xinyue had a monthly salary of 100 Yuan.

It should be said that Su Ye was indeed worthy of being the owner of the system.

His extravagance was boundless.

[Their Star-class spaceship was not very big.

You and Kong Xinyue met a few Wealthy Mercenary Group members during this period.

Most of them were Sage Monarchs, but there was a female 1st Order Sage Empress.

[According to Kong Xinyues introduction, this womans name was Kasha, and she was one of the Wealthy Mercenary Groups top combatants.

[Soon, you met the person you wanted to meet the most, the Wealthy Mercenary Groups leader, Su Ye.

“Xinyue, is this the master you often talk about, the one that helped you cultivate”

[Su Ye still knew about you.

Kong Xinyue often talked about you, which made Su Ye very curious.

[When two people with systems met, the competition would undoubtedly be about whose system was stronger.

[It was a pity that Su Yes system was only a rich mans system after all.

It had not been upgraded and had not even broken the Sage Emperor limit.

How could it compare to your simulator

[Therefore, you understood Su Yes Universes Unrivaled Uber-Rich System very well.

Su Ye did not know that you were also a system owner.


[Ding! Detected that the opposite system has activated a detection skill.

Do you want to block it]

[You received a notification from the simulator.

Su Ye actually had a skill similar to the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes, but your system detected it.

‘Block it.

Its better to keep it a little mysterious, you said in your mind.

[In the next moment, Su Yes originally calm face suddenly changed drastically because a strange scene appeared before him.

Ever since he obtained the system, his appraisal skill had never been ineffective.





[Su Ye had never encountered such a thing before.

He could even see through Sage Emperors various attributes with his appraisal skill.

[However, today, it was actually ineffective on a 9th Chasm Sage Monarch.

This sudden encounter made Su Ye very wary.

“Haha, Leader Su, Dont be nervous.

Thank you for taking care of my little disciple.

Im here to do business with Leader Su,” you calmly said to Su Ye.

[You didnt seem to be very apprehensive even though you were in his territory.

“Business What kind of business do you want to discuss”

[Su Yes expression also eased up a lot.

It was best if you hadnt come looking for trouble.

Due to the Wealthy Mercenary Group, people with ill intentions often came to look for trouble with Su Ye.

[Recently, a large family with a 9th Order Sage Emperor had taken a fancy to Su Yes wealth and wanted to annex it.

“Im willing to pay 10,000,000 Yuan to join your Wealthy Mercenary Group.

In addition, I would like to ask Leader Su to help me with a small favor.”

[As you said that, you took out a gold card.

It had the verification of the Virtualverse on it.

Whoever obtained this card would be able to directly add 10,000,000 Yuan to their account.

[Su Yes pupils shrunk slightly while looking at the gold card in your hand.

He knew this card.

He had many of them in his system, but he didnt have enough authority to exchange them.

[Su Ye was still very tempted by your request.

Even though his Wealthy Mercenary Group seemed to have spent a lot of money, in reality, they had only spent less than 5,000,000 Yuan.

[But now, with double the price, anyone would be tempted if they joined.

[Especially since the 9th Order Sage Emperor was coveting the Wealthy Mercenary Group, Su Ye urgently needed a large amount of money to find a Supreme being to protect them.

“Theres no problem for you to join my mercenary group.

I can make you the vice leader directly.

As for you taking out such a large amount of money to ask me for a favor, you have to be clear about it.

Otherwise, taking this money would be no different than a ticking bomb,” Su Ye said slowly

[Anyone who could fork out such an amount of money was definitely not an ordinary person.

With 10,000,000 Yuan, one could buy all kinds of cultivation resources and find a place to seclude themselves.

They might even be able to cultivate to the Supreme realm.

[Seeing Su Yes expression, you knew that this matter had already been settled.

You casually took out the Dao of Chaos.

This great Dao had never had a manager, so you didnt cultivate it seriously.

Its current strength was only at the 1st Firmament of the Sageking realm, as its manifestation was 10,000,000 meters long.

“Very simple.

I just need Leader Su to help me cultivate this great Dao.

It doesnt need to be very powerful.

I just need you to cultivate it to the Sage Emperor realm.”

[The Dao of Chaos represented order.

It was a great Dao of laws.

Among the thousands of great Daos, it was considered one of the top great Daos.

Not to mention Su Ye, even Sage Emperors and Supreme beings hadnt come into contact with such a great Dao.

There were many people who had never come into contact with it before.

[Fortunately, Su Ye was also a person with a system.

Although he couldnt see your information, he could see that the Dao of Chaos was extraordinary.

[Even so, Su Ye still couldnt understand why you would spend such a great price to let him cultivate this top-tier great Dao for you.

“Sir, you took out 10,000,000 Yuan just to let me help you cultivate this great Dao” Su Ye asked in puzzlement.

[You lightly nodded and said, “Actually, its not complete.

I think highly of the potential of the Wealthy Mercenary Group.

If you agree, there are also requirements.

How about this, when I need help, you must unconditionally help me once.

No matter who the enemy is or what strength they possess.

“Dont worry.

I wont let you die.

When that time comes, if you feel that something is wrong, you can just leave.”

[In order to make Su Ye believe that you had a plan, you had no choice but to make some excessive requests.

Otherwise, you were really afraid that Su Ye wouldnt dare to take your money.

[Su Yes expression became a lot better.

Although he didnt know who your enemy would be in the future, this kind of condition only met the price of 10,000,000 Yuan.

[After thinking for a while, Su Ye still nodded and agreed to your request.

There was no other reason—he really needed a lot of money now.]


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