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[You had carefully calculated that there were only 500 days left in this simulation.

There was still a cooldown time left to strengthen the 10th talent and turn it into a Colorful one.

[Therefore, everything was going to happen in the next 400 days.

This was the last simulation, and you couldnt be as reckless as before.]

[On the 35th day, your cultivation reached the peak of the 9th Firmament of the Sageking realm, and you could enter the Sage Monarch realm anytime.

You kept suppressing your cultivation base and waited for the right time.

[Over the past few days, everything was going according to the normal course of events.

Your three managers had been participating in the recruit training during the Ancient Burial week, and their overall strength had improved quickly.

The Earth Goddess had also successfully cultivated to the 2nd Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[On Emperor Qins side, with the help of the two Sages, Bai Qi and Kong Xinyue, the speed of devouring the Ancient World increased significantly.

The operation that was supposed to take more than 100 days to begin was now more than half completed.

It was believed that it would not be long before all three of them could become Sagekings.

[To ensure that Emperor Qin did not break through to the Sageking realm while you were at the Wasteland and expose his Human Dao, you had decided to act in secret, allowing Emperor Qin and the others to enter the Sageking realm ahead of time.

[As for what they would choose after they became Sagekings, you had no interest in interfering.

[On the 39th day, you came to the Ancient World.

Naturally, no one would notice you with your peak 9th Firmament Sageking cultivation.

[Under your secret control, the human race in the Ancient World began to submit to Emperor Qin, and a cruel war broke out between the demons and humans.

[During the great war, you secretly made a move, causing both the demons and the humans to suffer heavy losses, and their battle prowess dropped by 70%-80%.

[Of course, Emperor Qin could not miss such a good opportunity.

He directly exposed his full strength and seized the Ancient World in one fell swoop, killing many humans and demons.

[On this day, Bai Qi successfully advanced to the Sageking realm by killing many Human and Demon Sages.

Kong Xinyue used her Physical Dao to devour the Ancient Worlds masterless Physical Dao and successfully advanced to the Sageking realm.

[In the end, Emperor Qin, Emperor Qin who had unified the human race in the Ancient World and obtained tremendous power, successfully advanced to the Sageking realm.

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[You did not pay any attention to Kong Xinyue and Bai Qis Sageking Heavenly Tribulation.

With their great Daos, they could easily deal with them.

[On the other hand, as you were nearby, you could clearly feel the summoning of 36 various Human Daos.

If you had not tried so hard to suppress it, it would have been transmitted immediately.

[The Human Dao was very dissatisfied with your suppression.

It was about to succeed, only for you to brutally suppress it.

However, as the master of the Human Dao, the Human Dao could not do anything.

[On the other hand, a magical thought suddenly emerged in your mind.

Since the other 36 Human Daos were of the same origin…

[If you were to merge them, wouldnt you become the master of all the Human Daos

[After thinking for a while, you felt that it was unrealistic.

Not to mention that every Human Dao was owned by a Supreme human emperor, just the most powerful Supreme being werent something the current him could contend against.

[Snatching someone elses great Dao, this kind of hatred could be said to be irreconcilable.

The number one Supreme human emperor, Supreme Heaven Reversal, had the battle strength of a Heavenly Venerate.

It was better for him not to provoke him.]

[On the 49th day, because of your secret protection, your managers didnt meet any accidents during their tribulations, and they all became Sagekings.

[Just like before, Bai Qi chose to join the Cosmic Human Army to strengthen the Dao of Slaughter.

This was the only way to quickly elevate his power.

[Kong Xinyue also chose the Cosmic Human Mercenary Group like before.

Under your observation, the novice mission she received was to kill an 8th Layer Sage demonic beast.

[For a Sageking, killing a mere Sage demonic beast could be said to be very easy.

[This novice mission that could be passed while lying down made you a little envious.

[Finally, it was Emperor Qins turn.

Because of your involvement, there was no aura of a direct rise.

Emperor Qin did not find anything special about himself.

When faced with the three choices, he showed a hint of hesitation.

[The three major forces of the human race were extremely friendly to the unspecialized, but to the emperor, they were very unfriendly.

[How could a human emperor be willing to join the Cosmic Human Army and become a foot soldier or become a mercenary and complete mercenary missions

[After much consideration, Emperor Qin decided to join the Supreme Virtual Alliance and become an ordinary member like you.

[Even though he had to pay 10 Yuan per year, Emperor Qin had many ways to earn money after becoming a Sageking.

[He had already decided to gather his forces and conquer the nearby life stars, bringing all the humans under his command.

[With the support of the Human Dao, Emperor Qin would become stronger as long as he had more humans under his command.

[Seeing that the three of them had achieved steady development, you left with satisfaction and headed to the Skywater star system.

D-level Mission: Summoning mission to conquer a life star in the Wasteland.

“Publisher: Lin Fan

“Summoning Requirements: Sageking realm, 5th Firmament and above.

No higher than the 9th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

(Limit: 5 people)

“Mission Introduction: A life star has been found in the Wasteland.

The aborigines on it are quite strong.

Assist the publisher in killing the aborigines.

“Mission Reward: 1,000 Yuan.

Reimbursement for round-trip teleportation fees.

Failure: No punishment

[During these few days, you had also accepted some simple missions, accumulating more than 100 Yuan.

The moment you saw this mission appear, you immediately accepted it.

[After confirming that you had accepted it, you could not help but sigh in relief.

This was your biggest opportunity in the early stage.

If it did not appear, you would not be able to suppress your cultivation.

[There was nothing you could do.

In this simulation, the managers of your great Daos were all too powerful.

Not only were all of them Sagekings, but their strength had also increased rapidly.

If you were to break through now, you could directly reach the 2nd Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm.

[You didnt hesitate and went straight to the teleportation formation.

[On the 63rd day, you successfully arrived at the Skywater star and met the person who had posted this mission, Lin Fan.

[You were the first to arrive, so you waited for the other four to arrive together with Lin Fan.

[After confirming that you were at the 9th Firmament of the Sageking realm, Lin Fan was very enthusiastic.

One couldnt tell that he was trying to set a trap and kill you all.

[However, you didnt say much.

As your biggest opportunity, you had to be very careful.

You were afraid Lin Fan wouldnt treat you like a fat sheep and wouldnt take you to the Crimson Flame star.]


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