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[Time Hunter: (Red): When you swim in the River of Time, you will comprehend a law.

When you fight with an expert who is over 100 years old, your battle prowess will increase by 10,000 times as the age of the opponent increases.

When you fight with an expert who is under 100 years old, your battle prowess will decrease by 100 times as the age of the opponent decreases.]

[Art Master (Gold): Your intelligence increases by 100.

You are proficient in all kinds of art-related and face-smacking skills.]

[Act Like a Pig to Eat a Tiger (Gold): Your charm is reduced by 50.

You have a superb hidden talent, making your enemies think youre an idiot and cant withstand a single blow, turning defeat into victory at the crucial moment.]

[On the 1st day, you descended into the world with the cultivation of the 4th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

Without any hesitation, you directly transmitted the method of breaking through to the Sageking realm to those managers of your great Daos.

After that, you flew out of the world in the painting and headed to the nearby Grade 5 life star, Tianshui planet, to cultivate, where the Spiritual Qi was more abundant.

[On the eighth day, you successfully broke through to the 5th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

Under your guidance, Confucius, Lao Tzu, and Shakyamuni all entered a state of seclusion and were about to break through to the Sageking realm.

[Kong Xinyue and Bai Qi also reached the Sage rank.

The Earth Goddess had successfully obtained the Ocular Dao, while Emperor Qin had already familiarized himself with the situation in the Ancient World.

All the managers were proceeding according to the normal simulation.

[You werent in a hurry.

You still had two great Daos for which you didnt have a suitable manager.

One was the Devouring Dao, and the other was the Dao of Chaos.

Both Daos are extremely powerful and not something an ordinary person could bear.]

[On the 15th day, your three managers entered the Sageking realm one after another, and your cultivation successfully reached the 9th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

They once again joined the Cosmic Human Army and headed to the Ancient Burial galaxy.

[This time, the Earth Goddess did not come to look for you.

Instead, she chose to join the Cosmic Human Mercenary Group.

She found a female mercenary group and was currently working hard in her cultivation.

[You could not help but frown as you looked at Bai Qi and Kong Xinyue, who were still cultivating in the Ancient Void World.

They were already Sages, yet this was far enough from providing anything to your cultivation.

[Moreover, in the previous simulation, you were the one who had directly poured your energy into their great Daos and allowed them to enter the Sageking realm.

Your managers should be providing you with support, not the other way around.

[After thinking for a moment, you used your power to send Bai Qi and Kong Xin Yue to the Ancient World.

The great war had broken out over there.

Whether it was the demons, the humans, or Emperor Qins side, they were not simple people.

Sending the two of them to the Ancient World could be considered as tempering them.]

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[On the 19th day, you planned to suppress your 9th Firmament Sageking cultivation for a period and wait for Lin Fans mission.

Otherwise, it would be awkward if your cultivation level exceeded that and you couldnt accept the mission.

[At the Ancient World…

[Bai Qi and Kong Xin Yue were dumbfounded.

They had been cultivating in the Ancient Void World.

The three mountains above their heads had just left, and they had just become the strongest Sages.

Yet, not even two days passed when an unknown expert sent them to another planet.

“Uncle Bai, the great Dao in this world suits me very well.”

[Kong Xinyue could clearly feel the power in her body increasing crazily.

She was originally only at the 3rd Layer of the Sage realm, but she felt that it would not be a problem for her to deal with Bai Qi, a 5th Layer Sage.

[Although the Ancient Worlds Physical Dao differed from Kong Xinyues Physical Dao powerwise, it was still very powerful.

After all, it was still a branch of the Physical Dao—the source was the same, and only the level of profoundness changed.

[After Bai Qi recovered from his shock, a happy smile appeared on his face.

It was not because of anything else but because he no longer needed to restrain himself in the Ancient World.

[After all, he couldnt carry out a massacre back in the Ancient Void World due to Confucious and the other two compatriots.

[After exterminating the shamans, his cultivation had stagnated.

He had fallen into an awkward situation where he couldnt kill anyone.

[And now that he was in a new world, he no longer had anyone familiar with him.

He could completely continue to strengthen his Dao of Slaughter.

[Just as Kong Xinyue and Bai Qi were feeling very excited, they did not know that millions of soldiers had surrounded them.

[When the two of them realized what was happening, a man clad in a black dragon robe had already appeared in front of them.

[It was none other than Emperor Qin.

[Actually, this was all your fault.

You only knew the coordinates of the Ancient World, so you directly teleported Bai Qi and Kong Xinyue there.

However, you forgot that that was where Emperor Qins lair was located.

[Even the current Emperor Qin was a little afraid of the two Sages who suddenly appeared in his turf.

[Although Emperor Qin had Sage battle prowess under the blessing of the Human Dao, he had never fought with a Sage before, so he could not judge his own strength.

[Fortunately, when he saw who it was, the frown on Emperor Qins face slowly relaxed.

It turned out that it was Bai Qi, the Lord of Wuan of the Qin dynasty, and Kong Xinyue, a descendant of the Kong clan.

Emperor Qin knew both Bai Qi and Kong Xinyue.

[However, Emperor Qin still could not figure out why a fine descendant of the Kong clan, a little girl, would walk on the path of cultivating the Physical Dao.

A beautiful little girl with muscles all over her body Whose hobby was this!

[They did not fight each other as they had imagined.

After a friendly conversation, they came to an alliance agreement.

[This was undoubtedly the best outcome, as neither side wanted to expose themselves in advance.

[According to the agreement, Bai Qi and Kong Xinyue would help Emperor Qin conquer the entire world.

After that, all the humans in this world would become Emperor Qins subjects so that he could strengthen his Human Dao.

[As for the experts of the Ancient World who were prepared to surrender, they would not spare them.

Bai Qi would kill all of them, including the demons, to strengthen his Dao of Slaughter.

[In the end, without the experts Ancient World, Kong Xinyue would fully master this planets Physical Dao.

In this way, the Ancient World would be the trios stepping stone to reaching the Sageking realm.

[Both sides were overjoyed.

They would undoubtedly be able to accomplish their goals faster and unify the Ancient World.

[You felt a little surprised by this result, but after thinking about it carefully, you realized that it was the best arrangement for the three of them at this stage.

However, when Emperor Qin became a Sageking, you had to make a move ahead of time and control the Human Dao, preventing it from being exposed.

Otherwise, it would be inevitable for the Supreme human emperors to attack the Ghost race again.

[If not for that battle, which exposed many of the human races trump cards, there would not have been any sneak attacks from the four races.

As long as Emperor Qin did not expose the Human Dao, you would be able to buy more time.]


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