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As soon as he thought of it, Zhao Hao pressed a finger between Emperor Qins eyebrows and extracted all of his memories.

Then, he created another memory out of thin air.

Everything before this was just as normal, except that he had changed the fact he had bestowed the Human Dao to Emperor Qin.

In order to escape from Earth, which had run out of Spiritual Qi, he had taken his men and ventured into the ancient road of the human race until they arrived at the Ancient World.

The memory was complete and very reasonable.

There were no flaws in it, and there was no trace of any man-made changes at all.

Using the same method, Zhao Hao also tampered with the memory of all the ministers, and only then did he disappear.

After Zhao Hao left, Emperor Qin and his ministers resumed discussing how to occupy this new world they had discovered in the Xianyang Palace.

By the time Zhao Hao had finished dealing with Emperor Qin, it was already the last day.

Although the solidified talent had not been upgraded yet, he could go through a few short simulations to gather upgrading material.

Zhao Hao found a barren planet without any hesitation and began to simulate.

“System, activate the Cultivation Simulator.”

[To enable the simulation, you may select only three of the following Cultivation Talents.]

Zhao Hao randomly chose three Gold talents and started the simulation.

He also chose the quick death method.

[This Cultivation Simulation is over.

You can permanently retain 2 Cultivation Talents and extract them into the real world.]

[The simulation has ended.

Simulation Time: 1 day.

System Cooldown Time: 30 seconds.]

[Do you wish to extract 2 Cultivation Talents to strengthen your solidified talent”

[Ding! Red Talent: One Piece Pirate King Strengthening 1]

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[Ding! Red Talent: One Piece Pirate King Strengthening 2]

After more than 100 rapid simulations, Zhao Hao finally succeeded in strengthening the One Piece Pirate King talent into a Colorful talent.

The One Piece Pirate King talent was also completely renamed, becoming the Lord of Chaos.

[Lord of Chaos (Colorful): Your charm increases by 10,000.

You are the Lord of Chaos and Order.

When your machinations cause five super-first-rate races to fall apart, your cultivation will break through three major realms.]

When Zhao Hao saw this, his breathing instantly sped up.

Not only was it for the sake of breaking through three realms, but even the requirement to complete the mission had truly shocked Zhao Hao.

What was going on In this vast universe with 10,000 races, there were less than 20 super-first-rate races, and he was going to wipe out five of them by himself What kind of joke was this!

Furthermore, breaking through three major realms.

Zhao Hao was certain that there would be no problem for him to break through to the 9th Order of the Sage Emperor realm.

In fact, as long as he had enough time, his great Dao managers would definitely be able to help Zhao Hao reach the Supreme or even the Heavenly Venerate realm.

Take the 9th Order of the Sage Emperor realm as an example.

Once Zhao Hao completed this mission, wouldnt he be able to reach the realm above the Heavenly Venerate realm

The strongest expert in the universe was only at the Heavenly Venerate realm, and Zhao Hao seemed to be able to reach even higher realms.

What if he completed it at the Supreme realm Or rather, at the Heavenly Venerate realm!

Although this talent was obviously a bit of a rip-off, Zhao Hao still pinched his nose and accepted it.

After the Lord of Chaos talent was successfully born, Zhao Hao now had nine colorful great Daos.

Zhao Hao looked at his nine great Daos and felt conflicted.

The six great Daos were fine, but the Ocular Dao, the Devouring Dao, and the new Dao of Chaos didnt have suitable managers.

After the simulation test, it would be very difficult to become a qualified manager of the great Dao if one werent an MC-level individual.

If ones luck wasnt enough, it was very likely that the γreat Dao would backfire on them.

Even Bai Qi was a little weak, which was why he lost to his inner demon and died an unnatural death.

“Who should I bestow these three great Daos to”

Zhao Hao was at a loss.

Finding a chosen one and inheriting his colorful great Dao was difficult.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Hao successfully selected a few candidates,

“I can test them on the next simulation…” Zhao Hao couldnt help but mutter to himself.

He only had one day left.

If he simulated seriously this time, he should at most do so twice.

If nothing unexpected happened, he would need a single simulation.

“Its almost time.

Lets wait until the last talent is refreshed.”

Zhao Hao saw that the solidified talent had been successfully refreshed on the simulator, so he hurriedly started simulating.

After more than ten quick simulations, a Red talent finally appeared.

[Opposite Sex Hunter (Red): Your charm value is reduced by 1,000.

With this talent, when fighting against the opposite sex, your battle prowess will increase tenfold.

After killing the opposite sex, you can absorb 1/10h of their cultivation.]

Looking at this extremely dazzling Red talent, Zhao Hao didnt know what to say for a moment.

He now seriously suspected that this system had some unfriendly settings for women.

Wasnt this forcing him to be a ruthless scumbag

Moreover, this was only the effect of the Red talent.

If this was strengthened into a Colorful talent, it would probably increase his battle prowess by 100 times.

Unfortunately, there were very few female Heavenly Venerates.

Furthermore, many races in the universe were genderless or hermaphrodites, so it was difficult to determine.

However, Zhao Hao didnt waste any time.

He quickly died, ended the simulation, and extracted the Opposite Sex Hunter talent.

Although he didnt need to use it, it was perfect for strengthening the final talent.

In the following time, Zhao Hao once again entered the stage of gathering talent material.

He simulated again and again, but no Red talent appeared.

Zhao Hao had an ominous feeling that the scumbag system wanted him to choose the Opposite Sex Hunter talent for his transmigration.

Fortunately, during the 203rd simulation, a red light appeared in Zhao Haos mind again.

[Time Hunter: (Red): When you swim in the River of Time, you will comprehend a law.

When you fight with an expert who is over 100 years old, your battle prowess will increase by 10,000 times as the age of the opponent increases.

When you fight with an expert who is under 100 years old, your battle prowess will decrease by 100 times as the age of the opponent decreases.]

Zhao Hao looked at the Red talent in front of him in excitement.

However, he could not help but frown after seeing the side effects.

‘This talent… I can not say its bad.

Just the 10,000 power increase is enough to kill many talents.

I mean, which expert isnt an old man or an old woman…


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