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The simulator was still on cooldown, and Zhao Hao had to wait for nearly five hours and could not directly enhance the One Piece Pirate King talent,

However, Zhao Hao could also use this cooldown time to sort out this simulations many events and opportunities.

Firstly, it was Sage Emperor Crimson Flames three Sparks, as well as the Grade 6 life star.

He had to get his hands on the proper starting funds for the first step of the early stage.

Secondly, it was a question of whether Emperor Qins Human Dao should be exposed or not.

Zhao Hao knew very well that if Emperor Qin did not reveal his Human Dao, the Supreme human emperors would not have started a war against the Ghost race.

At the very least, it could buy him a long period of stability.

However, if he did not reveal his Human Dao, it would be a great loss for Zhao Hao.

The Human Dao was obviously the one that had improved the fastest among all the great Daos.

For a moment, Zhao Hao felt a little conflicted.

There was no way to achieve the best of both worlds.

The problem was the cultivation technique.

It had not been easy for him to advance to the Supreme realm, yet he only had a cultivation base.

Zhao Hao wouldnt allow such a thing to happen again.

As for the matter of the four super-first-rate races, he would spread the news during the next simulation.

Even a Heavenly Venerate would definitely notice if the entire human race learned about it.

After sorting out everything, Zhao Hao began to search for cultivation techniques in the trade channel.

It was undoubtedly a pipe dream for him to create his own cultivation technique.

From his cultivation up until now, Zhao Haos cultivation base didnt rely on his own cultivation at all.

Supreme-level cultivation techniques werent very expensive in the Virtualverse.

A few million Yuan could buy a decent cultivation technique.

Considering the wealth he gained from selling Sparks, Zhao Hao could buy a Supreme-level cultivation technique in advance.

However, before Zhao Hao could carefully examine these cultivation techniques, he suddenly thought of an important issue.

Ge Tianji, the old man who had schemed against him from the world in the painting, was growing at an alarming speed.

In the simulation, it only took him 400 days to reach the 5th Order of the Sage Emperor realm.

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Such speed was simply Inhuman.

It was even more abnormal than cheating.

In the end, Heavenly Venerate Virtual said that Ge Tianji had 2,999 great Daos.

Once he cultivated to the 9th Order of the Sage Emperor realm and merged his nine reincarnations dao fruits into one, he would be at the peak of the Supreme realm and a half-step Heavenly Venerate.

If he were lucky, it wouldnt be impossible for him to become a Heavenly Venerate.

Zhao Hao and Ge Tianji didnt have a deep enmity, but Ge Tianji had schemed against Zhao Hao many times and had already formed quite a bit of enmity.

Zhao Hao wasnt someone who wanted to resolve this enmity.

Since they were enemies, he naturally had to think of a way to kill him.

If Ge Tianji successfully cultivated to the 9th Order of the Sage Emperor realm and reached the peak of the Supreme realm, how would he be able to stop Ge Tianji from coming after him

One had to know that Ge Tianji knew that Zhao Hao had the simulator.

“Since thats the case, I wont buy any cultivation techniques next time.

Ill directly use all the money from selling the Sparks to put a reward for Ge Tianjis life.

I believe many people would be willing to pay a reward of several million Yuan just to kill a mere Sage Emperor.”

A smile appeared on Zhao Haos face.

The old village chief had been scheming against him all this time, so it was payback time.

After tidying up everything, Zhao Hao flew out of the villa, and his divine sense instantly swept across the entire blue planet.

Although the Spiritual Qi on Earth was still recovering, its density wasnt even comparable to that of a Grade 2 life star.

Given Zhao Haos Sageking cultivation, he could directly increase the Spiritual Qi on Earth.

However, there was no need for that.

After all, he was going to leave one day later.

If his hometown remained like that, the other races in the universe wouldnt care about such a small planet in the future.

It would be easy for Earth to escape the calamity.

And once Zhao Hao did something, the result would be uncertain.

After giving Earth a deep look, Zhao Hao stepped into the ancient path of the human race, heading all the way to the Ancient World.

It was not that he wanted to transmigrate ahead of time, but he needed to find Emperor Qin and explain why the great Dao was given to him.

In Zhao Haos calculation, no matter what the situation was, if he wanted to hide behind the scenes, then the matter of Emperor Qin receiving the Human Dao from the black-clothed man was still somewhat overlooked.

If Emperor Qin were to reveal it, or if someone were to investigate it, there would be a big problem.

The Ancient World was not very far from Earth.

Zhao Hao had teleported Emperor Qin and the entire underground palace of Mount Li the day before.

Emperor Qin, who had just arrived in the Ancient World, had yet to integrate into this world.

For the sake of safety, he had sent out a large number of servants to collect information about this new world.

At present, he did not have the lofty sentiment of chasing away the demons, devouring the Ancient World, and becoming a Sageking.

All his actions were timid and cautious.

Just as Emperor Qin was discussing with many ministers of the Qin dynasty how to quickly fuse into this world and improve his overall strength, that familiar black-clothed man appeared in Xianyang Palace once again.

Just like the last time, all the ministers were frozen, as if they did not know that someone was coming.

Only Emperor Qin was sitting on the dragon throne, staring at the black-clothed man in front of him with a frown.

Emperor Qin was both respectful and fearful of this black-clothed man.

Only Emperor Qin himself knew how powerful the great Dao he had bestowed on him was.

Although he was only at the third step, if he were to fight, he would become a Sage.

Yet, Emperor Qin could still not fight against him.

And such a powerful great Dao was given to him by the man in black casually.

More importantly, the man in black had simply waved his hand and sent all his men to an unknown world.

In the eyes of Emperor Qin, who was like a frog at the bottom of a well, the man in black was simply an extremely strange existence.

“What should I do to prevent others from seeing any flaws”

Emperor Qin looked at the man in black, slowly walking forward, and when he heard the man talking to himself, he was a little surprised.

Emperor Qin suppressed the palpitations in his heart and asked, “Senior, what kind of flaws”

“Ive got it.

Someone will eventually notice if I erase his memory.

I might as well destroy his memory of me and create a new one.”

Zhao Haos eyes lit up instantly.

If he were to modify Emperor Qins memory, not only would the experts be able to discover it, but Emperor Qin would also recover his memories when his cultivation reached a certain level.

Thus, if he were to destroy Emperor Qins current memory and create a new one, there would be no such trouble.


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