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[When you heard this, you could not help but ask with some doubt, “Heavenly Venerate, is there anything strange about Ge Tianji”

[Given Ge Tianjis cultivation level, he would be at the peak of the Sage Emperor realm.

How could he surprise an expert like Heavenly Venerate Virtual You were also very puzzled.

[Heavenly Venerate Virtual did not keep you in suspense.

“That Ge Tianji has the Nona-Reincarnation Physique.

In his first life, our human race only had one Heavenly Venerate, Dou Tianzun.

I did not obtain any information about his first life.

“However, I recorded all the information after that.

From his second life until his eighth life, Ge Tianji had cultivated to the 9th Order of the Sage Emperor realm in each life.

“If he wanted to break through to the Supreme realm, he didnt have to do that.

Based on his experiences, he should have been able to enter the Supreme realm in his third life.

“However, he never did so.

Instead, after he finished cultivating the great Daos, he voluntarily reincarnated and began to cultivate again.

This is somewhat similar to the endless reincarnation of the Heavenly Venerate Immortals Immortal Heavenly Art.

“An ordinary Sage Emperor can cultivate at most several great Daos simultaneously.

However, this person is different.

Because of his rich experience and unique constitution, he cultivated 333 great Daos in each life.

The great Daos were never the same.

“In his eighth life, he switched to cultivating the Nona-Death Heavenly Demon Technique, massacred half of the galaxy, and joined the Demon race.

He is wanted by the human race.

Who would have thought that he would actually be born a ninth time”

[After listening to Ge Tianjis story, one could deeply understand how terrifying this fellow was.

In his third life, he was able to advance to the Supreme realm, yet refused to do so.

Instead, he continued to cultivate in the cycle of reincarnation; it was impossible to say that there was no big conspiracy.

“Then where is he now” you asked the Heavenly Venerate Virtual in puzzlement.

[Heavenly Venerate Virtual frowned and searched for a while before replying, “This person has already escaped from the human race.

The last place he appeared was in the Demon-Hunting galaxy.

He must have escaped into the Demon race.

“His cultivation base has also reached the 5th Order of the Sage Emperor realm, and he has cultivated 333 different great Daos.

If Ge Tianji were to merge his nine lives into one, he would be able to master 2,999 great Daos in an instant.

“Although I have never seen such a cultivation method before, if I extrapolate, his battle strength will probably be at the peak of the Supreme realm, comparable to a half-step Heavenly Venerate.”

[You fell into a long silence after hearing this.

You would never have thought that an ordinary old village chief would turn out to be an old fellow who had planned for countless years.

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[Most importantly, he was the owner of the simulator in his eighth life.

God knew how long he had been running simulations.

Had everything that happened now appeared in his simulations

[You suddenly felt deep malice, and Heavenly Venerate Virtuals expression instantly became serious as he looked around.

[You followed him and saw many figures appearing beside you.

[There were four Heavenly Venerates chasing after you, and one from each of the four great races that attacked the human race.

[Those Heavenly Venerates clearly wanted to say something.

After all, Heavenly Venerate Virtual was powerful not only because of his strength but also because of his Virtualverse.

[Any super-first-rate race would be extremely envious.

It was not only a divine weapon that could improve the entire race, but it could also jump across space many times.

[Therefore, a talent like Heavenly Venerate Virtual, who had developed the Virtualverse on his own, would probably be warmly welcomed by any race.

[However, these Heavenly Venerates were obviously thinking too much.

How could Heavenly Venerate Virtual, an expert who was willing to transform into the universe and nurture the entire human race, join other races

“Hehe, today, I will let you and the other living beings of the four races die with the human race…”

[Heavenly Venerate Virtual looked at the four Heavenly Venerates with a smile on his face.

[You immediately sensed a power that could destroy the world.

Before you could react, the entire universe began to collapse.

[A loud explosion shook the entire universe.

Heavenly Venerates appeared one after another in the universe, but they did not dare to approach the location of the explosion.

[The entire human territory, as well as several other galaxies, turned into a huge black hole in the explosion.

[Heavenly Venerate Virtual had used his Incarnation of the Universe to cover the entire human domain.

No one knew how big his avatar was.

All the Heavenly Venerates had some guesses.

Only now did they understand that this Heavenly Venerate wasnt an avatar at all.

He had merged his true form into the entire human domain.

[With this explosion, all the creatures of the four races that had invaded the human race, as well as the four Heavenly Venerates leading the team, died in battle.

[Although the human race was pushed to the verge of extermination, Heavenly Venerate Virtuals explosion also told all the races in the universe that no one could be humiliated.]

[Youre dead.]

[This Cultivation Simulation is over.

You can permanently retain a Cultivation Talent and extract it into the real world.]

[The simulation has ended.

Simulation Time: 419 days.

System Cooldown Time: 209,5 minutes.]

At the villa area…

Zhao Hao looked at the information in the interface and felt his heart palpitate.

Even a 4th Firmament Sageking couldnt help but feel fear.

“The human race was exterminated Only a small number of people were able to escape”

Looking at the information in the simulator, Zhao Hao could sense how much pressure he was under.

He originally thought that he could hide behind the scenes and become a bigshot.

As long as he had enough time, with his talent and 10 great Daos, it wouldnt be difficult for him to become a Heavenly Venerate.

However, from this simulation, Zhao Hao learned something very important.

As the human race grew stronger, the nearby four great races began to fear them.

Even if he did nothing, the four great races would join forces to attack the human race in the near future.

“Phew… Thankfully, I got the best solution from Heavenly Venerate Virtual.

Next time, Ill try this method in the simulation…”

Sighing, Zhao Hao looked at the two red talents.

He had two choices for his ninth Red talent.

One was very useful and could directly increase his cultivation level by one major realm.

The other was a bit of a pit.

However, if it was strengthened, it would definitely have great potential.

The Trinity Calamitus Physique…

After thinking for a moment, Zhao Hao chose the One Piece Pirate King talent.

It wasnt that the Trinity Calamitus Physique wasnt strong enough.

It was just that Zhao Hao had thought that after the One Piece Pirate King talent was strengthened and turned into a colorful Dao, its attributes would definitely increase again.

His strength would definitely increase even more.

“System, extract the One Piece Pirate King talent has been extracted!”

In the next instant, Zhao Hao felt an inexplicable law enter his body.

From then on, he deviated from the order-keeping camp and became a natural-born chaotic being.


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