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[When you heard the voice in your head, you didnt panic at all.

It was someone who could discover you in the universe, and it was a human expert.

There was only one person now, and that was Heavenly Venerate Virtual, who had escaped during the battle between the Heavenly Venerates.

[You directly replied with your consciousness, “Heavenly Venerate Virtual”

“Its me.

I have your personal information from the Virtualverse.

Not long ago, you only relied on the Divine Potential-Stimulating Serum to reach the 8th Order of the Sage Emperor realm.

How did you reach the 8th Dome of the Supreme realm in just a few days”

[An illusory figure appeared in front of you.

It was not the white-haired old man you had imagined.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Heavenly Venerate Virtual looked like an elegant young man.

His lips were red, and his teeth were white.

He looked very young.


[For a moment, you did not know how to explain.

Could you say that you had a system that allowed you to break the shackles and become a Supreme being

[It didnt seem like there was anything that you couldnt do.

However, you also had some misgivings about Heavenly Venerate Virtual.

“Forget it.

Its only right for someone like you to appear in this time of crisis for the human race.

I was injured in the great battle with the Heavenly Venerates.

I really didnt expect that the human race would end up in such a way among all the races in the universe.”

[Heavenly Venerate Virtual saw that you were in a difficult situation.

He didnt have any intention of asking any more questions.

Instead, he sighed.

[You were very confused, and it just so happened that you asked the question in your heart, “Heavenly Venerate, dont we humans have any allies Why did the four races besiege us Did we not prepare beforehand”

[You had always been very confused about this point.

Logically speaking, as a super-first-rate race, they should have allies, whether in the light or in the dark.

[But when the four races besieged the human race, only the first few Heavenly Venerates showed up to help.

In the final battle, there was no help from other races at all.

[Could it be that the human race had fallen to the point of being despised by all the races in the universe

[You didnt believe it, so you tried to get an answer from Heavenly Venerate Virtual.

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[Heavenly Venerate Virtual was silent for a while before replying, “Its not that we werent prepared, but there were big problems stemming from superiority and inferiority.

“Among the 10,000 races in the universe, the Spirit race has always been on good terms with the human race.

The Beastman race and the Orc race have also secretly made an alliance with the human race.

However, during the great war, the four races paid a huge price, asking other races to stop the reinforcements or offering heavy benefits to stop them from attacking.

“Everyone in the universe puts benefits first.

When the benefits are enough, no one will be willing to help the human race.”

[You were deep in thought.

The individual strength of the human race could be said to be powerful among the 10,000 races in the universe.

Usually, a Heavenly Venerate would be a first-rate race, and two Heavenly Venerates would be considered above average among the 10,000 races in the universe.

[As for the human race, there were a total of three Heavenly Venerates.

Among them, Heavenly Venerate Battles battle prowess was comparable to two Heavenly Venerates.

There was also Supreme Heaven Reversal who could unleash the battle strength of a Heavenly Venerate.

The battle strength of five Heavenly Venerates perhaps was the reason the 10,000 races were alarmed and allowed the four races to attack the human race.

“Heavenly Venerate, what should we do now Other than those seeds heading to the Wasteland, do the human race have no other backup plans” you asked Heavenly Venerate Virtual.

[The large human race had existed for countless years.

It was impossible that they did not have any plans to prevent their extermination.

[The young-looking Heavenly Venerate Virtual immediately smiled and spoke frankly when he heard your question.

“How can there be no backup plans Do they think that they are exterminating the human race just like that

“That is a huge mistake.

Forget about Heavenly Venerate Immortal.

The hundreds of thousands of mercenary groups have long been broken into pieces.

They have disguised themselves as various races and infiltrated the 10,000 races.

“Just the backup plan Ive set up is enough to cause the four invading races to suffer heavy losses.”

[As Heavenly Venerate Virtual spoke, he lightly waved his arm, and virtual images appeared in front of you.

[You were instantly connected to the Virtualverse again.

“I dont know how youve cultivated to the Supreme realm, but your current path is wrong.

Despite having the cultivation of a Supreme being, you can only display the superficial power of a Supreme being.

“Now that the situation has come to this, Im afraid neither of us will be able to continue living in this world.

Do you have any questions you want to ask We still have two minutes.”

[After hearing what Heavenly Venerate Virtual had said and looking at the Virtualverse, you understood.

Your eyes shone as you asked the questions that you wanted to ask the most.

“Heavenly Venerate, if we could start from the beginning, what method could we use to break out of this situation With my current state, how can I truly display my strength Can you help me investigate a person named Ge Tianji Is he dead or alive Where is he now”

[These were all important questions to you.

After all, you still had one more chance to simulate.

As long as you had a grasp on the overall situation, you might be able to turn the tables.

[Heavenly Venerate Virtual did not ask why you asked these questions.

After thinking for a moment, he replied, “If the new human emperor was not exposed and if not for the fact that too much power was exposed in that battle, things would not have developed to this stage, even though the attack on the Ghost race was the fuse of the war and the four races had the intention of exterminating the human race long ago.

“Of course, since the four races have formed an alliance, we humans must exterminate one of the four races first.

“Among the four races, the Ghost race is the strongest.

We humans can exterminate them with all our strength.

At that time, even if the three races join forces, theres nothing to be afraid of.”

[You carefully memorized Heavenly Venerate Virtuals every word.

[Then, Heavenly Venerate Virtual continued.

“Your current cultivation has reached a bottleneck.

If nothing goes wrong, you wont be able to break through for the rest of your life.

[But its not impossible.

Whether you cultivate my Incarnation of the Universe or Heavenly Venerate Immortals Immortal Heavenly Art, you can reach the apex.

What you lack is only a top-tier cultivation technique.

“As for that Ge Tianji, Ill search for him.”

[As he spoke, he pointed out with his finger, and light dots lit up in the Virtualverse module.

There were strong and weak auras, but none of them were of the humans who had died or been captured.

[You shockingly discovered that there wasnt even a single aura of the Supreme realm.

No wonder Heavenly Venerate Virtual was able to find you.

You were the only Supreme being left in the entire human domain, and your aura was extremely eye-catching.

Naturally, Heavenly Venerate Virtuals interest was piqued.

[A moment later, Heavenly Venerate Virtual couldnt help but exclaim, “Strange! I really didnt expect that there would be such a human…”

[Although his Virtualverse recorded all of the humans, only experts who had become Supreme beings could truly attract his attention.

Before becoming a Supreme being, he wouldnt pay much attention to them.

[And this Ge Tianji was clearly beyond Heavenly Venerate Virtual realitys understanding.]


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