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[In the Wasteland, five Cosmic-class spaceships were flying at high speed.

They all carried the seeds of hope that were carefully selected by the human race.

[Emperor Qin, Confucius, Lao Tzu, and the others were all in these five spaceships.

[Led by Heavenly Venerate Immortal himself, they headed deep into the Wasteland.

[At that moment, Heavenly Venerate Immortal had an unsightly expression on his face.

He had already sensed the disappearance of Heavenly Venerate Battles aura.

[The strongest Human Heavenly Venerate had died.

[Although he, Heavenly Venerate Virtual, and Heavenly Venerate Battle had been fighting with each other for an unknown period of time, when one of them died for the sake of the human race, a strong sense of anger emerged in Heavenly Venerate Immortals heart.

[This should not have happened.

Why had the human race fallen to such a state

[There was a time when the human race dominated the universe.

Heavenly Venerate Virtual had killed Automaton Heavenly Venerate Alpha, and Heavenly Venerate Battle had shaken all the races in the universe.

[The moment they defeated the Ghost race, the three of them felt that the human race was thriving.

They only needed to digest the gains of the ghost race within 1,000 years.

[There was no doubt that there would be many Supreme beings.

Even a Heavenly Venerate or two might emerge.

[However, the joint attack of the four great races was not something that the human race could contend against.

Previously, the human race had always been arrogant among the 10,000 races in the universe.

At a critical moment, no one was willing to give their lives to come and help you.

“Just you wait.

When I have rooted the human race in the depths of Wasteland, I will come back and settle the score with you all…”

[The eyes of Heavenly Venerate Immortal flickered with a bright light.

The revenge of a Heavenly Venerate would begin in the near future.

[Cosmic-class spaceships were already the fastest in the universe.

In addition to the time that Heavenly Venerate Battle and the others had bought for them, they no longer had to worry about the pursuers of the four races.

[On the other hand, Heavenly Venerate Virtual had fled the battlefield, but five Heavenly Venerates were chasing him.

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[Even though Heavenly Venerate Virtuals technique was amazing, he was not able to escape successfully.]

[On the 416th day, you flew back to the human territory and discovered something wrong because you couldnt log in to the Virtualverse.

[There were only two possibilities for such a situation.

First, you were blacklisted by the Virtualverse.

Only traitors would receive such treatment.

[Even if you went to the Netherhound race, you wouldnt be judged as a traitor, so it shouldnt have been blacklisted.

[Then, there was only one possibility.

Something had happened to Heavenly Venerate Virtual.

[You flew quickly but didnt see a complete life star along the way.

[Finally, you sensed the aura of life on a Grade 6 life star.

When you approached, you discovered that a huge Zerg nest was taking root on this life star.

[There were billions of humans on it.

Facing the Zergs that kept flying out of the nest, they didnt resist at all and obediently turned into food for the Zergs.

[You couldnt help but frown deeply.

Could it be that the battle had already reached such a stage Looking at the Zerg Queen in the nest below, a 5th Chasm Sage Monarch, you raised your hand and grabbed it.

[You didnt give her a chance to speak.

You checked her memories and froze on the spot.

[Who would have thought that after leaving the human race for a few days, you would return to an exterminated human race

[The entire human race had already been divided up by the four great races.

All the humans had become slaves and rations.

[A super-first-rate race in the universe had disappeared just like that.

[You didnt know what to do or where to go at the moment.

[You sensed your Dao managers and found that the human race had encountered a great disaster.

However, the remaining ones that you had chosen had all survived.

You sensed through the great Dao, and you knew they had been defined as the seeds of the human race and were on their way to the Wasteland.

[No one would have thought that after working so hard to reach the Supreme realm, the human race would almost be exterminated.

[Just as you were about to leave, two terrifying divine senses instantly locked on you.

[They were two Zerg Supreme beings.

One was at the 2nd Dome of the Supreme realm, while the other was at the 5th Dome.

[Because you had concealed your aura, the two Zerg Supreme beings didnt know your true strength.

[The Zerg Supreme being with a centipedes head spoke out.

“Human Supreme being Theres actually someone alive”

“Haha, the flesh and blood of a Human Supreme being are the most nutritious.

Since youve delivered yourself to our doorstep, dont blame us.”

[The other Zerg Supreme being, whose body was covered in long fur, spoke out as well.

[The two Zerg Supreme beings then attacked you.

You had just become a Supreme being not too long ago, so you didnt have much experience.

Even though you were an 8th Dome Supreme being, you were still beaten into a sorry state.

[The great Daos of the two Zerg Supreme beings echoed with each other, unleashing terrifying attacks that even someone at the 8th Dome of the Supreme realm would find difficult to defend against.

[You clearly understood the importance of experience.

Someone like you, who only had the power of a Supreme being, was like a child in front of the other Supreme beings.

[Even though you had a flintlock in your hand, you didnt know how to fire it.

[After a great battle, you were covered in blood and wounds.

The two Zerg Supreme beings had expended a great deal of energy, and now, they no longer had that arrogant look on their faces.

[This was because they both knew that your true cultivation base was at the 8th Dome of the Supreme realm.

[Normally, when faced with an 8th Dome Supreme being, even two Zerg Supreme beings would turn their heads and flee.

[The difference between the 2nd and the 8th Dome of the Supreme realm was like the difference between heaven and earth.

An 8th Dome Supreme being, who was on the verge of reaching the peak of the Supreme realm, was a deadly threat to low-level and mid-level Supreme beings like them.

[However, after exchanging so many blows, the two Zerg Supreme beings finally realized what was going on.

This was an 8th Dome Supreme being who had a cultivation base but no combat power whatsoever.

[The two Zerg Supreme beings eyes were bloodshot.

If they hunted you down and devoured your flesh, it would be more than enough for the two of them to advance several levels due to your 8th Dome Supreme cultivation.

[You knew that there was nothing you could do, so you immediately unleashed all of your power and fled into the distance.

[Given your 8th Dome Supreme speed, the two Zerg Supreme beings were able to keep up with you for quite some time, but you still managed to shake them off.]

[On the 419th day, you hid on a dead planet to recover from your injuries.

It took you a lot of effort before you were able to get rid of all the toxins in your body.

[You deeply realized your shortcomings and decided that you would definitely find a professional master next time to teach you how a Supreme being fought.

[Just as you were debating whether or not you should just go and kill yourself and end the simulation, a voice suddenly sounded in your mind.

“There are still Human Supreme beings Eh How is that possible!”


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