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[On this day, the entire human race was in a state of shock.

The Automatons had actually taken the lead in starting a war against the human race.

[It wasnt a small skirmish like before, but more than 30 Automaton Supreme beings had joined forces to attack the Ancient Blue galaxy.

[However, the humans had always been on high alert.

After realizing that the situation wasnt looking good, Supreme Ancient Blue decisively collected all of the life stars in his galaxy and ran away.

[The Human Supreme beings in the surroundings provided emergency support and treated the Automatons as outsiders.

They didnt suffer too many losses from their comeback.

[Kuang Dongzhe, on the other hand, was one of the less fortunate ones.

A passing Automaton warbeast casually killed him.

[From this, you came to a very important conclusion.

Your great Daos must be given to MC-level individuals.

You shouldnt give them out casually.

Otherwise, there was no way to ensure that your Dao managers would be able to grow up.]

[On the 340th day, bad news has been spreading one after another in the past few days.

Following the war between the Automaton race and the human race, the Demon race and the Zerg race also attacked the human races star systems, causing quite a number of casualties.

[The fortunate thing was that due to the crisis of the universe, many first-rate races appeared one after another, and an all-out war broke out.

[Heavenly Venerate Immortal even went to the Beastman race.

You didnt know what price he had to pay to invite two Beastman Heavenly Venerates, Heavenly Venerate Xu and Heavenly Venerate Dou.

They also found two friends to fight.


[After the many experts appeared, the situation gradually stabilized.

[At that moment, everyone knew that once the battle started, it would be a war of extermination.

[Regardless of whether the humans were exterminated or not, they had to pay special attention to the price of coming back.

[If all three Human Heavenly Venerates died in the battle, it would be fine.

The remaining forces would not pose any harm to the three great races.

[However, if one or two Heavenly Venerates escaped and madly took revenge, their revenge could drag down a super-first-rate race.

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[In addition, the old fellow known as Heavenly Venerate Immortal had spread his clones across all the races, so killing him was difficult.

[Therefore, this battle didnt spread to the Heavenly Venerate level.

It was only limited to the Supreme realm.

[The Demons, Automatons, and Zergs sent 30 Supreme beings to fight against the Human Supreme beings.

[Even so, the human race was at a disadvantage.

After all, they were all experts at the Supreme realm.

The Human Supreme beings had already suffered some casualties after the battle between humans and ghosts.

[In addition, the difference in cultivation levels was too great, and some of them were only at the 1st or 2nd Dome of the Supreme realm, so the battle was very disadvantageous.

[You sat cross-legged in your cave abode and knew that you didnt have much time left.

In this simulation, if you wanted to obtain more useful information, you naturally had to reach a higher cultivation level.

[You were just about to swallow those pills and forcefully level up.

[The three great Daos behind you exploded with destructive light in an instant, and Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism surged several times at the same time.

You hurriedly sensed that it was the three of them who had entered the secret land of inheritance of the Cosmic Human Army and obtained a great opportunity.

Their cultivation bases were strengthened to the 9th Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm.

[Under the stimulation of this energy surge, your cultivation instantly broke through to the 2nd Order of the Sage Emperor realm.

[Your originally impetuous heart gradually calmed down.

After thinking for a while, you decided to wait.

There was still quite a bit of time left.]

[On the 365th day, bad news came from the three border battlefields every day.

[The Human Supreme beings died one after another.

Although there were many casualties among the three races, there was still a big gap between them and the human race.

[In the short span of 25 days since the war started, 12 Human Supreme beings had been killed, and more than 100 Sage Emperors had died.

[Such a cruel battle result caused the entire human race to fall into a state of fear.

Many people even planned to go to the Wasteland to escape from the danger of being exterminated.

[Numerous orders were issued from the Virtualverse, and many hidden experts were summoned to the front line to fight against the enemy.

[In the face of the races survival, no matter who you were or how strong you were, as long as the Virtualverse sent a notice, you had to go to the battlefield.

[Of course, you could also choose to escape from the human race, but that way, the human race would no longer have any place to stand.

[You also received an email informing you to head to the Ancient Light star system, requesting to arrive within 60 days, so you werent in a hurry.]

[The 395th day, the 120th day of your seclusion.

On this day, the human race received a shocking piece of news.

[The leader of the human emperors, Supreme Heaven Reversal, was ambushed by the 2 9th Dome Zerg Supreme beings, 2 9th Dome Demon Supreme beings, and 2 9th Dome Supreme beings during the battle with the Zerg race.

[Supreme Heaven Reversal was heavily injured and decisively merged with the Human Dao and unleashed his battle prowess as a Heavenly Venerate.

He wanted to counter-attack, but four Heavenly Venerates suddenly appeared and attacked him together.

[Supreme Heaven Reversal died tragically, and the Human Dao was almost shattered.

The remaining 35 human emperors were all seriously injured.

[The situation on the three battlefields collapsed instantly.

[Heavenly Venerate Virtual, Heavenly Venerate Battle, and Heavenly Venerate Immortal attacked directly.

Along with these few Heavenly Venerates who came to help, the human side had a total of 9 Heavenly Venerates.

[However, no one expected that in order to wipe out the human race, not only the Automatons, Demons, and Zergs, but also the Ghosts, four super-first-rate races, had sent out a total of 13 Heavenly Venerates.

[For a time, all the races in the universe felt a fatal crisis.

The battle of more than 20 Heavenly Venerates could destroy the entire universe.

[Fortunately, in the end, the two sides did not fight.

Even if the three Human Heavenly Venerates were furious, in the face of the joint attack of the four great races, the most important thing was to ensure that the human race would not be destroyed.

[The human race launched a full-scale shrinking strategy, giving up all the peripheral galaxies and gathering 60 galaxies to retreat to one side in exchange for a short respite.]

[On the 405th day, you received the latest notice from the Virtualverse, asking you to rush to the Heavenly Qin galaxy within 10 days to carry out a secret plan.

[The survival of the human race was at stake.

Under the decision of the three Heavenly Venerates, the human race started the Seed Plan.

The Heavenly Venerate Immortal would lead a team to select the elites of the human race in the entire universe.

[They would go far away to the desolate domain in order to preserve their race.

[Heavenly Venerate Virtual was in the Virtualverse, and the most powerful Heavenly Venerate Battle would lead the remaining human race to stay behind and cover the rear.

[As for Emperor Qin and you, you were all human elites that had been selected.

[You knew that there wasnt enough time.

Once the final battle broke out, and you escaped with the human seeds, there would be no hope for you to return to the human races territory, let alone go to the Netherhound race to obtain the Pirate King title.

[The Wasteland was so vast that it would take many years just to travel.

Therefore, you didnt hesitate and took out two Heaven and Earth Realm-Breaking Pills and that bottle of Divine Potential-Stimulating Serum.]


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