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[After selling all your assets, your wealth had reached a terrifying number, a total of 12,000,000 Yuan.

[12,000,000 Yuan, what kind of concept was that Even the Grade 8 life star that could support a Supreme being was only sold at 10,000,000 in the trading hall.

Most Supreme items were only sold at this price.

[Su Ye, who also had the system, planned to save up 5,000,000 Yuan so that he could hire a Supreme being to protect him.

[Furthermore, the human race had just gone to the great battle against the Ghost race.

The entire human race in the universe was in a state of excitement.

They believed that the human race would become even stronger after successfully digesting their gains in the near future.

[You looked at the three items that you had chosen to raise your cultivation level and fell into deep thought.

Then, you gnashed your teeth and spent 5,000,000 Yuan on buying that Divine Potential-Stimulating Serum.

[This was something that you had to buy no matter what.

This time, your simulations goal was to reach the Supreme realm, which was already the limit.

[If you wanted to raise your cultivation level to the Supreme realm, even if you were talented, who knew how many years it would take Therefore, you had to buy this medicine that could directly raise your cultivation level.

[You hesitated for the remaining 7,000,000 and bought three bottles of Deity Spiritual Liquid and two Heaven and Earth Realm-Breaking Pills.

[One bottle of Deity Spiritual Liquid could last for 50 days, and three bottles meant 150 days.

Now that 263 days had passed, you planned to cultivate for 150 days by yourself.

After that, you would try your best to increase your cultivation and reach your limit.

Then, you would go to the Netherhound race and obtain the Pirate King title.]

[On the 265th day, you used the remaining money to rent a cave dwelling on the Ancient Burial stat that was very suitable for cultivation.

After that, you bought some pills that could raise ones cultivation base and gave them to the Earth Goddess, allowing her to raise her cultivation quickly.

Every great Dao managers increase in strength would increase your strength by a bit.

[Then, you called Kuang Dongzhe over.

Due to the oath, Kuang Dongzhe was now very loyal to you.

You merged the Devouring Dao into his body, allowing him to raise his cultivation quickly.

[At this point, all of your great Daos had managers.

Buddhism: Sakyamuni

Confucianism: Confucius

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Daoism: Lao Tzu

Devouring Dao: Kuang Dongzhe

Human Dao: Ying Zheng (Emperor Qin)

Ocular Dao: Earth Goddess

Physical Dao: Kong Xinyue

Dao of Slaughter: Bai Qi

[Kuang Dongzhe was currently at the 1st Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm.

After receiving your order, he immediately left the Ancient Burial star and headed out of the human race.

[Inside the Ancient Burial stars cave abode…

[Eight great Daos appeared behind you.

Each great Dao was extraordinary.

If it fell into the hands of an ordinary person, as long as they had enough time, it would not be difficult for them to reach the Supreme realm.

[You sensed the state of the eight great Dao managers and smiled in satisfaction.

After which, you consumed the Deity Spiritual Liquid and entered a state of closed-door cultivation.]

[On the 295th day, 30 days of secluded cultivation had passed.

You finally understood the difficulty of cultivating in the Sage Emperor realm.

Given the 100-fold speed of the Deity Spiritual Liquid, it was like you had cultivated for 3,000 days.

However, you didnt even feel the bottleneck of the 1st Order of the Sage Emperor realm, let alone break through.

[Fortunately, during these days, the power of the few great Daos returned.

[Confucius and the other two had entered the 2nd Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm, while Kong Xinyue and Bai Qi had not improved much.

Under the help of your Gold-Shattering Pills, the Earth Goddess had also advanced to the 2nd Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm.

[The most outstanding ones were Emperor Qin and Kuang Dongzhe.

Relying on the Devouring Dao, Kuang Dongzhe had sneaked into another races domain, and his cultivation base had increased crazily.

Now, he had reached the 4th Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm.

[Meanwhile, after Emperor Qin succeeded in inheriting a galaxy, he named it the Heavenly Qin galaxy.

That Grade 8 life star was also renamed the Heavenly Qin star.

[There were many Supreme experts of the Human Dao holding down the fort, and many human beings had been relocated, filling up the Heavenly Qin galaxy.

[At present, the Heavenly Qin galaxy was operating normally.

At every moment, powerful strands of energy were pouring into the Human Dao of Emperor Qin.

[Emperor Qin, who was originally only a Sageking, had reached the peak of the Sage Monarch realm in the short span of 30 days.

He was just one step away from breaking through to the Sage Emperor realm.

[You were very satisfied with Emperor Qins increase in cultivation, and it had also greatly exceeded your expectations.

[However, the strength of humanity was ultimately very beneficial to you.

You had a premonition that your strength might increase greatly when Emperor Qin broke through to the Sage Emperor realm.]

[On the 325th day, after 60 days of closed-door cultivation, you still didnt see the bottleneck of the 1st Order of the Sage Emperor realm.

And today, you received two pieces of very bad news simultaneously.

[Because Bai Qis killing intent was too heavy, after slaughtering countless ghosts and returning to the human race, he didnt suppress his Dao of Slaughter.

He transformed into a killing demon and slaughtered several Grade 5 life stars.

Although he was a 2nd Chasm Sage Monarch realm, two Sage Emperors had to intervene and kill him.

[The manager of the great Dao of Slaughter was killed.

[If this piece of news was just a small trouble to you, then the second matter was not only a big trouble to you but also to the entire human race.

[An email was sent to you from the Virtualverse.

All human experts above the Sage Emperor realm were ready to receive orders.

At the border of the human races territory, the three super-first-rate races frequently provoked you, and there was a faint possibility of a great war breaking out.

[The sense of crisis in your heart grew stronger.

Perhaps it was because the human race had defeated the Ghost race, which made the three super-first-rate races nearby feel the danger and chose to attack the human race at the same time.

[Although the war had yet to break out, the frequent provocations indicated that a great war was coming.

You could not help but feel a little anxious.]

[On the 335th day, you finally obtained a piece of good news.

That is, Emperor Qin had advanced to the 1st Order of the Sage Emperor realm.”

[An incomparably enormous power gushed out from the Human Dao and entered your body.

[As you were the true master of this great Dao, a power that was equivalent to the entire strength of a 1st Order Sage Emperor was bestowed upon you after Emperor Qins breakthrough.

[Your strength instantly skyrocketed, and you reached the peak of the 1st Order of the Sage Emperor realm.

[After successfully digesting this power, you slowly opened your eyes, and a trace of disappointment couldnt help but appear in them.

You originally thought that you could use this power to directly enter the 2nd Order of the Sage Emperor realm.

[Before you could cultivate again, a great Dao suddenly trembled incessantly.

The great Daos manager died when you wanted to fuse with it.

[You saw the final scene.

An endless machine was flying rapidly from the universe.

[Kuang Dongzhe died in the jaws of a mechanical beast.

Meanwhile, a casual cannon shot was fired at the Ancient Blue star.]


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