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[For a time, you became very interested in this person called Su Ye.

[However, there were still important matters to be taken care of, and the opportunity would not come again.

You could only wait for a few moments and talk about it in the future.

[The situation of the human race was not very good at the moment.

Although they had the upper hand in the battle with the Ghost race, the pressure of the other three races made the human race tense up at all times.

[A few Heavenly Venerates were overseeing the situation.

They had also thrown out huge benefits and contacted a few other large races.

[You had a premonition that there was not much time left for you to calm down.

[On the 238th day, after many days of unremitting efforts, your title as One Piece Pirate King had reached 90%.

If it werent for the fact that you hadnt entered the Sage Emperor realm, you would have obtained the Pirate King title by now.

[In the entire Netherhound star system, there was only one life star left.

It was the Grade 7 Netherhound life star.

It hadnt been plundered by you.

[The great battle between the humans and the Ghost race had come to an end today.

The Ghost race had plundered eight galaxies of the human race, while the human race had successfully plundered ten galaxies.

The great battle between the humans and the Ghost race had come to an end.

Under the witness of the tens of thousands of races in the universe, it was time to complete the handover of the final bet.

[At that moment, three streaks of enormous energy burst out from your body.

[The three Daos of Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism burst out at the same time.

Confucius, Lao Tzu, and Sakyamuni actually entered the Sage Monarch realm simultaneously.

[It wasnt difficult for these three to break through.

As long as there was enough time, you could even believe that these three could cultivate all the way to the Supreme realm.

[Unfortunately, you didnt have much time left.

After calculating everything, you still had one more day of simulation time, which would be converted into the number of days in the simulator.

[One minute was one day, one hour was 60 days, and one day was 24 hours, which was 1,440 minutes, 1,440 days.

Time was quite tight, and in order not to delay you from obtaining your tenth talent, you decided to make your move.

[In the next moment, the three powers of Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism were added to your body.

Your realm broke through all the way and successfully reached the 1st Order of the Sage Emperor realm.

[After reaching the Sage Emperor realm, you immediately felt a qualitative leap.

You could even use the law energy corresponding to your mastery of a great Dao.

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[An email from the Virtualverse arrived in time.

Every Human Sage Emperor needed to be registered and recorded in the Virtualverse.

[You thought about it and decided to stop plundering the Netherhound race for the time being.

If you were to advance now, with your 1st Order Sage Emperor cultivation, even if you became a Supreme being, you would only be at the 1st Dome of the Supreme realm, the lowest level.

[If you were to advance to the 9th Order of the Sage Emperor realm and become a 9th Dome Supreme being, then you would be a powerful existence in the entire human race.

[With many managers of the great Daos and the wealth you plundered this time, you believed you would be able to enter the 9th Order of the Sage Emperor realm in no time.

[After that, the Santiago stopped moving toward the Netherhound life star and turned around to head toward the human races territory.

[You needed to rush back to the human race as soon as possible to cash in the wealth you plundered this time and then purchase items that could increase your cultivation.]

[On the 263rd day, you successfully returned to the Ancient Burial star system.

The original Ancient Burial star had already been smashed into pieces.

Supreme Ancient Burial had died tragically, and his life star had been completely harvested.

[However, because the Ghost race had to give back the stars of the galaxies they had plundered, one of the Grade 8 life stars had been renamed as Ancient Burial star and placed there.

[The master of the Ancient Burial star was Supreme Ancient Burials son, an expert at the 8th Order of the Sage Emperor realm who had inherited the position.

[Since Supreme Ancient Burial had died for the human race, and his son had received the protection of the human experts, no one dared to have any designs on his Grade 8 life star.

[Furthermore, the three major powers had given him a large number of resources.

As the master of a Grade 8 life star, he believed that it wouldnt be long before he successfully entered the Supreme realm and inherited his fathers title.

[In this battle, the human side had only lost four Supreme beings, while the ghost side had lost up to ten Supreme beings.

They had also taken advantage of the situation to gain more than ten galaxies.

It could be said that the human race had won a great victory.

[Ordinary people would never know that a galaxy with a Grade 8 life star as its main source could give birth to a Supreme being.

[The human race originally had 108 Supreme beings.

Four of them had died in this battle, and they had lost eight galaxies.

However, they had successfully plundered 20 galaxies.

[With the human races reproduction speed, in less than 100 years, the 20 galaxies would successfully recover.

After that, 20 new Supreme beings would be born.

[It could be said that this battle had earned them a lot of money.

[After entering the Ancient Burial star, you decisively sold all the wealth that you had plundered from the Netherhound race.

[Since you had plundered almost the entire Netherhound race, the wealth that you had amassed was huge.

It had been sold for a total of 2,700,000 Yuan.

[It was a pity that you didnt manage to snatch the Grade 7 Netherhound star.

If that were the case, it could be sold for at least 4,000,000 Yuan.

[After checking the medicinal pills and elixirs that could increase ones cultivation base at the Sage Emperor level, you couldnt help but furrow your brows.

[It wasnt that there werent any, but they were too expensive.

Item: Deity Spiritual Liquid

Level: Sage Emperor

Effect: Increases the cultivation speed of a Sage Emperor by 10 times.

Lasts for 50 days.

Price: 1,300,000 Yuan

Item: Heaven and Earth Realm-Breaking Pill

Level: Sage Emperor

Effect: Below the 5th Order of the Sage Emperor realm, there is a 50% chance of directly raising a small realm by consuming it.

Price: 1,500,000 Yuan

Item: Divine Potential-Stimulating Serum (Please purchase it carefully.

You can only consume it once.)

Level: Sage Emperor

Effect: Below the 9th Order of the Sage Emperor realm, consuming it can raise ones cultivation speed by five small realms.

The highest one can reach is the 9th Order of the Sage Emperor realm.

Side Effect: Potential exhausted, unable to enter the Supreme being realm for life.

Price: 5,000,000 Yuan

[Among the many items that could assist a Sage Emperors cultivation, the three items that caught your attention the most were these.

[The Deity Spiritual Liquid was undoubtedly the most normal one.

There were no side effects, increasing the speed of cultivation.

With your astonishing talent, you could cultivate quickly, and increasing your realm would definitely not be slow.

[The only drawback was that it was a waste of time.

[The second one was purely like gambling on a dog.

If one were lucky, they could reach the 5th Order of the Sage Emperor realm.

[However, if one was unlucky, they might spend a few million Yuan, but their cultivation would not increase at all.

[As for the third one, it should be prepared for those Sage Emperors who had no hope of becoming a Supreme being for life.

After all, a powerhouse at the 9th Order of the Sage Emperor realm could be considered one of the top combatants in the entire human race.

[Looking at the three items that you had selected on the interface and the balance in your account, you could not help but feel ruthless.

[After that, you went straight to the trading hall.

[When you walked out of the trading hall once again, there were no valuable items on your body.

[The original price of the Sage Emperor battle armor was 900,000 Yuan.

You had only used it a few times and sold it for 850,000 Yuan.

[The Sage Emperor Purple Spirit Spark, an attack-type Spark, was successfully sold for 2,000,000 Yuan.

[The most important thing was that the Star-class battleship, the Santiago, which you had bought with 5,000,000 Yuan, was sold for 6,000,000 Yuan.

[At that time, you were quite surprised.

You had used it for a while, so how could the price have increased

[After taking a look, you understood that due to the outbreak of the human-ghost war, although numerous resources had been plundered, there was also a large amount of consumption.

[Numerous spaceships had been destroyed, so the price had gone up.

The Star-class spaceships price increase was still considered small.

[A Star-1 spaceship that used to cost 100,000 Yuan now cost 200,000 Yuan to buy.]


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