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[Ever since you purchased the Star-class Santiago, you had realized that firing a cannon before the battle was definitely the best choice.

[For example, just now, because the Netherhound race had underestimated your Star-class spaceship, one cannon shot had caused tons of damage.

[Two 1st Order Sage Emperors died in battle, the three Star-class spaceships were destroyed, and two Sage Emperors were severely injured.

[You didnt choose to kill all the people that came.

Instead, you sent a voice transmission to the four surviving Sage Emperors, explaining your intentions.

“I heard that your Netherhound race is very rich.

Weve always done things according to the rules.

Once weve robbed your life stars, well naturally leave.”

[After saying that, you controlled the Santiago and quickly left the battlefield.

[After experiencing your Star-class spaceships power, the remaining four Netherhound Sage Emperors didnt choose to chase after you.]

[On the 231st day, you successfully plundered more than half of the Netherhound races star system and obtained a lot of rare resources.

You roughly calculated it and estimated it to be a few hundred thousand Yuan.

[Your name began to spread throughout the entire Netherhound star system.

The name of the One Piece pirates even gained a small reputation in the universe.

[Many Sage Emperors wanted to kill you, but they couldnt do anything about it.

[A percentage bar appeared on your interface.

The Netherhound race has recognized you as a Pirate King: 65/100

[Although you had only plundered half of the Netherhound races life stars, your fame spread and quickly reached such a level.

[And the Netherhound experts had never rushed back from the human-ghost front line.

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[Because of the abnormal movements of the other three races, the human race was increasing their efforts, trying to get out of the battle with the ghost race as soon as possible.

[As for the other three races, it was good to be more vigilant.

Although the human race didnt have many friends among the tens of thousands of races in the universe, they could still form alliances in exchange for heavy promises at the critical moment.

[This was also the reason the other three races didnt directly attack the human race.

After all, it would be embarrassing if others schemed against them while fighting the humans.

[As for the powerful Netherhound Sage Emperors, they had either died in the battle or were still struggling.

Even if they knew what had happened to their home, they wouldnt be able to rush back.

[There werent even two 6th Order Sage Emperors in the entire Netherhound star system.

It was just like your backyard, where you could play as you pleased.

[You, who was thinking about the next target to plunder, suddenly became happy and sat down cross-legged.

[The power of two great Daos was growing rapidly in your body.

One was the Dao of Slaughter, and the other was the Physical Dao.

[Bai Qi and Kong Xinyue actually managed to catch up at this time and enter the Sage Monarch realm.

[Two powerful forces instantly strengthened your body.

In an instant, your cultivation increased by two levels, and you became an 8th Chasm Sage Monarch.

[You were very surprised.

Even the three great Dao managers you thought highly of had not yet entered the Sage Monarch realm.

Why did the two people who were just there to make up the numbers increase their strength so quickly

[You could not help but calm down and observe their great Daos.

[After that, your expression became more colorful.

It was easier to understand how Bai Qi had grown.

Ever since the battle between the human and ghost race, he had been wandering around the Ghost races domain.

In such a short period of time, he had personally destroyed more than 10 life stars, the highest of which was a Grade 5 life star.

[He had killed trillions of living beings and had even destroyed life stars.

His Dao of Slaughter grew stronger and stronger as he killed, so it was reasonable he became a Sage Monarch.

[In comparison, Kong Xinyue was much stranger.

She had relied on a bottle of medicine to directly advance from the 1st Firmament of the Sageking realm to the 1st Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm.

[After feeling that the Physical Dao didnt have a sudden increase in its foundation, you hurriedly went to the Virtualverses trading hall to search for it.

[Soon, you found this medicine within the Sage Monarch category.

Medicine: Rising Dragon Medicine

Level: Sage Monarch

Effect: It can directly strengthen a Sageking body refiner to the Sage Monarch realm without any side effects.

Price: 100,000 Yuan

[Looking at that terrifying price, you couldnt help but feel a toothache.

[Actually, cultivating from the Sageking realm to the Sage Monarch realm wasnt too difficult.

It was just strengthening ones own great Dao.

Confucious and the other two would all be able to become Sage Monarchs in less than a year.

[And what was the concept of 100,000 Yuan That was the official recovery price of a Grade 6 life star.

An ordinary Sage Emperor would feel a little reluctant to casually take out 100,000 Yuan.

[Unexpectedly, Kong Xinyue actually consumed such a precious medicine.

You couldnt help but be curious.

What made Kong Xinyue so rich that she could take medicine to level up

[You immersed your mind into the Physical Dao and quickly discovered the existence of that person called Su Ye through the feedback of the great Dao.

[Ding! Unknown system detected.

Do you wish to check it]

[Just as you discovered Su Ye, your system sent a notification.

[Although you had long learned through the Virtualverse that numerous people had systems or all kinds of buffs in this world.

Such people all had one big flaw, which was that after the Sage Emperor realm, there was no way to advance further.

[You were the owner of such a system and knew that the Supreme realm was a certain barrier for you.

Therefore, you thought of using the One Piece Pirate King talents bug to see if you could break through to the Supreme realm.

[When a person who possessed a system appeared in front of you, it was inevitable that you would feel a wave in your heart.

There was excitement, disappointment, curiosity, and surprise.


[Under your command, a light screen appeared in front of you.

Name: Su Ye

Cultivation: Sage Monarch/5th Chasm

Introduction: Originally a son-in-law of the Lin family from a small plane.

He was bullied and humiliated.

His sister, Su Li, also met with misfortune because of the Lin family and committed suicide.

At the most desperate moment, he awakened the Universes Unrivaled Uber-Rich System.

From then on, he ushered in a turning point in his life.

He relied on earning money along the way to destroy the Lin family and become the planets master.

After becoming a Sageking, he also relied on his massive wealth to quickly gather a large number of subordinates.

System: Universes Unrivaled Uber-Rich System

Introduction: Money is omnipotent.

Without money, you cannot do anything.

After completing the mission issued by the system, the host will receive a monetary reward.

[Looking at the introduction in front of you, you fell into deep thought for a moment.

You had to admit that this was a very useful system.

You would have an endless stream of money if you completed the mission.

In the path of cultivation, resources were undoubtedly the most important part.

[As long as one had money, they could obtain a large amount of resources.]


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