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[Ding! Congratulations to host Su Ye.

The mercenary group under you has successfully completed the mission to clear the Star of Suffering.

You have successfully completed the mission and received a reward.

100,000 Yuan of usage rights and 10,000 Yuan of personal assets.]

[Looking at the systems reward, Su Ye couldnt help but frown.

It seemed to be a little less than what he had expected.

[The 100,000 Yuan of usage rights could only be used to develop the mercenary groups funds.

Hiring strong people and getting people to do things also required money.

[Every time he completed a mission, he would receive a sum of personal assets.

This was something that Su Ye could freely use.

‘Forget it.

Theres at least 100,000 Yuan left.

After I complete a few more missions and save up 5,000,000 Yuan, Ill hire a Supreme being.

There are already many people who have designs on me.

I cant delay any longer.

[Su Ye could not help but sigh in his heart.

His wealth had already attracted the attention of many people.

If he could not find a Supreme being to back him up, perhaps he would mysteriously disappear when he went out on a mission one day.

Then, he would be forced to reveal how he could obtain such wealth.

[Kong Xinyue stood on the Desolate Beast and looked around.

She had become a Sageking not long ago, so she was very curious about these new things.]

[On the 221st day, your spaceship successfully arrived at the Netherhound star system.

You sat in the cabin and looked at the latest report.

You could not help but frown.

[Supreme Emperor Ming and Supreme Emperor Tian Tang had joined forces to attack the Netherworld star and killed its Ghost Supreme being.

[The human experts and the ghost experts had a battle.

The battle ended in a draw, and both sides suffered heavy casualties.

[12 Ghost Supreme beings attacked the Ancient Burial star system, and Supreme Ancient Burial fought bitterly for half a day.

Ultimately, he was no match for them and died together with the two Ghost Supreme beings.

[The second round of battle between the humans and ghosts was about to begin.

The human side had gathered more than 60 Supreme beings.

[At the same time, three shocking pieces of news startled everyone.

[There was an unusual situation at the border of the Automaton, Demon, and Zerg races.

It was suspected that the Automatons, Demons, and Zergs wanted to take the opportunity to start a war against the human race.

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[If it was just the Ghost race, the humans wouldnt have any fear.

No matter if it was the peak or the middle-level forces, they could afford to use them even if they had to fight head-on.

[But now, the three super-first-rate races, which were close to the human races domain, were about to attack.

[This was a very dangerous situation.

If the four great races attacked simultaneously, even the human race wouldnt be able to withstand it.

[You looked at the latest report of the Virtual Supreme Alliance and said to the Earth Goddess, “The situation doesnt look good.

Why do I feel that these races have been plotting this for a long time Otherwise, they wouldnt have planned to attack the human race simultaneously.”

[The Earth Goddess said with a look of agreement, “I think they must have premeditated and want to divide up our human race.”

[This kind of thing was no longer something that small fries like you could control.

[The survival of the human race was actually in the hands of the strongest.

[The three Heavenly Venerates had other hidden trump cards.

[You couldnt help but shake your head and look at the galaxy in front of you.

[The most important thing now was to increase your strength as soon as possible and become stronger.

Only when you were strong enough could you obtain more useful information in the future crisis.

[Just like that, under your command, the Santiago quickly headed straight for the Netherhounds territory.

At the top of the Santiago, there was a flag that was the symbol of a cosmic pirate.

[You gave your pirate crew a very resounding name, the One Piece Crew.

[On the 225th day, your Santiago rampaged through the Netherhound star system.

You would definitely rob any life star you encountered.

[You needed to obtain the Pirate King title, so you didnt kill wantonly.

You only plundered.

[There were a few Grade 5 stars that you conveniently kept.

As for the members of the Netherhound race that were originally on the life star, they were all thrown into the universe and left to fend for themselves.

[Until this day, after you arrived at a Grade 6 life star, you encountered the first wave of effective resistance from the Netherhound race—3 Star-class spaceships and 6 Sage Emperors.

[The Netherhound race was a first-rate race in the universe.

Even though their Supreme being had died, their foundation was still very deep.

After learning about a cosmic pirate crews emergence, they immediately dispatched the nearby Sage Emperor to come and wipe out the pirates.

[As for why they allowed you to act wantonly for so many days, in reality, the top combatants of the Netherhound race had been transferred to the front line of the battle with the humans.

[There were only 10 Sage Emperors in their star system.

[Now that they were able to send out 6 Sage Emperors to surround and kill you, it was already considered that they had done their best.

[You used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes to check the attributes of the 6 Sage Emperors blocking the way, and your originally nervous heart relaxed.

Among the 6 Sage Emperors, the strongest one was a 4th Order Sage Emperor.

[Although he was very strong, you were fearless.

[Not to mention, with your own cultivation base and the support of your great Daos, your battle strength could cross ranks to fight.

Just the Sage Emperor battle armor you wore was not something they could break.

[Moreover, as a top Star-class spaceship, the power of the main cannon of the Santiago could threaten a peak-level Sage Emperor.

“Boss, what should we do Fight or run” Kuang Dongzhe asked anxiously.

[He was almost scared to death.

Previously, everything was going smoothly.

Suddenly, 6 Sage Emperors came to attack them, and they even brought three Star-class spaceships.

[With such a lineup, it would be very difficult even if you wanted to run now.

“Why are you running Its just a few trash Sage Emperors.

Activate the spaceships defensive barrier and fire a few shots at them first,” you ordered calmly.

[Your calm voice was very infectious, causing the originally flustered Kuang Dongzhe to start to relax.

[Indeed, with such a powerful Star-class spaceship like the Santiago, even if you were to face many Sage Emperors, you would be able to retreat immediately.

[The Sage Emperors would probably have to fight for half a day before they could break through the Santiagos defensive barrier.

[Under your orders, the Santiago successfully activated the defensive barrier, after which the main cannon began to slowly take aim.

After locking onto the target, an incomparably huge beam of light was shot straight toward the 6 Sage Emperors.

“Not good!”


“A Star-class ship, how can it be—”


A huge cloud of light appeared where the six Sage Emperors had been standing.

The powerful energy blast made even you feel a sense of danger.]


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