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[On a Grade 5 life star in the Netherworld galaxy…

[Confucius, Lao Tzu, and Shakyamuni were all here.

This life star was their spoils of war.

[When the human race attacked the Ghost race, the soldiers stationed on the Ancient Burial star naturally took advantage of the benefits.

[Especially after the Human Supreme beings killed the Ghost Supreme being of the Netherworld galaxy, the human experts could plunder large amounts of resources at will.

[The three of them worked together and killed a 3rd Chasm Ghost Sage Monarch and seized this life star.

[Confucius, who was wearing a scholarly robe, spoke in a very gentle and refined manner.

“With this life star, the resources we exchanged should be enough for the three of us to break through to the Sage Monarch realm.”

“The situation is unclear now.

We still need to be careful.

A battle at this level is indeed very dangerous.”

[At that moment, Lao Tzu was covered in blood, and the two horns of the green ox that he was sitting on had been broken.

When Lao Tzu was fighting the 3rd Chasm Ghost Sage Monarch, he had put in the most effort and was badly injured.


Recently, I have had some epiphanies.

Fellow Daoists, say, if I were to convert all these billions of ghosts into believers of the Buddha Kingdom in my palm, I might be able to gain tremendous power in an instant.”

[From the moment Sakyamuni discovered that the ghosts had an endless population, he had been harboring this thought.

In fact, his thought was not wrong.

Among the myriad races in the universe, there were many existences who used the power of faith to become Supreme beings.

[If one were to seriously consider it, the 36 Supreme beings that pursued the Human Dao were also walking the path of faith.

However, they had changed their faith to the Human Dao.

Confucius calmly asked Shakyamuni, “I actually had this idea before.

If I recruit a large number of Confucian disciples, I can indeed strengthen my Dao.

However, have you ever thought about how easy it is to obtain the power of faith and how it can greatly increase ones battle prowess Why is it that in the entire universe, this cultivation system has never been mainstream

“Among all the races in the universe, even a Heavenly Venerate wouldnt be able to completely seal off a cultivation technique.

Since its not a seal, then theres only one possibility.

Is there a big problem with the power of faith”

[Shakyamunis expression changed slightly.

Although he was still on the path of strengthening the great Dao, he had also put in a lot of effort in the aspect of the power of faith.

[There were over 10 billion believers in his Buddhist Kingdom, and they were providing him with the power of faith at all times.

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“Alright, theres no point in talking anymore.

When there really is a problem, well think of a way to solve it.

The most important thing now is to enter the Sage Monarch realm as soon as possible.

Otherwise, we wont have the right to know the human races secrets.”

[Lao Tzu had almost recovered from his injuries as he spoke to the two of them.

[Only when ones cultivation increased would they know more and more things.

Now, the three of them were all people from the military, and they were all at the 9th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

They had already attracted the attention of many higher-ups.

[Lao Tzu believed that after advancing to the Sage Monarch realm, many people would come over to recruit them.

[People with exceptional talent would be very eye-catching no matter where they were.

[On a Grade 3 life star in the Netherworld galaxy…

[Looking at this life star, one would be surprised to find that the entire life star was emitting a faint black aura.

[A layer of black fog covered the entire planet.

Those who didnt know would definitely think that this was a life star related to the Ghost race.

[However, all the living beings on the life star had been killed.

[Bai Qi wore blood-red armor and looked at the life star indifferently.

[He had massacred all the living beings on the life star in three days, and his cultivation base had reached the 3rd Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[Looking at the Death Qi in the sky, Bai Qi laughed loudly.

“Hahaha, this is true cultivation.

Killing should never stop.”

[The blood-red light on Bai Qis body flickered, and his blood-red Dao of Slaughter shot up into the sky.

All the Death Qi on the life star madly surged into his great Dao.

[After that, Bai Qi flew into the universe, and the Dao of Slaughter instantly turned into a long blood-red blade.

[Bai Qi held the long blade in his hand and slashed down.

[The Grade 3 life star was instantly cut in half by Bai Qi, and an enormous amount of life force surged into his body under the influence of the killing power.

Bai Qi, who had just reached the 3rd Firmament of the Sageking realm, instantly broke through and entered the 4th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[Who said that only killing people could increase his killing power Destroying planets could do the same!

[After that, Bai Qis figure disappeared once again.

He wanted to find his next target to kill!

[On a Grade 6 life star in the Netherworld galaxy…

[A group of human experts was cleaning up the remaining ghost experts on this planet.

[In the middle of this group of human experts, a muscular little loli was sitting on a huge Desolate Beast.

The Desolate Beasts level was at the 9th Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm, while Kong Xinyue was only at the 1st Firmament of the Sageking realm.

Such a combination was very surprising.

“Big Brother Su, after our mercenary group has cleaned up this place, are there any other missions I also want to go down and participate in the battle.”

The little loli was naturally Kong Xinyue.

There was a handsome youth beside her, and he was the owner of this Desolate Beast.

“Xinyue, you just joined our mercenary group not long ago.

It wont be too late to fight when your strength increases a little.”

[The youth who was called Brother Su patted Kong Xinyues head affectionately before continuing to ride the Desolate Beast forward.

[This young mans name was Su Ye.

He was the leader of a Rank 6 mercenary group, the Wealthy Mercenary Group.

[He wasnt very strong, only at the 5th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

However, his mercenary group had many Sage Monarch-level subordinates.

There were even two Sage Emperors.

[The reason Su Ye could become the leader of this mercenary group wasnt due to his high charisma.

Instead, it was because he was too rich.

[Could he do whatever he wanted with money Of course he could.

If he couldnt do whatever he wanted, it meant that his wealth was not enough.

[Su Ye was originally an unknown, ordinary mercenary.

However, a few years ago, he suddenly rose up and first took 1,000 Yuan to register a Wealthy Mercenary Group.

[After that, he even offered a high price, recruiting people everywhere.

[In just a few short years, he spent hundreds of thousands of Yuan and recruited a bunch of strong warriors under him, rising from a Rank 1 to a Rank 6 mercenary group.

[One had to know that a Rank 6 mercenary group was considered an upper-level force in the entire Cosmic Human Mercenary Group.

[Above that, a Rank 7 or 8 mercenary group had Supreme beings overseeing them.

[After Su Ye patted Kong Xinyues head, his eyes gradually narrowed, and a faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

[That was because a screen of light appeared before his eyes.

‘The Universes Unrivaled Uber-Rich System…


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