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Emperor Ming sized up Emperor Qin for a while and said, “This must be our little 37th Brother, right Not bad, not bad.

He has a perfect aptitude.”

Emperor Qin was very tactful.

He bowed respectfully to Emperor Ming and greeted him.

“2nd Brother.”

[On the 203rd day, you rested briefly on the Ancient Burial star for a few days.

You did not report the news about the Ghost race.

Instead, you left the Ancient Burial star without hesitation after buying supplies.

[From the many reactions on the Ancient Burial star, it seemed that the humans and the Ghost race were about to make a big move.

However, you were far from qualified to participate in such a matter.

[The only thing that made you depressed was that the route to the Netherhound race had to be changed because the human experts had already closed all the passages to the ghost domain.

[If you were to head to the ghost domain at this time and were discovered by the human experts, you would be considered the enemys collaborator.

[Fortunately, the Netherhound race was only a vassal of the Ghost race, and their territory was not in the area of the Ghost race.

After changing the route, Kuang Dongzhe estimated that it would take about 20 days to reach the Netherhound star system.

[The Santiago quickly shuttled through the universe.

Along the way, one could still see a large number of spaceships passing by not far from the Santiago and heading to the Ancient Burial star.]

[On the 207th day, the Santiago had yet to arrive at the Netherhound star, yet you unexpectedly received a notification from the Virtualverse.

“As we are currently in the middle of a battle with the Ghost race, all human warriors can teleport to the Ancient Burial star system directly.”

[The battle erupted.

[On that day, 35 Human Supreme beings, piloting 15 Cosmic-class spaceships, led thousands of Sage Emperors under their command, attacking the Ghost races border star, the Netherworld star.

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[The entire Netherworld star was completely destroyed, and Ghost Master Lust, who was in charge of the Netherworld galaxy, died in battle.

[The human experts harvested a large number of life stars in the Netherworld galaxy.

[The Ghost races Heavenly Venerate Reaper personally attacked and wanted to kill the intruders but was stopped by the Heavenly Venerate Battle, and the two sides started a great battle.

[Heavenly Venerate Battle was slightly inferior to Heavenly Venerate Reaper, but at the critical moment, the Human Supreme beings ambushed and injured him heavily.

Then, under the combined attack of Heavenly Venerate Battle and the Supreme Heaven Reversal, who wielded the fused Human Daos power, they almost killed Heavenly Venerate Reaper on the spot.

[Fortunately, the other two Ghost Heavenly Venerates arrived in time, and the battle finally stopped.

[There was nothing they could do.

Heavenly Venerates were not easy to deal with.

In a short period, the Heavenly Venerates of all the super-first-rate races in the universe had gathered nearby.

[Heavenly Venerate Virtual and the Heavenly Venerate Immortal also appeared.

[Under the witness of the tens of thousands of races in the universe, the two sides began to declare war.

[Each side used several tens of galaxies as the stakes.

Under the circumstances that the Heavenly Venerates didnt make a move, they started a big battle.

[The first to plunder the other sides ten galaxies was the winner.

The loser had to pay the winner and release ten galaxies.

[Such a big bet was rarely seen in the entire universe.

[There were a total of 20 galaxies.

Even some of the universes first-rate big clans couldnt afford to lose.

[Only the Ghost race and the humans had such capital, using 20 galaxies as wagers.

[As Heavenly Venerates werent allowed to take action, both sides mobilized a large number of experts to the front line of the battle.]

“Uh, what happened Why did the humans and the Ghost race suddenly start fighting This did not occur in my last simulation.”

[You looked at the latest news released by the Virtualverse, and your heart was filled with great shock.

You couldnt imagine what had caused the human race and the Ghost race to start such a great war.

[Then, you thought of the colorful great Dao of Emperor Qin.

Because of the expert who had suddenly appeared last time, you were horrified.

During this period, you hadnt checked the condition of Emperor Qin.

[When you checked on the Human Dao and received all the news, you were immediately shocked.

[After a long silence, you finally sighed in disbelief.

“It can actually be like this!”

[You suddenly realized that you did not have to work hard anymore.

Just the Human Dao alone was enough to push you to the Supreme realm.

[Especially because of this Dao, you could directly join an organization with 36 Supreme beings.

[With the backing of this Great Dao, you would be able to replace Emperor Qin.

[However, after thinking for a moment, you discarded that thought.

[Although you could receive countless honors and benefits if you exposed yourself, it did not suit your steady character.

[It was easy to take bets in the simulation.

If you died, the simulation would just end.

But once you transmigrated, exposing your invincible talents would be no different from courting death before you had absolute strength.

[You were well aware that the human race had countless enemies among the myriad races in the universe,

[A genius who had not grown up was nothing.

[You had decided to carry out your schemes to the end and hide behind the scenes all the time.

After all, all the benefits that Emperor Qin had obtained would be yours in the end.

There was no need to expose yourself just for some vanity.

[You habitually sensed the few remaining great Daos, and your face suddenly turned very ugly.

[The great battle between humans and ghosts had attracted all the great Dao managers under your command.

[It was understandable that Confucius and the other two were in the Ancient Burial galaxy, but the other two, the Asura, Bai Qi, and Kong Xinyue, who had just been promoted to the Sageking realm, had also rushed over to join in the fun.

It was something that you couldnt understand, no matter how hard you tried.

[Bai Qi was currently a 2nd Firmament Sageking, while Kong Xinyue was at a 1st Firmament Sageking.

With such battle strength, she was the weakest existence in the battle between humans and ghosts, commonly known as cannon fodder.

[However, these two seemed unaware of it and went to the Ancient Burial star to join in the fun.

It really rendered you speechless.

[On the other hand, Confucius, Lao Tzu, and Sakyamunis cultivation had all reached the 9th Firmament of the Sageking realm, which made you look at them in a new light.

[As expected of the chosen one.

Their strength increased so fast that even a cheater like you felt it was abnormal.

[In fact, the increase in the cultivation bases of the three of them had a lot to do with you.

You were already a 6th Chasm Sage Monarch.

The great Daos would provide strength to you, and you would naturally supplement the great Daos.

[Since you were the true master of Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism, they grew at breakneck speed.

Confucius and the other two did not have to work as hard as before.

Relying on taking in disciples to strengthen the great Daos and increase their length, they would be able to increase their strength.

[However, as long as they cultivated to the right level and their cultivation base was sufficient, they would be able to break through immediately.

Their journey would be smooth as they were peerless geniuses.

“Im not too far away from the Sage Emperor realm.

I can give it a shot and let them raise my cultivation base to the Sage Emperor realm.

When I receive the One Piece Pirate King title, Ill be able to raise my cultivation base by a major realm.

I will directly become a Supreme being!”


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