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[The Ancient Burial star was located at the southernmost end of the human territory in the universe.

It was a Grade 8 life star that bordered the Ghost races domain.

[In the past, countless humans had passed through the main star of the Ancient Burial galaxy every day.

[After all, this was a border star.

Not to mention that the three major forces had their own arrangements here, many merchants frequently went to the ghost domain to buy and sell resources.

[However, today, an order was issued from the Ancient Burial star.

All humans were prohibited from entering the Ghost races territory without permission.

[Although this wasnt the first time such a thing had happened, it still aroused the curiosity of countless humans.

[Especially when the Cosmic-class spaceships stopped at the docking platform without any concealment, all the humans on the Ancient Burial star knew that something big was about to happen.

[The arrival of the Cosmic-class spaceships undoubtedly meant that something big was about to happen.

Every Cosmic-class spaceship was equivalent to a Supreme being.

[Normally, one spaceship was enough to attract the attention of countless people.

However, right now, there were a total of 10 Cosmic-class spaceships at the docking platform, and the remaining Emperor-class spaceships numbered around 90.

[Within the Ancient Burial Star Hall…

[A number of Human Supreme beings dressed in various dragon robes with powerful Emperor Dao auras were all gathered here.

[Supreme Ancient Burial was also very courteous in welcoming these Supreme beings.

Even though his cultivation level was slightly higher than these Supreme beings here, even he felt his scalp go numb when facing the combined forces of over 20 Supreme beings.

[Supreme Ancient Burial asked the Supreme being at the front, “Ming Huang, so many of you have come to our Ancient Burial star together.

You even brought a Cosmic-class spaceship.

Are you going to start a war with the Ghost race”

[Ming Huang, an 8th Dome Supreme being and master of the Bright Sky galaxy, was the strongest human emperor present.

[Hearing the questioning tone of Supreme Ancient Burial, Emperor Ming smiled faintly and said in a very casual manner, “Our 37th brother has been born.

According to the old rules, we naturally have to rob a galaxy.

Recently, the Ghost race has been very rampant.

Many intelligence reports say that the Ghost race intends to start a war with our human race, so well be the first to test it out.”

[Emperor Ming did not intend to hide anything.

Human emperors should be upright and aboveboard.

With their confidence stemming from the supreme Human Dao, they should tell everyone that another expert who had comprehended the Human Dao had joined their ranks.

Anyone wishing to kill the new expert before they grew should consider the wrath of humanitys 36 most powerful paragons.

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[Supreme Ancient Burials pupils constricted.

It had been countless years since a new Supreme being of the Human Dao was born.

[Now, many Human Supreme beings had joined forces to plunder a galaxy for this future Supreme being.

This was indeed very normal.

[If an ordinary Sage Emperor had become a Supreme being, then each of the three major factions would send a Supreme being to help them plunder other galaxies.

[How much they could plunder would depend on the Supreme beings own abilities.

[For example, among the 108 galaxies, there was a White Dragon galaxy.

This Supreme being had been unlucky and had offended an old Supreme being, causing the three major powers to send a Supreme being to help them.

[After plundering the other galaxies resources for decades, the White Dragon galaxy was barely established.

[However, as there were too few planets and they were weak, the White Dragon galaxy had always been the weakest of the 108 human galaxies.

Its galaxy size was not even 1/10 of the size of the Ancient Burial galaxy.

[When thinking of Supreme White Dragon and then looking at this new human being who had yet to become a Supreme being, Supreme Ancient Burial could not help but sigh.

Fate was really something that could not be forced.

[An existence who had worked hard for God knew how many years was still at the bottom.

Yet, before Emperor Qin became a Supreme being, dozens of Supreme beings would personally take action to plunder a galaxy for him.

[Supreme Ancient Burial also directly asked, “Since thats the case, theres no need for me to say anything else.

If theres anything you need, please feel free to speak.

Also, have you reported this matter to any Heavenly Venerates”

[A war against other races in the universe, especially the Ghost race, which was at the same level as the human race, would require a Heavenly Venerates approval.

[Although there were many powerful Supreme beings, they could not start a war against other large races without a Heavenly Venerates approval.

This would bring great trouble to the entire human race.

“Brother Ancient Burial, dont worry.

Our Big Brother has already gone to the ghost domain with Heavenly Venerate Battle.

Its fine if the Ghost Heavenly Venerates doesnt take action.

If the Ghost Heavenly Venerates do take action, Im afraid that the reputation of the human race will be known throughout the universe for tens of thousands of years,” said Emperor Ming with a smirk.

[This time, although they were in a hurry, they had made ample preparations.

Even the strongest Heavenly Venerate of the human race, Heavenly Venerate Battle, had personally taken action.

[If an ordinary Heavenly Venerate dared to come, they might not have the chance to return.

[Supreme Ancient Burial nodded calmly, but countless thoughts flashed in his mind.

On the surface, the three great Heavenly Venerates of the human race controlled the three great factions and were very harmonious with each other.

[However, each Heavenly Venerate had some trusted subordinates.

[For example, Heavenly Venerate Virtual had once personally acted for Supreme Ancient blue and Supreme Bright Moon, while the Supreme beings that had comprehended the Human Dao only followed the lead of Heavenly Venerate Battle.

[As for Supreme Ancient Burial, he was a 9th Dome Supreme being and was actually on Heavenly Venerate Immortals side.

[Now that Heavenly Venerate Battle had personally acted, he did not need to ask any more questions.

“Hahaha, all my brothers are here…”

[A hearty laugh came from outside the hall.

Two figures walked into the hall in an instant.

They were none other than Li Zhi and Emperor Qin.

“3rd Brother…”

“3rd Brother…”

“3rd Brother…”

[All the Supreme beings who had been sitting quietly in the hall stood up together and bowed respectfully when they saw Li Zhi.

[Meanwhile, Emperor Ming, who was chatting with the Supreme Ancient Burial, stepped forward quickly and greeted Li Zhi.

“What are you doing here”

[Li Zhi was suddenly surprised upon seeing Emperor Ming.

He had only called a dozen Supreme beings to snatch a ghost galaxy.

[He did not intend to mobilize the whole faction.

After all, if too many Supreme beings acted, they could ignite the spark of a great war.

This would be really troublesome.

[But, he did not expect that not only his younger brothers had come, but even their 2nd Brother, Ming Huang, had come personally.

“Heavenly Venerate Battle and Big Brother Heaven Reversal have their own arrangements.”

[Suddenly, Ming Huangs voice rang out in Li Zhis mind.

[Li Zhis expression did not change at all, but he was astonished.

He did not expect that they would make a big commotion this time.

“Haha, how can I not come for such a big event”

[Emperor Ming laughed heartily as well.

He walked up to Li Zhi and turned to look at Emperor Qin.]


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