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[The 108 fixed galaxies of the human race had existed for countless years.

Now, because of the birth of Emperor Qins Human Dao, Li Zhi was going to snatch a galaxy for him.

This was not something that everyone could believe.

[Emperor Qin was also incredibly excited.

He had thought that he still had a long way to go to develop the Qin dynasty step by step.

[But now, it seemed that there was no need at all.

He would become the ruler of a galaxy.

At that time, all the humans in the galaxy, together with his Human Emperor talents effect, would be able to reach the realm of Sage Emperor in no time.

It was not impossible for him to directly become a Supreme being.

[Seeing that Li Zhi was going to take him away, Emperor Qin hurriedly said, “3rd brother, there are still quite a few of my subordinates on that planet.

Allow me to bring them along.”

[With that, Emperor Qin flicked his sleeve and kept the Ancient World in his sleeve.

As for Elder Blackstone, when he saw Emperor Qin taking action, he entered the Ancient World without any hesitation, allowing Emperor Qin to take him away.

[What a joke.

He, Blackstone, had been alive for eons and finally found an extremely thick thigh.

As long as he could hug the thigh of Emperor Qin, Elder Blackstone believed that, let alone a Sage Monarch, even the Sage Emperor realm would be in his grasp.

It would not be a problem for him.

[Seeing Emperor Qin like this, Li Zhi nodded in satisfaction.

[Indeed, even if he had received unimaginable benefits, he could still maintain his rationality.

He even knew that bringing his subordinates with him was the talent of a human emperor.

[After Emperor Qin was done tidying up, Li Zhi grabbed Emperor Qin with one hand, and the two figures immediately disappeared.]

[On the 195th day, you successfully woke up from your seclusion, and your aura had skyrocketed.

Your cultivation successfully advanced to the 5th Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm.

[Due to the unexpected outbreak of Emperor Qin, which caught you off guard, your steps were slightly messed up.

However, you had only wasted a few days, so you could still accept it.

[Once again, you sensed the great Daos and poured a tremendous power into the Dao of Slaughter.

[Before Bai Qi, who was looking at the stars in the sky, could react, his cultivation instantly grew from the 6th Layer of the Sage rank all the way to the peak of the 9th Layer of the Sage rank.

[As the rolling tribulation gathered, Bai Qi was very confused.

After repeatedly sensing it, he realized that it was his Sageking Heavenly Tribulation.

In the end, he sighed helplessly and flew into the universe to transcend the tribulation.

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[Bai Qi didnt expect that he would transcend the Sageking Tribulation so quickly.

In other words, Bai Qi never thought that he would one day become a Sageking.

[This was all because there were no other races in the Ancient Void World that could be killed.

All of them were humans, and if he did not kill experts with his Dao of Slaughter, how could he increase his strength

[Therefore, Bai Qis cultivation had reached a bottleneck, and he was unable to break through for a long time.

[As a result, the originally very diligent Bai Qi was now lying on the grass every day, looking up at the stars in the starry sky.

[Of course, you wouldnt want your great Dao manager to be dispirited, so you directly forced Bai Qi to reach the Sageking realm through enlightenment.

[Once he reached the Sageking realm, even Bai Qi would have to work hard to improve his strength in the face of the pressure of life.

[On the other hand, Kong Xinyue, who had inherited your Physical Dao, had already cultivated to the 5h Layer of the Sage rank.

[Although she had already worked very hard, she was still a little lacking.

[You also help her reach the Sageking realm.

Be it Bai Qi or Kong Xinyue, they both had a complete and colorful great Dao that they could use.

[With the support of the colorful great Dao, a mere Sageking Heavenly Tribulation was simply a childs play.

[Thus, the two of them passed their Sageking Heavenly Tribulations and began choosing which major force to join.

[Bai Qi was focused on killing, and his main focus was on the Dao of Slaughter, so naturally, he unconditionally chose the Cosmic Human Army.

No one knew better than Bai Qi how fast his growth rate was during the slaughter.

[On the other hand, Kong Xinyue didnt choose the most comfortable Virtual Supreme Alliance.

Instead, she chose the Cosmic Human Mercenary Group to carry out a small mercenary mission.

[After confirming that these two managers had developed quite well, you let out a sigh of relief and looked at Confucius, Lao Tzu, and Sakyamuni.

These three had now entered a special squad, and they wandered daily around the Ghost races planets, and their strength was gradually increasing.

[Looking at all the paths that they had split up, you turned to look at the Earth Goddess lying beside you, her legs resting on your body.

‘Damn it! My Ocular Dao…

[You couldnt help but glare at the Earth Goddess angrily.

At this moment, the Earth Goddess was like an obedient baby, not moving at all on your body.

She even stretched her slender jade fingers when she saw you getting angry and drew circles on your chest repeatedly.

[Just when you were ready to teach the Earth Goddess a good lesson, the radio of the Santiago sounded, and Kuang Dongzhes voice was heard.

“Boss, we are about to enter the Ancient Burial star system.

We need to go to the Ancient Burial star to replenish our supplies.

Otherwise, Im afraid we wont be able to cross the universe and head to the Netherhound race.”

[Hearing that you were about to enter the Ancient Burial star system, your eyes immediately lit up as you replied to Kuang Dongzhe through voice transmission, “Alright, lets go to the Ancient Burial star first.”

[After saying this, you began to think about how to maximize the use of the information in your hands.

[After the simulation last time, you knew that there was a great traitor among the human race.

[Although this kind of thing wasnt rare, and there were always some who would abandon their own race for the sake of benefits and power, you had to report that 9th ChasmSage Monarch Mountain Rat.

[Also, after 250 days of simulation, the Ghost race would organize an invasion of the human race.

You felt that this news also needed to be reported.

[However, when your Santiago flew to the Ancient Burial Docking Platform, the scene in front of you shocked you.

[Numerous gargantuan spaceships were quietly docked above the Ancient Burial Docking Platform.

Your Santiago was already bigger than an ordinary Emperor-class spaceship in terms of volume.

[Yet, it was as small as a child in front of these ships.

[Cosmic-class ships, the strongest ships that could unleash a Supreme-level attack…

[10 Cosmic-class and 90 Emperor-class spaceships docked at the Ancient Burial Docking Platform.

[Such a huge scene made you want to scratch your butt with a knife, opening your eyes…

[Your Santiago slowly descended under the command of the security.

The moment it descended, you heard the discussions of many people.

“Brother, why are so many powerful existences descending on our Ancient Burial star”

“How would I know Could it be that our Ancient Burial star lord has offended someone, and theyre here to look for trouble”

“I dont think so.

The powerhouse who came seems to have some thoughts toward the Ghost race.

He is currently discussing with our star lord that the Ghost race is the richest in that galaxy.”

“Are we humans going to start a war with the Ghost race!”


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