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[The golden-robed figure outside the lightning tribulation was one of the 36 Supreme beings of humanity.

His strength was ranked in the top three among all the Supreme beings of humanity.

[He was the Supreme being of the Heavenly Tang, Li Zhi, an 8th Dome Supreme being, and the master of the Heavenly Tang galaxy.

[Due to the particularity of the Human Dao, every human Supreme being was actually an emperor.

[Other than the Heavenly Tang galaxy, there were also the Tianming galaxy, the Tiansong galaxy, the Tianhan galaxy, the Tianwei galaxy, and so on.

[There were a total of 36 galaxies, occupying 1/3 of the human races territory.

[And now, the birth of another human emperor would mean that the 109th Supreme being of the human race was about to be born in the near future.

[Li Zhi was silently watching from there and was not in a hurry.

There was a slight smile on his face, and it seemed that he was in a good mood.

[As for that sense of danger, Li Zhi had sensed it at the beginning, and then it disappeared without a trace.

Li Zhi had used many methods, but he could not find the root of it, so he did not have the mood to investigate.

[This was because Li Zhi knew that if there was a real danger, and he could not detect it, then a powerful Heavenly Venerate must be behind it.

[And even someone as strong as Li Zhi would not be able to resist being schemed against by a Heavenly Venerate.

[Now that the sense of danger had disappeared, Li Zhi did not think about it anymore.

He would keep this matter in mind, and when the time came, he would just have to tell their big brother about it.

[On the Santiago…

[Your forehead was full of sweat.

[You had been using the Human Dao to observe Emperor Qins every move.

[When you saw him patiently endure for many days and step into the Sageking realm, you could not help but praise Emperor Qins courage.

In fact, after Emperor Qin absorbed all the humans in the Ancient World, he could directly enter the Sageking realm, and he chose to enter on this day.

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[In fact, he had the intention of subduing Elder Blackstone and the other experts.

[You could have imagined that after both Emperor Qin and Elder Blackstone became Sagekings, Emperor Qin could easily defeat Elder Blackstone and recruit all the Sages in the Ancient World.

[Using the Ancient World as a fulcrum, he began his great undertaking of becoming the emperor and conquering the world…

[But, you would never have imagined that an emperor that cultivated the Human Dao would be able to stir up such a huge wave.

An unknown Supreme expert had directly crossed countless planes and arrived by Emperor Qins side.

[And, when he first arrived, he had cast a glance at you, who was hiding in the Human Dao and spying on Emperor Qin…

[Fortunately, the simulator had been upgraded.

Otherwise, just a glance from that expert could erase your past, present, and future.

[Since you had already schemed against the human world, as a human Supreme being, he would not let you off.

[However, even if the simulator had been upgraded, the other party still gave you a scare when he took a closer look.

You were especially afraid that the other party would discover Emperor Qin was not the true master of the Human Dao.

[You immediately withdrew from the Human Dao and turned Emperor Qins human rights to the maximum.

As long as you were not around and did not give the order, Emperor Qin would be the rightful master of the Human Dao, and no one would find out about it.

“Will he definitely become a Supreme being Interesting…” you muttered and slowly closed your eyes.

[When the Human Dao suddenly grew stronger, your cultivation also experienced a crazy increase.]

[On the 193rd day, Emperor Qins Sageking Heavenly Tribulation was successfully passed and began to slowly dissipate.

During this period, Li Zhi just stood there, quietly waiting for Emperor Qins tribulation to end.

[Emperor Qin had long discovered this powerful existence, but he had been focusing on refining his Imperial Jade Seal, so he did not pay any attention to him.

[Now that the tribulation had ended, Emperor Qin was also a proud and aloof person.

After discovering that his opponent was powerful, he took the initiative to step forward and ask, “I wonder what Senior is trying to do.

Why have you been watching this junior transcend the tribulation”

[After becoming a Sageking, Emperor Qin finally realized how insignificant he was.

It turned out that the Sageking realm was merely the lowest starting point in the universe, especially when he read the four emails before him.

[To be honest, as an emperor, he did not want to join any of the three major forces of the human race.

[Li Zhi laughed and said, “Hahaha, you dont have to call me Senior.

You and I can just call each other brothers.

Since you are cultivating the Human Dao, you will eventually become a Supreme being…”

[Looking at the dumbfounded Emperor Qin, Li Zhi told him everything he knew about the Human Dao.

[The more Emperor Qin heard, the more shocked he became.

How did he end up joining such a powerful organization There were 36 Supreme experts above him.

“Hmm, you can call me 3rd Brother from now on.

Youre the youngest now, so Ill call you… 37th brother.”

[Emperor Qin exploded on the spot.

‘Damn it!

[Even with his temperament, he was still feeling dizzy.

Just like that, he had 36 sworn brothers, and each of them was a Supreme being.

[How should he cultivate with 36 sworn brothers in the future

‘Ah, whatever!

[Before Emperor Qin could get excited, he thought of a fundamental problem.

He was not the master of the Human Dao but that stranger who had casually injected it into his body.

[Even though Emperor Qin had already entered the Sageking realm, he could not figure out what kind of profound cultivation base that person had at that time and why he had injected the Human Dao into his body.

[However, Emperor Qin and the Human Dao were really very compatible.

If not for you, the future Emperor Qin would have a chance of becoming a Supreme being.

However, it might be a long time later.

[After calming himself down, Emperor Qin asked Li Zhi with a little embarrassment, “3rd Brother, do I need to join the three major forces of the human race”

[Emperor Qin only had a rough idea of what was happening in the universe and did not know what to do at all.

Naturally, he would have to ask for some advice.

[When Li Zhi heard Emperor Qins question, he immediately burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, 37th Brother, you are not the kind of new Sageking who needs to improve step by step.

With so many of your brothers here, we will not let you suffer any losses.

“Ill send a message to everyone and gather in the Ancient Burial galaxy.

Recently, the Ghost race has been very rampant, and it just so happens its time to deal with them.

Well snatch a galaxy for you in the blink of an eye and make it your home.”

[Li Zhi spoke very casually.

However, both Emperor Qin and all the experts of the Silver Bull galaxy who were watching from the surroundings were shocked and had their mouths wide open.

[What was going on 36 Supreme beings of the human race were going to the Ghost races domain to seize a galaxy and become the home of this new Sageking

[Not to mention any galaxy, all of them were guarded by Supreme beings.

Just the fact that 36 Supreme beings of the human race were planning to attack the Ghost race was already a major event that could break the heavens.]


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