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[Although the Demon Sages were very powerful and had many people, they were unable to resist after the Qin dynastys experts joined in.

In the end, the Human Sages killed them.

[Even the Demon Sage with the artifact died tragically at the hands of Elder Blackstone.

Elder Blackstone also obtained that Sageking artifact.

[The great war between humans and demons that had lasted for hundreds of years in the Ancient World finally came to an end.

[Before the Sages of the Ancient World could bask in their happiness, the Qin dynastys army had already pointed their weapons at them.

[Elder Blackstones expression was quite unsightly as he coldly said to Wang Jian and the others, “You juniors who have just entered the Sage rank dont have the guts to invade our Ancient World.

Tell the people behind you to come out.”

[The other four Sages of the Ancient World had solemn expressions.

When they were slaughtering the Demon Sages just now, they had more or less suffered a counterattack, and now, their injuries were quite serious.

[If some powerful Sages really wanted to attack them, it would be a very big problem.

[Emperor Qins figure slowly descended from the sky.

[With every step he took, a shocking wave of energy would spread out.

After taking nine steps, Emperor Qins cultivation base had already reached the 9th Layer of the Sage rank.

[Behind him, a long golden dragon transformed from the Human Dao was wheeling and dancing, emanating great power.

“W-What Great Dao is this…”

[After the golden dragon flew out from the Human Dao, Elder Blackstone and the natives of the Ancient World, as well as Wang Jian and the other experts who had been forcibly promoted to the Sage rank, all felt a mighty pressure.

[The pressure from the Human Dao made Elder Blackstone feel an innate feeling of being unable to resist.

In fact, under the immense power of Emperor Qin, he even had the thought of submitting to Emperor Qin.

[Emperor Qin took the tenth step and came before Elder Blackstone.

As he took that step, his realm instantly broke through from the 9th Layer of the Sage rank to the Sageking realm.

[In an instant, the sky turned dark, and endless thunderbolts appeared in the void.

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[A fiery light appeared in Elder Blackstones eyes because he found a way to break through the bottleneck that had been holding him back his whole life, thanks to Emperor Qins breakthrough.

[The power of the Sageking Heavenly Tribulation in the sky grew stronger again.

[Emperor Qin looked at Elder Blackstone with a smile and said casually, “Well talk about this after the tribulation.”

[After saying that, Emperor Qin flew straight into the void.

Elder Blackstones eyes were blinking as well.

He could sense the aura of a human emperor from Emperor Qin.

I[t was as if he was born to be superior and wanted everyone to submit to him.

[However, Elder Blackstone was not someone who could submit so easily.

He had found how to break through, so he sneered, turned around, and flew into the void as well.

[The two Sagekings transcended their tribulations at the same time, and their power instantly attracted the attention of many experts in the Silver Bull galaxy.

[One of them, in particular, had actually comprehended the rare Human Dao.

In an instant, many experts stepped out, wanting to witness this future Supreme being.

[The Human Dao was considered a miraculously powerful force in the entire human race.

Among the 108 Supreme beings, there were a total of 36 who cultivated the Human Dao, which was different from the other great Daos.

[The Human Dao was special because only humans could cultivate it, and the 36 Supreme beings could combine their strength.

[This was also one of the trump cards of the human race.

With the combined efforts of the 36 Supreme beings, they could bestow their power to one person, giving them the strength to suppress ordinary Heavenly Venerates.

[But now, a new Human Dao was born, which indicated that as long as the chosen one did not die, he would certainly reach the Supreme realm in the future.

[Moreover, with the addition of this Human Dao, their combined power would increase.

[It could be said that after Emperor Qins power broke out, his future development was set in stone.

This kind of matter, which concerned the foundation of the human race, could not be neglected at all.

[As expected, a powerful aura penetrated through the territory of the human race and arrived at the Silver Bull galaxy from a faraway place.

[In the Silver Bull galaxy, a similarly powerful aura rose up.

However, after sensing who it was, it quickly disappeared.

[Supreme Silver Bull suddenly opened his eyes and glanced at the boundless universe.

He could not help but let out a sigh.

“As expected, these guys have always emphasized not to form small groups.

I think they are the ones who are the best at forming small groups.

A seed has only just appeared, and even he has come personally…”

[After he finished speaking, a trace of deep fear flashed through Supreme Silver Bulls eyes.

[Although, on the surface, there were 108 Supreme humans who had always been peaceful and helped each other, humans all had selfish motives, especially after getting incomparably powerful.

[For resources, for their juniors, and for all sorts of benefits, how could they not be secretly scheming against each other

[The 36 Supreme beings who were naturally able to fuse with the Human Dao were the representatives of various interest groups in the human race.

Every day, they shouted that they would unite the human race, watch over the human race, and reject all small groups.

[In fact, they were the largest group in the human race.

[With the combined efforts of the 36 Supreme beings, the strongest of them could become a Heavenly Venerate.

With such a powerful trump card, their group would have the ability to challenge the three Heavenly Venerates of the human race.

[And today, the Human Dao, which hadnt given birth to an expert for hundreds of millions of years, had resurfaced.

This would undoubtedly make the group even stronger.

“Aye, I wonder if its a blessing or a curse…”

[Supreme Silver Bull sighed and closed his eyes again, no longer paying attention to such things.

[Although the seed of the Human Dao was born in his Silver Bull galaxy, he had not discovered it at the first moment.

It was too late to kill or seal it.

[Under such circumstances, he could only let Emperor Qin do whatever he wanted.

[Outside the Ancient World…

[Emperor Qin was tempering his body in the Sageking Heavenly Tribulation.

A jade seal was absorbing the bolts of lightning that filled the void, transferring the power of heaven into the jade seal.

[Yes, Emperor Qin was not transcending the tribulation at all but was refining his Imperial Jade Seal.

After being strengthened many times, the Qin dynastys Imperial Jade Seal was acknowledged by the Human Dao.

From that moment on, this Imperial Jade Seal symbolized the Human Dao of Emperor Qin.

[And outside the tribulation, a figure clad in a golden dragon robe was looking at Emperor Qin, who was tempering his treasure in the middle of the tribulation with a face full of admiration.

“Not bad, not bad.

Ive finally waited for the birth of an emperor of the Human Dao.

Be it his character, his bones, or his fate, they can all be said to be perfect.

But, why does this new Human Dao give me a feeling of crisis”


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