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“Whether its the little lolis Physical Dao, Bai Qis Dao of Slaughter, or Emperor Qins Human Dao…

“Oh, right!

“Emperor Qin, that fella has been in the Ancient World for so long, yet theres no sign of him at all.”

[When you were analyzing the manager of the Human Dao, you suddenly thought of Emperor Qin.

There was no reason that both Bai Qi and Kong Xinyue had become Sages, while Emperor Qin, who had the Human Emperor talent and had brought all his subordinates, had shown no movement at all.

[You hurriedly summoned the Human Dao and finally understood after examining it for a while.

[At the Ancient World…

[The great battle between humans and demons had broken out.

Loud explosions kept coming out from the battlefield, and many Sages were engaged in a great battle in the void.

[Although there were only five Sages on the side of the Ancient World, Elder Blackstones overall strength was noteworthy.

Relying on his 9th Layer Sage cultivation, he was able to fight against three Demon Sages by himself and was still in a good state.

[On the other hand, the demon side had the advantage in terms of numbers.

However, the few Demon Sages were not happy about it.

That was especially the case for the one that had an ancient Demon Sageking artifact.

He could not hide it, so the situation was not good.

[On a high mountain in the distance…

[Groups of soldiers were stealthily hiding there.

A great formation covered the entire high mountain, and not a single trace of aura was leaked out.

[Emperor Qin was looking at the great battle not far ahead with a cold face from the mountaintop.

[It had been more than half a year since they came to this strange world.

With the Qin dynastys methods, they naturally gathered all the information about their surroundings.

[Moreover, the Spiritual Qi in the Ancient World was very abundant.

All the civil officials and generals who came here had regained their former strength.

Under the blessing of Emperor Qins Human Emperor talent, many of them had broken through and become third-step experts.

[Li Si couldnt help but say excitedly beside Emperor Qin, “Your Majesty, all the formations have been prepared.

During this time, we have racked our brains to bring all the humans in this world into our Qin kingdom.

This day is finally coming…”

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[The demon army was currently fighting with the human army on the battlefield, while the Sages were fighting in the void, yet no one knew there was a force that had been hiding in the dark all this time and was now quietly ruling over the entire Ancient World.

[It was not that the human race in the Ancient World was so easy to subdue.

The main reason was that the Human Emperor talent was too monstrous.

As long as one was a human, he would feel innately close to Emperor Qin.

[In addition to that, the people who came were all the elites of the Qin dynasty.

They were the cream of the crop and were very powerful in terms of strategy and martial strength.

[As such, as soon as they landed in the Ancient World, Li Si and Zhao Gao, along with dozens of civil officials, came up with this plan.

[They would devour the entire human race in the Ancient World, and when the final battle erupted, they would destroy the demons with lightning speed.

[At that time, it would be fine if the remaining humans surrendered.

But if they wanted to resist, they would be killed, regardless of whether they were Sages or experts of other statuses.

[Emperor Qin slowly raised his arm, and a long golden dragon slowly swam across his body.

Although his aura betrayed he was a 3rd Layer Sage, the humans of this world were connected to him.

He could take away the power of everyone with a single thought.

“Alright, lets kill the demons today and unify the Ancient World…”

[When Emperor Qin gave the order, one formation after another was activated.

[A beam of light shot up into the sky and enveloped the entire battlefield as if a god was about to descend into the world.]

“Not good, theres an ambush…”

“Retreat! When did the human race have so many experts!”

“Damn it! We cant retreat anymore…”

[When the few Demon Sages suddenly sensed several Human Sages flying over, they knew that the situation was not good, so they all chose to retreat.

[However, when they wanted to destroy the light pillar and break out of the encirclement, they were surprised to find that the entire space had been sealed.

The light pillar was indestructible.

Even if everyone used their full strength, they wouldnt be able to shake it in the slightest.

[Emperor Qin smiled coldly from afar.

This grand formation was set up using the Human Dao.

As long as there was no way to break the Human Dao, the grand formation wouldnt break.]

“How can this be”

“Who are they”

“Although they cultivate the physical body technique, they dont want to be like us ancient worlds people…”

[On the human side, the panic caused wasnt any worse than the demon races.

Although the experts that suddenly appeared were all humans, those people were clearly not experts from this world.

They had never interacted or sensed the new Human Sages.

[On the side of Emperor Qin…

[Emperor Qin had not made a move yet.

He was still watching from afar.

[As for those Human Sages, they had naturally been forcefully raised by the effects of the Human Emperor talent.

(Human Emperor (Colorful Talent): All your basic attributes increase by 1,500.

You are a natural-born Human Emperor.

The stronger the human forces under you are, the stronger your cultivation will be.

Each battle will allow your subordinates strength to increase by a large realm in a short period, instantly restoring the power of all their subordinates.

All their strength can be gathered in your body.

After each battle, all the members of your forces will increase to different degrees, the highest being a small realm.)

[After so many days of development, four of Emperor Qins subordinates had reached the third step.

No matter how long their great Dao was, under the effect of the Human Emperor talent, all of them had risen by a great realm and had become powerful Sages.

[Although all of them were 1st Layer Sages and only had the power of a great Dao that was 1,000,000 meters long, they could deal a devastating blow to the unprepared demons.

[At that moment, a glint flashed past the eyes of Elder Blackstone, who was fighting against three Demon Sages by himself.

Regardless of whether they were enemies or friends, they were at least of the same kind as the human race.

[Even if there was a great battle, in the end, the tens of thousands of humans in the Ancient World could still survive, and it was probably impossible for the four foreign 1st Layer Sages to fight against the Ancient World.

[After all, it was no exaggeration to say that Elder Blackstone could fight 10 1st Layer Sages.

“Everyone, attack with all your strength and kill the demons!”

Thinking of this, Elder Blackstone directly shouted and launched a general attack on the Demon Sage in front of him.

[This was a heaven-bestowed opportunity.

If he didnt kill the demons that had been trying to conquer the Ancient World for so many years now, he should cripple himself.

[Following Elder Blackstones words, the Sages of the Ancient World didnt hesitate anymore.

They all used their strongest attacks against the Demon Sages.

[The demons could only defend because they were retreating.

Their eyes were bloodshot, and they were ready to go all out.

A great battle was about to break out.]


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