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Spaceship Name: Santiago

Class: Star

Combat: Sage Emperor/5th Order

Introduction: A Star-class spaceship built by the Giant race of the universe.

Among the Star-class spaceships, it could be said to be the pinnacle.

The original plan was to build an Emperor-class spaceship, but a mistake occurred, and it turned into a Star-class one.

It had the potential to improve, and its strength was shocking.

[This spaceship was the top Star-class spaceship that you spent 5,000,000 Yuan to buy.

[Its strength was comparable to a 5th Order Sage Emperor.

It had its own defense system.

Even a high-level Sage Emperor would need to attack for at least a few days to break the defense.

[It was simply a necessary product in space travel, a sharp weapon to kill people and steal goods.

[Under the envious gazes of countless people, you brought the Earth Goddess into the Santiago.

[As your personal navigator, Kuang Dongzhe had long been on the ship, familiarizing himself with the parts of the ship.

[It could be said that Kuang Dongzhe had never thought he would be able to navigate such a luxurious Star-class ship one day.

[Under your command, the Santiago slowly rose from the docking area.

Under the watchful eyes of countless people, its speed suddenly exploded, flying into the depths of the universe.]

[On the 183rd day, you didnt immediately leave the territory of the human domain.

After all, your safety was guaranteed as long as youre in the human race.

Once you leave the human races territory, there would still be some danger.

[On the spaceship, the Earth Goddess was fiddling with a few pieces of equipment with an excited expression.

[Because the price of the Medicinal Spark had exceeded your expectations, it had caused you to have more than 1,000,000 Yuan in your hands.

You shouldnt be stingy when treating your own people.

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[Just like that, Kuang Dongzhe and the Earth Goddess were equipped with Sage Monarch weapons from head to toe.

It could be said that although the Earth Goddess was only a 3rd Firmament Sageking, it wouldnt be a problem for her to deal with a low-level Sage Monarch with the support of Sage Monarch weapons.

[Kuang Dongzhe was even more ruthless.

He was already a 9th Firmament Sageking.

After the previous incident, he was on the verge of breaking through.

After seeing the Star-class spaceship, Kuang Dongzhe successfully broke through to the 1st Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm.

Even a 6th Chasm Sage Monarch would not be his match with Sage Monarch equipment.

[You did not buy Sage Monarch weapons.

After all, you had always thought that your strength was not bad and did not need these external forces.

[Therefore, you spent the last 900,000 Yuan and bought a Sage Emperor armor.

Equipment: Black Yellow Sage Armor

Level: Sage Emperor

Effect: Increases all attributes by 500%.

It comes with a Sage Emperor protective skill, the Black Yellow Sage Shield.

It can defend against all attacks below the 5th Order of the Sage Emperor Realm.

Cooldown: 30 minutes

[Looking at the armor that was emitting a faint yellow light, you felt helpless.

Ever since you wore this armor, you didnt even put a Sage Emperor in your eyes anymore.

[Kuang Dongzhe suggested excitedly to you, “Boss, lets go to the Orcs.

Although the Orcs are a first-rate race in the universe, there has been constant internal strife.

They are the active paradise of cosmic pirates.

Many cosmic pirates started from the Orcs.


[Since you had a ship, the basic goal of the cosmic pirates had been achieved, and the next step was to choose a location.

[After all, as a human, you could not rob in human territory.

Not to mention the problem of civilization, there was the existence of the Virtualverse.

[You did not look too excited.

Even though the Orcs were not bad, especially among the slaves in the trading hall, most of them were Orcs.

[Bunny girls, cat girls, and fox princesses…

[However, you werent such a shallow person.

[You were someone who wanted to become one of the pirate kings, so how could your emotions be affected by such mundane matters

“Dont look for such a first-rate race.

Look for weak first-rate races with no Supreme beings,” you ordered Kuang Dongzhe.

[Kuang Dongzhe wasnt angry that his suggestion wasnt accepted.

He hurriedly followed your instructions and began to search the star map.

[Super first-rate races meant that there were Heavenly Venerates in charge.

For example, the human race, the Ghost race, the Automaton race, and the Demihuman race were giants in the universe, occupying a huge galaxy with countless subordinates.

[The first-rate races were relatively weaker.

Many of them relied on large races to barely survive.

[First-rate races had Supreme beings in charge.

Of course, those who relied on super first-rate large races were considered first-rate races even if they didnt have Supreme beings.

[Your standard was those races that relied on large races and didnt have Supreme beings.

After all, your One Piece Pirate King talent needed to be recognized by a first-rate race in the universe before it could be considered effective.

[Kuang Dongzhe looked for a long time on the star map, and then his eyes lit up.

“Boss, I found a race.

Its close to us, but…”

[Speaking of this, Kuang Dongzhe wanted to say something but hesitated.

“What race” you asked with a frown.

“Its the Netherhound race.

According to the information, its a first-rate race.

The last Supreme being died in the great war, and no Supreme beings have been born yet.

However, they have the Ghost race backing them.

If anything happens, we might be surrounded by the Ghost race.


[Kuang Dongzhe was very conscientious.

[The Netherhound race was not weak in the past.

Not only did they have a Supreme being, but they also had the backing of the super first-rate, Ghost race.

Therefore, even without a Supreme being, there were still no cosmic pirates who dared to provoke them..

[However, you did not care about this point.

It was a vassal of the Ghost race, and it would take time for the Ghost race to intervene.

[Once you were recognized as One Piece Pirate King by the Netherhound race, you would directly cross a major realm.

With your current 3rd Chasm Sage Monarch cultivation, you would directly become a 3rd Order Sage Emperor.

[When that time came, the universe would be so big that you could go there.

You didnt need to care about this at all.

“Alright, Ive decided to go to this Netherhound race!”

[If you directly made the decision, Kuang Dongzhe naturally wouldnt have any doubts.

Now, he was determined to follow your arrangements.

[Just like that, the Santiago changed its direction and headed toward the outer region of the human races star field.

[You didnt stay idle in the spaceship.

Now that you were stronger, you naturally cared more about the few great Dao managers you had chosen.

[Forget about the magic trio—they were destined to be the MCs.

You didnt need to worry about them, but the others were different.]


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