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[This 2nd Chasm Sage Monarch from the Universal Pirates didnt seem to want to fight with you.

[You looked around, and after confirming that there were no onlookers around and that there were no reinforcements behind you, you replied faintly, “Although I really want to ask you guys how to become a qualified cosmic pirate, Im in a hurry right now, so Ill send you guys off first.”

[With that, three flames appeared out of thin air, and a sea of fire instantly appeared in front of your eyes.]

[On the 177th day, your spaceship successfully returned to the Skywater galaxy, the human galaxy closest to the Wasteland.

[You could successfully log into the Virtualverse.

You first sent a message to the Earth Goddess, telling her to come to Skywater planet as soon as possible.

You also sent a Spark by express delivery to the Earth Goddess to ensure her safety on this trip.

[In the Virtualverse, you checked your accounts balance.

You were no longer that poor, penniless kid.

You sold all your goods in the trading hall and obtained a total of more than 40,000 Yuan.

[Although it didnt seem like a lot, if you converted your wealth into Grade 2 life stars, you could buy 20,000 of them.

You could even buy 2,000 Grade 3 life stars, like the one Confucius and the others had found.

[Furthermore, you still had three Grade-2 life stars, a Grade 6 life star, and a Star-1 spaceship.

The value of each of these items was precious in the eyes of the Sage Monarch.

[After much consideration, you decided to sell all the life stars and the spaceship.

[It wasnt that these items werent helpful to your strength, but that you wanted to exchange for a stronger Star-class spaceship with a killing weapon.

[A Star-1 spaceship was worth 100,000 Yuan, while a Star-2 spaceship was worth 300,000 Yuan.

[Their functions were similar, except that a Star-2 spaceship flew at a faster speed.

[And the Star-class spaceships above were not that simple.

[The cheapest Star-3 spaceship cost at least 1,000,000 Yuan.

Not only was its speed incomparable to a Star-2 spaceship, but its strongest point was its high-powered interstellar cannon.

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[The weaker ones were comparable to the full-force attack of a 9th Chasm Sage Monarch, while the stronger ones were able to unleash the power of a Sage Emperor.

[Furthermore, the defense of such spaceships was shocking.

As long as it was not a high-level Sage Emperor, it would be difficult to destroy such a spaceship with continuous attacks.

[First, you searched for Star-3 and above spaceships in the trading hall.

[You found that the prices were usually between 600,000 and 800,000 Yuan.

This was very normal.

After all, the original price was only 1,000,000 Yuan.

The trading hall sold second-hand items, and there had to be a discount.

[Since you were a member of the Virtualverse, you could directly trade with the platform.

Simply put, it was your item.

The Virtualverse would directly recycle it and then sell it in its own way.

[Of course, the price would definitely be lower than in the trading hall, so you didnt have any objections to this.

[After all, it was very convenient.

Who knew how long it would take to successfully sell something if you were to hang around

[You sold the Star-1 spaceship to the Virtualverse at a low price of 50,000 Yuan.

After that, there were a few important events.

[The Virtualverses trading hall could sell all the goods from the universes 10,000 races.

Not only were there all kinds of equipment but even slaves of other races could also be bought directly from it.

[You first searched for life stars.

[A large row of life stars names and grades appeared in front of you.

Most of them were Grade 3 and Grade 4, which were also the main life stars in circulation.

[You adjusted the settings to Grade 6 life stars, and the originally densely packed pages suddenly decreased by quite a bit.

[Even though there were fewer ownerless Grade 6 life stars, there were still quite a few in the vast universes human race.

There were about tens of thousands of pages, each priced at around 100,000 to 200,000.

[Normally, a Grade 6 life star was priced at 100,000 Yuan, but because such stars were scarce, the market price was usually higher than the recovery price.

[However, there was one point, your Crimson Flame star couldnt be compared to other peoples planets.

Other Peoples Grade 6 life stars had living beings on them.

[And your Crimson Flame star didnt have any living beings on it.

[After thinking for a moment, you put up the price of 110,000 Yuan on your Crimson Flame star.

[After only a few seconds, you received an email saying that you had successfully received 107,800 Yuan.

There was a 2% handling fee for selling the goods in the trading hall.

[If you sold all of them, you would successfully have 200,000 Yuan in your hands.

[Next was the final highlight, Spark.

[As a Sage Emperor-level treasure, the price of a Spark could be said to be sky high.

[Even a Sage Emperor wouldnt be able to buy a Spark even if they had all of their assets.

[There were dozens of Sparks in the trading hall, and each Spark was worth at least 1,200,000 Yuan.

[This price was a little higher than ones expectations.

According to the information you had gathered, each Spark was worth hundreds of thousands of Yuan.

[However, considering how rare Sparks were and how useful they were to Sage Emperors, it was understandable that this price was a little higher.

[You had mailed the Purple Spirit Spark to the Earth Goddess.

At this moment, you only had the Glazed and Medicinal Sparks.

[The Glazed Spark was a common defensive Spark with no special effects.

You directly sold it for 1,400,000 Yuan.

[On the other hand, you didnt know how to price the Medicinal Spark.

Its attributes were mainly for refining pills and making medicine.

You searched around the trading hall but did not find a single Spark that had the attributes of refining medicine.

[Helpless, you could only try your best to raise the price too high and put it up at the price of 5,000,000 Yuan.

[However, when an email instantly appeared in front of you, you knew you were shortsighted.

You handed a true treasure for almost nothing!

[On the 184th day, the Earth Goddess successfully teleported from Mercury to Skywater planet.

There were no accidents during this period as she was a 3rd Firmament Sageking.

[You didnt plan to sell the Purple Spirit Spark and left it with her.

[You brought the Earth Goddess to the docking area of a spaceship.

[Many people were watching a huge object from afar.

[Although Star-class spaceships were not very rare on Skywater planet, even Cosmic-class spaceships could be seen occasionally, this Star-class spaceship in front of them was very different from other Star-class spaceships.

[It was too big! It was more than ten times larger than an ordinary Star-class spaceship.]


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