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[An explosion sounded.

It turned out that Kuang Dongzhe, who was controlling the Six Devil Banner, had summoned 6 8th Firmament Devil Sagekings.

In addition, his own strength wasnt bad.

Under the siege, he had successfully killed Lin Fan.

[You could see that Lin Fans final self-explosion had destroyed Kuang Dongzhes Six Devil Banner.

He himself had suffered quite a lot of injuries, and half of his body had been destroyed.

[He had been seriously injured but hadnt died yet.

[You thought about it and felt that this person was rather interesting.

He was especially knowledgeable and had been to many places of interest.

[He had even been to the territories of the myriad races in the universe.

[Since you wanted to establish a pirate crew, you were lacking members.

[Thus, you directly used a wave of energy to help Kuang Dongzhe recover from his injuries.

[Kuang Dongzhe looked at you gratefully and then closed his eyes to recuperate.

His heart finally relaxed.

He had already considered the outcome of being brutally killed by you.

[After all, no one would trust others to know about such a huge amount of wealth.

[However, you helping him recover from his injuries allowed Kuang Dongzhe to feel gratitude.]

[On the 155th day, in the Wasteland, a Star-class spaceship was rapidly flying towards the human star field.

[Naturally, you and Kuang Dongzhe were in the spaceship.

[Kuang Dongzhe was already a crew member under you.

After he recovered from his injuries, he came directly to your side and swore to be loyal to you.

[You knew that this fellow was a smart person.

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[You also boldly told him your thoughts of becoming a cosmic pirate.

[Originally, you thought that Kuang Dongzhe would show a trace of fear or timidity.

After all, cosmic pirates were the enemies of the 10,000 races in the universe.

[However, you saw a trace of excitement in Kuang Dongzhes eyes.

Kuang Dongzhe then opened his storage space and took out many tools.

[Universe Astrolabe, Universe Star Map, Cosmic Pirate For Dummies: How to Become a Cosmic Pirate, The 10 Great Treasure Troves in the Universe…


[Looking at the various props and books in front of you, you finally knew that this guy was probably a seasoned cosmic pirate.

[After signing a contract with Kuang Dongzhe, you officially accepted his loyalty.

[At present, Kuang Dongzhe was piloting the Star-class spaceship while you were tidying up the spoils of war from this trip.

[Looking at the various precious treasures in front of you, you couldnt help but sigh.

Sure enough, murder and arson were the best way to accumulate wealth.


[After plundering for a while, you went from a poor Saintking to an existence that was even richer than an ordinary Sage Emperor.

[Lets talk about the biggest harvest first, the Gradel 6 Crimson Flame star.

You had already stored this planet in a storage ring that was specially designed for storing planets.

[This kind of thing was very expensive.

Ordinary storage items couldnt hold life stars at all.

They all needed to be specially made.

[A storage ring that could hold a Grade 6 life star was worth at least 3,000 Yuan.

[These were the spoils of war that you had obtained from Lin Fan.

[Then, there were the three Sage Emperor Sparks.

Each of them was worth at least hundreds of thousands of Yuan.

[Other than the Purple Spirit Spark, the other two were the Glazed Spark and the Medicinal Spark.

[One was a Spark used to protect oneself, while the other was a Spark used to refine medicinal pills.

[Both of them were invaluable.

[Other than these, there was the wealth of the three members of the Universal Pirates as well as the items that Lin Fan had on him.

[All of them added together, they could be sold for about 2,000 Yuan.

[In summary, during this mission, you had only planned to earn 1,000 Yuan.

In reality, you had obtained a prop that was worth millions of Yuan and the Star-class spaceship beneath your feet.

[After keeping all the spoils of war, you started to think about how to deal with these things.

[Should you digest them all, increase your strength, or sell them all in exchange for the things you need more]

[On the 165th day, you flew for another 10 days, during which you encountered a few big battles.

Because of your caution, you quietly avoided them.”

[Just as you were about to enter the human races star field, a Star-class spaceship headed straight toward you.

[Kuang Dongzhe reported to you, “Boss, that spaceship seems to be interested in us.

I hid a few times, but they keep intercepting us.

It seems like they want to stop us.”

[You woke up from your cultivation.

You spent a long time stabilizing your 2nd Chasm Sage Monarch cultivation.

[When you discovered the Star-class spaceship Kuang Dongzhe mentioned, you couldnt help but frown.

[The other party had been flying in front of you the whole time.

It was obvious that they had some thoughts.

“Can we get rid of them” You asked Kuang Dongzhe.

[After all, you didnt know how powerful the other party was.

Although you were a 2nd Chasm Sage Monarch, even a Sage Emperor might not be absolutely safe in the Wasteland.

“Im afraid that wont do.

The other spaceship is of a higher class than ours.

Theirs is a Star-2 spaceship, while ours is only a Star-1 one,” Kuang Dongzhe said anxiously.

[Since they encountered such a thing in the Wasteland, it would develop into a big problem.

[After you heard it, you did not say anything.

It was just a simulation.

You were not afraid of death.

It did not matter even if all the goods were lost.

Hence, you said to Kuang Dongzhe, “Stop the ship.

Well wait for them and see what they want.”

[Kuang Dongzhe saw that you didnt panic, so he had some confidence.

He immediately stopped the ship.

[Half an hour later, the Star-2 spaceship successfully arrived near you.

The cabin door opened, and a few warriors flew over.

[You used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes to scan them, and a trace of a smile appeared on your face.

[Then, you opened the cabin door and flew up.

[The person in the lead said unhappily, “Hmm Didnt you say that there were only two Sagekings and that there might be big gains Why is there a Sage Monarch”

[He had thought that it would be a piece of cake.

With his 2nd Chasm Sage Monarch strength, it wouldnt be difficult for him to deal with a few 9th Firmament Sagekings.

[But now, with an existence on the same level as him, this deal wasnt very profitable.

[Kuang Dongzhe looked at that persons appearance and the symbol on his body and couldnt help but exclaim, “You guys are from the Universal Pirates”

[On the other hand, you didnt think that the three members of the Universal Pirates would send a message back in advance, which led to such an ambush.

[Fortunately, the other side also thought that the goods werent valuable.

There was only one 2nd Chasm Sage Monarch and more than 10 Sagekings.

“Those three unlucky fellows should have been killed by you, right I dont want to make a move.

Hand over half of your harvest, and Ill let you go.”


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