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“How could it be a Spark!” exclaimed Kuang Dongzhe.

[Then, he waved the Six Devil Banner again and threw the purple flame away.

[The purple flame returned to the top of Sage Emperor Crimson Flames head and didnt attack again.

[You were originally still attacking Lin Fan.

Although Lin Fans battle prowess was impressive, he was still a lot weaker than you.

[When you saw the purple flames flying toward you, you didnt feel any danger and didnt pay too much attention to it.

However, even you were shocked when you heard Kuang Dongzhe say the wordSpark.

You hurriedly gave up on Lin Fan and went all out to deal with the incoming purple flame.

[Spark was a kind of flame that could only be formed when a Grade 6 and above life star was destroyed.

Moreover, it could only be formed naturally.

[There was once a Supreme being who destroyed over 1,000 Grade 6 life stars just to create a Spark, but he didnt succeed.

[Therefore, each Spark was incomparably precious, and each had its own unique abilities.

[Crimson Flame was a 9th Order Sage Emperor in the past, and he had a lot more than just this Grade 6 Crimson Flame star.

All of his remaining savings had been used up to buy three Sparks.

[You continuously dodged, but the purple flame followed you.

You used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes on the purple flame.

Item: Purple Spirit Spark

Grade: Sage Emperor

Description: When the Purple Spirit star was destroyed, it formed a precious Spark that is extremely destructive to soul-type creatures.

If one touches it, they will die, and the soul of the creature will be erased.

[When facing the extremely powerful Spark, even you felt a sense of danger.

[You thought about all your methods and realized that there was actually no way to block this move.

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[Helpless, you could only use your last method to break through and enter the Sage Monarch realm.

The power of the three great Daos you had been suppressing all this time instantly fused into your body, and your realm instantly entered the 1st Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm.

[In an instant, heaven and earth changed.

An incomparably terrifying aura was released from your body.

[Waves of terrifying dao patterns appeared, followed by your eight great Daos.

Each one of them was emitting colorful light.

They were incomparably majestic and filled with the might of the Heavenly Dao.

[The purple flames sensed that something was amiss.

Just as they wanted to escape, they were swallowed by one of the great Daos and fused into it.

[It was your Devouring Dao.]

[Your sudden breakthrough shocked everyone.

The three people from the Universal Pirates had all died, and Lin Fan had already returned to the back of Sage Emperor Crimson Flame.

“Youve long reached the Sage Monarch Realm, and youve been suppressing your cultivation”

[Sage Emperor Crimson Flame couldnt help but frown.

[Sagekings who could suppress their cultivation and not enter the Sage Monarch realm were considered top-notch monsters and extremely sinister.

[You had a smile on your face, but you were constantly thinking about how to kill everyone present in your heart.

[There was no other way.

Wealth could move peoples hearts.

A Grade 6 life star, three Sage Emperor-level Sparks, and a Star-class spaceship.

[How could such a huge amount of wealth be shared with others

Kuang Dongzhe intentionally or unintentionally moved closer to you and said, “Big Brother, lets work together to get rid of these two guys.

You get 70%, and I get 30% of everything.”

[Kuang Dongzhe could see that the situation was unfavorable.

It was already impossible for him to escape unscathed.

[You looked at Kuang Dongzhe indifferently and said, “90%…”

[When Kuang Dongzhe heard that, he didnt show any dissatisfaction.

On the contrary, there was a hint of excitement on his face as he replied directly, “Alright, its a deal.

90% then.”

[In his heart, he wasnt afraid of you bargaining.

He was just afraid that you wouldnt agree.

After all, he could only place his bets on you now.

“Go and kill that Lin Fan.

After you kill him, Ill give you your 10%.

If you cant kill him, you wont have to live anymore.”

[You looked at Kuang Dongzhe coldly.

Then, your figure disappeared.

You had already arrived beside Sage Emperor Crimson Flame when you reappeared.

[You threw a punch and finally understood the difference between a Sage Monarch and a Sageking.

[A Sageking was merely the master of a great Dao.

A Sage Monarch could fuse their great Dao into the laws of heaven and earth.

[During this process, the laws of heaven and earth would reward you according to the strength of the great Dao.

[And right now, the moment you broke through, you had eight powerful great Daos fused into the laws of heaven and earth.

[In exchange, you received terrifying battle prowess and the rewards of the laws—eight Sage Emperor-level divine abilities and battle techniques.

“Shattered Star Fist…”

[A punch could destroy stars.

Its creator was a Supreme being, and he had once relied on this punch to destroy half a galaxy.

[Although you received eight Sage Emperor-level divine abilities and battle techniques, you could only barely use this move with your current Sage Monarch strength.

[This was a killing move, and it was also your strongest attack.

Even Sage Emperor Crimson Flame did not expect to be defeated like this.

[Sage Emperor Crimson Flame hurriedly used the green flame to protect his body.

[That green flame was a Spark, which was mainly used for defense.

With his current 1st Chasm Sage Monarch strength, even a 5th Chasm Sage Monarch could not break this Sparks defense.

[However, Sage Emperor Crimson Flame had underestimated the power of this killing move.

[After using up all your power, the Sage Emperor battle technique created by a Supreme being wasnt something that could be easily blocked.

[The power of this attack was so great that even an ordinary 8th Chasm Sage Monarch would be heavily injured if they wanted to take it head-on.

[Furthermore, Sage Emperor Crimson Flame was 1sr Chasm Sage Monarch with a damaged soul.

[The protective shield of the green flames shattered under your punch.

Then, the fist that was filled with starlight directly pierced through Sage Emperor Crimson Flames head.

[You didnt give Sage Emperor Crimson Flame any chance to survive.

The instant you came into contact with him, the absorption ability of the Devouring Dao was activated to the maximum.

[An incomparably large amount of soul power was directly absorbed by you and entered your body.


[Sage Emperor Crimson Flame let out a pained roar.

However, he didnt say a single word before you completely absorbed his soul power.

[Your cultivation level rose, and you reached the 2nd Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm.

[After successfully killing Sage Emperor Crimson Flame, three flames appeared beside you.

They were the three Sage Emperor Sparks of Sage Emperor Crimson Flame.

[The Sparks had a spirit.

After they were free, they immediately scattered and ran in all directions.

[How could you let the treasures you obtained escape

[The Devouring Dao released an incomparable devouring power that turned into three ropes that trapped the three Sparks.

Then, it pulled them back.

[At that moment, the great battle in the distance successfully ended.

“I wont let you off!”


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