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[At present, with the support of many great Daos, you could easily become invincible among those of the same level.

You could even fight against those of a higher level.

[Even if you were to face Sage Emperor Crimson Flame, who was once at the 9th Order of the Sage Emperor realm, you wouldnt be afraid even if you were at the same level.

[Sage Emperor Crimson Flames soul was very weak.

Although Lin Fan had used this method to devour many peoples souls, his strength was still very limited.

He could only work together with Lin Fan to kill some Sagekings.

[The amount of strength that a Sageking could provide was still too little.

He still had a long way to go before he could recover his Sage Emperor cultivation.

[Sage Emperor Crimson Flame said to Lin Fan, “Fan, lets use the strength of these few people to help you break through to the Sage Monarch Realm.”

[The best way now was to raise Lin Fans cultivation to the Sage Monarch realm.

This way, the next target of his recruitment would be able to reach the Sage Monarch realm.

They could definitely kill a Sage Monarch and digest their energy with their strength.

[The energy provided by one Sage Monarch was much more powerful than the energy provided by dozens of Sagekings.

“Ill listen to Masters arrangements,” Lin Fan said to Sage Emperor Crimson Flame respectfully.

[He had relied on Sage Emperor Crimson Flame all the way to reach his current level.

Now that his master had a way to recover his power, he naturally had to give priority to his master.

[Once Sage Emperor Crimson Flame recovered to the 9th Order of the Sage Emperor realm, he would have a certain amount of influence on the entire human race.

Furthermore, Sage Emperor Crimson Flame was an old Sage Emperor from 100,000 years ago.

His techniques and divine abilities were not things that ordinary Sage Emperors could compare to.

[Seeing the two of them brazenly discussing how to deal with them, the few Sagekings who had been summoned were also furious.

[Even if the soul in front of them was a Sage Monarch, it was still in a soul form.

There wasnt even 1% of its strength left.

Now that it was like this, it was impossible to escape.

The only way was to join forces to kill Lin Fan and his master.

[They exchanged glances and instantly attacked together.

[You were still not in a hurry to reveal your cultivation and break through to the Sage Monarch Realm.

Instead, you unleashed a 9th Firmament Sageking attack and punched at Lin Fan.

[Although Kuang Dongzhe appeared simple-minded, he exploded with astonishing battle prowess at this critical moment.

An astrolabe filled with strange runes appeared in his hand.

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[The astrolabe spun rapidly, and the surrounding immense Spiritual Qi surged into the astrolabe.

[In the next moment, the astrolabe flashed, and a powerful ray of light shot directly at Sage Emperor Crimson Flame.

The strong light tore through space and carried a terrifying destructive aura.

[You were secretly shocked.

This attack was no longer an attack that a Sageking could unleash.

Even if it wasnt as powerful as a Sage Monarchs attack, it wasnt much weaker.

“As expected, although this person looks simple and doesnt have any schemes, he has traveled through so many famous galaxies.

His skills are definitely not ordinary.

That astrolabe is a Sage Monarch item.”

[The three members of the Universal Pirates also attacked together.

The three of them came from the same organization and had been working together for many years, so their fighting style was flawless.

[The only female cultivator, Yan Yuanyuan, was actually pursuing the Dao of Poison.

[A dark green great Dao rushed out of Yan Yuanyuans body.

Under her control, it turned into a poisonous sea and charged toward the Sage Emperor.

[The other two members attacked at the same time.

One used the Dao of Ice, and the other used the Physical Dao.

[The Dao of Ice instantly froze the area around the Sage Emperor.

Even the Sage Emperors soul body had traces of Ice crystals appearing, severely slowing down his speed.

[As for the Physical Dao cultivator, he absorbed the Physical Dao into his body and relied on his powerful physical body to fight in close combat.

[The three of them were extremely familiar with each other.

By relying on their coordinated attacks, they had killed countless 9th Firmament Sagekings.

[In reality, these coordinated attacks were powerful.

Even someone as powerful as you would probably be beaten into a sorry state if you met someone before you broke through to the Sage Monarch realm.

[However, now that their opponent was a Sage Monarch soul, everything naturally changed.

[Facing the many attacks that were coming at him, Sage Emperor Crimson Flame did not panic.

Instead, he smiled and said calmly, “Petty tricks.”

[After saying that, he raised his hand and waved it.

Balls of flames burned around him.

[There were three flames in total.

One was purple, one was green, and the last one was white.

[Each of the three flames had immense power.

The white flames flew directly toward the beam of light shot out from the astrolabe.

There was no shocking explosion.

Instead, it was very calm as it swallowed the beam of light.

[The green flame hovered over Sage Emperor Crimson Flames head, and the ice crystals on his body melted instantly.

His entire soul body was burning with green flames under the flames.

It was not really burning, however.

The green flame had formed a flame barrier that protected his entire body.

[The last purple flame carried destructive power.

It instantly turned into five wisps and attacked the five people present.

[The moment one wisp touched Yan Yuanyuans sea of poison, it instantly burned the entire sea of poison.

[Yan Yuanyuan let out a painful cry.

The burning sea of poison was the result of her Dao of Poison.

Now, a purple wisp was burning it, destroying her great Dao at every moment.

[Unfortunately, she had no way to extinguish the flames nor retrieve her Dao of Poison.

[The other two members of the Universal Pirates were even more miserable.

The moment the flames came into contact with the Physical Dao expert, his body was immediately set ablaze.

He struggled in all directions and swayed for a while before falling to the ground.

[The one pursuing the Dao of Ice was the same.

After dodging a few times, he still could not escape the fate of being hit by the flames.

In the end, he also fell to the ground.

[With just one move, Sage Emperor Crimson Flame instantly defeated three 9th Firmament Sagekings.

One could not help but sigh at Sage Emperor Crimson Flames strength.

[Kuang Dongzhe was also shocked.

His move just now was comparable to a peak 1st Chasm Sage Monarch attack, yet it was easily devoured.

[Looking at the two people who had reached the end in that instant and Yan Yuanyuan, who was about to give up, Kuang Dongzhe knew that the life and death crisis that he had not encountered for a long time had really arrived.

[Just as the purple wisp was about to hit Kuang Dongzhe, the latter took out another magical treasure.

It was a long banner that seemed to have been passed down for countless years.

It had many scars left from the battle at that time, and there was a big wordDevil written on top of the banner.

[Kuang Dongzhe injected his Spiritual Qi into the long banner.

In an instant, the banner flew and turned into a 1,000-feet-long black curtain, directly wrapping up the purple wisp.

[After feeling it for a while, Kuang Dongzhe discovered that even his Six Devil Banner was unable to successfully trap this purple wisp.

[That purple wisp was already burning the Devil character of the Six Devil Banner!]


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