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[You didnt choose to break through immediately.

Instead, you suppressed it.

You knew very well that in your current state, it would definitely cause a lot of trouble if you broke through and became a Sage Monarch.]

[On the 149th day, the spaceships flight path was very complicated.

It seemed to have a pattern.

You hadnt figured out what the pattern was yet.

You finally saw the life star that Lin Fan mentioned.

After sensing it, everyone couldnt help but widen their eyes.

[Although they had long known that a life star that could make Lin Fan pay a high price of 5,000 Yuan was definitely not a low-grade life star, they had never thought that it would actually be a Grade 6 life star.

[The price of a Grade 2 life star was 1 Yuan, a Grade 3 was worth 10 Yuan, a Grade 4 was worth 1,000 Yuan, a Grade 5 was worth 10,000 Yuan, and a Grade 6 was worth 100,000 Yuan.

[What was 100,000 Yuan If it was converted into cultivation resources, it could allow a Sageking to cultivate all the way to the Sage Emperor realm.

[If one used this amount to hire thugs, they could also hire a few Sage Monarchs as bodyguards.

[However, after the initial shock, you all looked at Lin Fan with unfriendly expressions.

[It wasnt impossible for a Grade 6 life star to give birth to a Sage Emperor.

[And what Lin Fan had said at that time was that there was only 1 Sage Monarch and 5 Sagekings.

[This was obviously impossible.

For A Grade 6 life star, even if there wasnt a Sage Emperor, there would definitely be a few Sage Monarchs.

[Lin Fan was very calm under your questioning gazes.

He explained to everyone, “This planet is different from what you imagine a Grade 6 life star to be.

Its a sealed life star.

Its a seal personally placed by a Sage Emperor.

The highest realm the creatures there can reach is the Sage Monarch realm.

Dont worry, weve signed a contract.

I definitely wont harm you.”

[Everyones expressions became a little better after listening to Fans explanation.

However, no one really believed Lin Fans words.

They all secretly kept an eye out for him.

[After all, they were going to take on a Grade 6 life star that was located in the desolate region.

If there was only one Sage Monarch, they would be able to take the risk.

However, these Sagekings were extremely dangerous.

[Unfortunately, you had already arrived nearby.

If you all wanted to turn around and return, none of you were willing to do so.

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[There was a huge treasure in front of them.

Who would be willing to return empty-handed

[For a moment, everyone was silent, all calculating in their hearts.]

[On the 152nd day, the spaceship successfully approached this life star.

Through the thin barrier, all of you could sense the Grade 6 life stars abundant Spiritual Qi.

[In the next second, you were all shocked upon entering the life star.

[The truth was just as Lin Fan had said.

Although this life star didnt seem to have any problems on the outside, after entering, the Spiritual Qi in the world completely didnt meet the standards of a Grade 6 life star.

[It was even inferior to a Grade 5 life star.

At most, it was a peak Grade 4 life star.

“How can this be A Grade 6 life star has been suppressed to Grade 4” exclaimed Kuang Dongzhe.

[The others were also deep in thought.

Only Lin Fans eyes were getting brighter and brighter.

It was as if he was just one step away from success.

[A Star-class spaceship had the ability to hide its aura.

[Under Lin Fans control, the spaceship found a blue sea of trees and successfully landed.

[You all walked out of the spaceship and started to observe the world.

[You were very careful.

The moment you landed, you activated your divine sense to the maximum.

You wanted to find some intelligent creatures and understand the general situation of this planet.

[Something that shocked you happened.

Given your 9th Firmament Sageking cultivation, your divine sense could at least scan a few million kilometers.

However, in your divine sense, there wasnt a single living creature; not a single aura.

“There wasnt a single living creature!”

[You couldnt help but say it out loud.

The rest of the people also released their divine senses.

Then, they were all shocked.

[Only Lin Fan was unmoved.

He looked like he was certain of victory.

[Everyone looked at Lin Fan.

At this point, the person who initiated the mission needed to give you an explanation.

[Lin Fan didnt make you wait too long.

He slowly took a scepter out of his storage space.

Then, Lin Fan inserted the scepter into a groove under his feet.

[In the next moment, a torrent of Spiritual Qi rolled around.

Lines of formation patterns appeared under everyones feet.

It was endless.

As far as the eye could see, the entire planet was covered by a layer of formation.

[The previously suppressed Spiritual Qi started to strangely recover at that moment.

It frantically surged into the scepter.

Lin Fans smile became even wider.

He flew behind the scepter and said, “Old man, Ive brought all the food for you.

Take a look.

Are you satisfied”

[As Lin Fan said that, a spiritual body flew out from the scepter.

An endless amount of Spiritual Qi surged into the spiritual body and formed an old man.

[You felt a sense of danger and quickly used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes to check on the elder.

Name: Crimson Flame

Race: Human (Soul Body)

Cultivation: Sage Monarch/1st Chasm (Initially Sage Emperor/9th Order)

Introduction: He was once the star Lord of the Crimson Flame star.

He established the Crimson Flame mercenary group in the Cosmic Human Mercenary Group.

100,000 years ago, he was ambushed when he was on a mission.

His physical body was destroyed, but his soul escaped.

Luckily, he was prepared and entered the scepter made from the Divine Soul Wood.

: Then, the scepter landed in Lin Fans hands, and he guided him in his cultivation.

After Lin Fan entered the Sageking realm, Crimson Flame allowed Lin Fan to inherit his legacy step by step and strengthen himself.

The planet under his feet was the former Crimson Flame star.

And he had already set up a great formation there.

Through this sacrifice, he could restore his strength.

[When you saw the information given by the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes, you felt extremely helpless.

Did you meet a chosen one!

[Not only did Lin Fan have a grandfather-cheat helper, but he even inherited his legacy and helped him recover his physical body.

How could this story be so surreal

[However, you also received an important piece of information from the introduction.

Although Crimson Flame used to be a 9th Order Sage Emperor, he was a 1st Chasm Sage Monarch now.

[Although a 1st Chasm Sage Monarch could crush a group of 9th Firmament Sagekings, you could break through to the Sage Monarch realm at any time.

Therefore, he was not a threat to you.[


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