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[After everyone had signed the contract, the atmosphere in the spaceship changed.

[Previously, due to mutual distrust, the atmosphere was extremely awkward.

Lin Fan was the only one talking.

[But now that everyone had signed the contract, there was no threat before the mission was completed.

Naturally, they were more casual.

[Especially that traveler Kuang Dongzhe told everyone what he had seen and heard when he traveled around, which opened everyones eyes.

[You also acted very casually but still retained a trace of vigilance in your heart.

[After all, this was your first time out on a team mission, so you still had to exercise caution.]

[On the 95th day, the Star-class spaceship flew in the desolate domain of the universe for a full 20 days.

During this time, you carefully observed the outer environment and found that it was indeed barren.

Sometimes, with the speed of the Star-class spaceship, you couldnt see a planet even after flying for a day.

[It was not difficult to find a planet, but most of them did not have any life aura.

A dead planet was of no value.

[The people in the spaceship were already familiar with each other, but they did not interact too much.

They were all making good use of their time to cultivate.

After all, most of them were at the 9th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

As long as they could take that step and enter the Sage Monarch realm, their identities and statuses would change drastically.]

[On the 98th day, during the flight of the Star-class spaceship, you accidentally discovered a life star.

The others also discovered there was a life star not far away from the spaceship and were overjoyed.

It was not easy to find a life star in the Wasteland.

[On the 101st day, although you discovered the life star early, it was still very far.

You flew for three whole days before reaching the vicinity of the life star.

[When the spaceship reported that the life star was only a Grade 2 one, everyone sighed in unison.

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[The official recovery price of a Grade 2 life star was 1 Yuan.

It was worthless.

[Everyone was a Sageking.

Naturally, there was no need to make a big fuss over 1 Yuan.

In the end, it was still you who made the move.

You directly flicked your sleeves and stored the life star.

[The spaceship continued to navigate toward the depths of the desolate domain of the universe.]

[On the 132nd day, the spaceship was moving as usual.

Suddenly, a huge vibration wave assaulted the spaceship, startling everyone.

You all looked in the direction of the wave and saw two powerful individuals colliding.

[The shockwaves destroyed countless death stars nearby.

[Kuang Dongzhes eyes lit up as he said, “Its a battle between Sage Emperors.

They must have discovered some treasure.”

[He had seen this kind of situation more than once.

It could be said that battles of this level often broke out in the desolate domain of the universe.

“Based on their auras, the two of them arent Human Sage Emperors.

Lets retreat quickly,” said Lin Fan.

Then, he navigated the spaceship and quickly escaped from the battle area.

[In a battle of this level, one should forget the idiomthe mantis stalking a cicada and an oriole following behind.

[Even if they were in a battle, they could wipe out your group with a mere thought.

Not to mention that the two Sage Emperors were not humans.

This made things even more dangerous.

[One had to know that the entire human race, due to their expansion in the universe, was disliked by all the other races, so there was no race that had a very good relationship with them.

[And the treasure that could trigger a battle between Sage Emperors was definitely of a high level.

Soon, more powerful existences nearby would sense the battle and rush over.

[Therefore, the safest course of action at this moment was to immediately flee.]

[On the 135th day, you successfully escaped from the Sage Emperor battle zone.

The situation turned out as you had expected.

The battle between two Sage Emperors turned into a chaotic battle between three Sage Emperors in just two days.

[Kuang Dongzhe said with some doubt, “It seems there are too many experts in this desolate domain.

How long has it been since three Sage Emperors gathered here”

[The only female among the six, Yan Yuanyuan, explained with a smile, “This depends on the probability.

The Wasteland is boundless.

We are still in the outer region.

All the races in the universe can enter the Wasteland.

Its not rare for a few Sage Emperors to appear.

Even Supreme beings can roam the Wasteland all year round.”

[You were silent but already had a bold idea in your heart.

The Wasteland didnt belong to any race, but it was a pretty good place for development.

[Especially for someone like you who wanted to establish a cosmic pirate crew, it was undoubtedly the best location to set up a secret station here.

[Of course, there was also a certain risk.

Once a passing Sage Emperor or Supreme being saw it, they would possibly destroy it.

“Arent there any big organizations in the Wasteland” you asked the crowd in confusion.

There wasnt much information about the Wasteland in the Virtualverse.

[Upon hearing your question, the others were stunned.

[Then, Lin Fan smiled and said, “Fellow Daoist Zhao, this must be your first time in the Wasteland.

We are now on the periphery of the Wasteland, and we dont have any power.

The universes tens of thousands of races wouldnt allow such a thing to happen.

But if we were to enter the inner regions of the Wasteland, it would be different.”

[When you hear that there really was an inside story, you couldnt help but listen carefully.

[Lin Fan saw that you really wanted to know, so he didnt hide anything.

“With this Star-class spaceship of mine, well be able to reach the depths of the Wasteland after flying at high speed for about 100 years.

I heard some powerhouses live there, but theyre all individuals who cant survive in the universes 10,000 races.

Theyve escaped to that place to establish themselves.

There arent many experts there.

I reckon that those who are at the peak of the Sage Emperor realm will be able to take up a place there.

“Moreover, the distance between the planets is too big.

Even a Sage Emperor would need many years to travel from one planet to another.

Theres really no need to go.”

[Lin fan explained solemnly.

He had a rough understanding of the depths of the Wasteland.]

[On the 141st day, you were cultivating in your room.

Suddenly, your great Daos throbbed, and streams of energy entered your body.

Your eyes lit up.

As expected, there were the Daos of Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism.

[Boundless energy erupted from the three managers.

After more than 100 days of cultivation, Lao Tzu, Confucius, and Shakyamuni all broke through simultaneously and entered the 5th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[The enormous influx of energy could allow you to step into the Sage Monarch realm!]


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