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Name: Lin Fan

Race: Human

Cultivation: Sageking/9th Firmament.

Introduction: A member of the Virtual Supreme Alliance.

An ordinary youth who didnt have any talent for cultivation.

He accidentally obtained the inheritance of a Sage Emperor.

He had cultivated all the way until now and had endless opportunities.

Name: Yan Yuanyuan

Race: Human

Cultivation: Sageking/8th Firmament

Introduction: A member of the Virtual Supreme Alliance and a member of the Universal Pirates.

Name: Wu Hansheng

Race: Human

Cultivation: Sageking/9th Firmament

Introduction: A member of the Virtual Supreme Alliance and a member of the Universal Pirates.

Name: Fei Shaopeng

Race: Human

Cultivation: Sageking/9th Firmament

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Introduction: A member of the Virtual Supreme Alliance and a member of the Universal Pirates.

Name: Kuang Dongzhe

Race: Human

Cultivation: Sageking/9th Firmament.

Introduction: a member of the Virtual Supreme Alliance.

He is an ordinary rogue cultivator who aspires to travel to all the places of interest in the universe.

He often travels, and his income cannot sustain him.

He relies on doing odd jobs and taking on missions.

It is difficult to survive.

[Looking at the introductions of the five people in front of you, you have a deep feeling that you have fallen into a great crisis.

[Not to mention the person who initiated the mission called Lin Fan.

He had a Sage Emperors inheritance and had discovered a life star.

However, because the aborigines on it were very strong and he couldnt get rid of them himself, he had issued the summoning mission.

[Could it be that he wasnt afraid that the experts that he had summoned would kill him together after killing the aborigines

[The universes Wasteland was a lawless land.

Even if it was cannibalism, there wouldnt be any problems.

[Just the mission reward alone was 5,000 Yuan.

Moreover, Lin Fan had his own Star-class spaceship.

Such wealth would probably tempt even a Sage Monarch.

[For all these reasons, Lin Fan still had nothing to fear.

He had gathered five experts over.

From this, it could be seen that either Lin Fan was a big fool or he had a plan.

He wasnt afraid of the people he had gathered backstabbing him.

[Then, there were the three members of the Universal Pirates.

As you wanted to be a Star-class pirate, you had specially understood this aspect of knowledge.

The Star-class Universal Pirates were very famous in the human domain.

Its leader was a Supreme being.

[Its members were from all over the 108 great human galaxies.

Many people suspected that this Supreme being was one of the 108 strongest Supreme beings who had concealed his identity.

[After all, Supreme beings also required cultivation resources.

The cosmic pirates could plunder a large amount of wealth every year.

[Whether it was the human race or the tens of thousands of races in the universe, they would plunder as long as they could plunder.

[There were still a lot of cosmic pirate crews like this.

[After all, the resources that could be obtained through peaceful cultivation were very limited.

[Killing, arson, repairing bridges, repairing roads, no corpses—this was a universal principle in every world.

[Clearly, Lin Fans mission had attracted the attention of the pirate crew.

A life star that was not lower than Grade 5, 5,000 Yuan, and now, a Star-class spaceship.

[The members of the Universal Pirates were already regretting not calling for a Sage Monarch.

[Such a huge fortune wasnt easy to obtain.

Once they obtained it, it would be enough for the three of them to cultivate to the Sage Monarch realm.

[Lin Fan acted as if he didnt know anything.

He told the helpers that he had gathered about the life stars aboriginals battle prowess.

[Only Kuang Dongzhe, who loved to travel, was listening attentively.

This guy was pure and honest.

You didnt know how he managed to cultivate to the 9th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

He didnt find any obstacles and just focused on his work, and then he would earn money to go out and play.

[The three members of the Universal Pirates pretended to listen to Lin Fans introduction.

After all, now wasnt the time to fall out.

Their opponents would be too powerful.

They would still need the help of the others.

[When they finally succeeded in taking down the life star, everything would be different.

[You were scheming from the side.

With your current strength and the support of many Great Dao, an ordinary 9th Firmament Sageking wouldnt be a match for you.

[However, you had never tried to face three 9th Firmament Sagekings at the same time.

You didnt have much confidence.

[Fortunately, Lin Fans words made you feel a little relieved.

“Other than the 5 Sagekings requested on the planet, theres another 1st Chasm Sage Monarch.

But dont worry, I have my own ways of dealing with him.

You just need to block the 5 Sagekings and not let them disturb me.”

[Lin Fans words undoubtedly dealt a huge blow to the confidence of the three pirates.

[The 9th Firmament of the Sageking realm was only one step away from the Sage Monarch realm, but there was a huge difference in strength.

An ordinary Sage Monarch could easily kill dozens of 9th Firmament Sagekings.

[Of course, there were also Sageking geniuses who could fight against Sage Monarchs.

Anyone with this kind of strength was undoubtedly a peerless genius.

At the very least, they could become a Sage Emperor.

[When Lin Fan said he could deal with the Sage Monarch, everyones hearts palpitated.

[Kuang Dongzhe had a hint of fear in his eyes.

[Although he was more naive, he was definitely not stupid.

Given Lin Fans strength, how could they defend against him once the mission ended

[5,000 Yuan wasnt a small sum.

[Seeing everyones expressions, Lin Fan laughed heartily.

He needed to intimidate these people in advance.

Otherwise, it wouldnt be good if an accident occurred.

[As for the solution, Lin Fan had thought it through.

[Lin Fan took out a contract personally written by a Sage Emperor.

Just this contract alone was worth at least several thousand Yuan.

“In order for you to successfully complete your mission and return safely, sign this.”

Lin Fan passed the contract to you, and you read it carefully.

[On it was written that before the mission was completed, no one was allowed to kill each other until the mission was completed and they returned to the human territory.

If there was a violation, this contract would be sensed by the Sage Emperor.

At that time, the person who violated this contract would be registered on the Virtualverse, and it would be difficult for them to return to the human race.

[There were no problems with the terms and conditions.

You even gave Lin Fan a good review for his actions.

You used your soul to leave your information on the contract.

[Then, you handed the contract to the others.

When Kuang Dongzhe saw the contract, he was overjoyed.

This was a guarantee of safety, so he immediately agreed to leave his information.

[After seeing the contract, the three pirates knew that they couldnt do anything.

Therefore, they immediately signed it.

However, they had more tricks than that.

[At most, they could return to the human territory and contact the powerhouses of the Universal Pirates to kill them.

At that time, they would definitely get a lot of benefits.]


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