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[As soon as Confucius finished speaking, the power of laws appeared in the world.

The golden Dao of Confucianism behind Confucius instantly shot out and turned into a golden prison, trapping Ghost Sageking Desolate.

[On the other hand, Confucius sat cross-legged with an indifferent expression on his face.

[In fact, he was exhausted and couldnt even stand up.

[Fortunately, this last move,Painting the Ground as a Prison, had successfully trapped Ghost Sageking Desolate.

No matter how hard he tried, he wouldnt be able to break out of the Confucian prison in a short time.[

[Through the sensing of the great Dao, you could clearly see the situation that the three managers were facing.

After thinking for a while, you decided to give them some help.

After all, only when they were strong would you be stronger.

[You gently raised your palm, and three great Daos of Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism appeared on it.

[Just as you were preparing to increase the strength of the three great Daos at the same time, you suddenly thought that if the three of them increased their strength at the same time, it was inevitable that they would guess something with their intelligence.

[Although you were not afraid of being exposed, it was inevitable that it would cause more trouble than it needed to be.

[After thinking for a moment, you only enhanced the Dao of Buddhism.

[Then, you directly injected your own strength into the Dao of Buddhism.

With your 9th Firmament Sageking cultivation, the length of the Dao of Buddhism instantly skyrocketed.

[At the same time, Sakyamuni, who was in the middle of the battle, also received feedback from the great Dao.

A powerful force instantly surged into his body.

[In an instant, Sakyamunis cultivation base was boosted to the 5th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

It was not that the boost was weak, but if it was too high, it would inevitably arouse Sakyamunis suspicion.

[In his eyes, even if Sakyamunis cultivation base was at the 5th Firmament of the Sageking realm, it was enough to take care of the 6th Firmament Ghost Sageking.

[Buddhism was the bane of ghosts.

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[As you thought, after Sakyamuni received the blessing of the great Dao, he was stunned for a moment.

Then, he continued to fight and easily converted the Ghost Sageking.

[Then, he went to support Lao Tzu.

[Lao Tzu, who was originally using his One Breath to form the Three Purities, was not at a disadvantage against the two Ghost Sagekings.

With Sakyamunis help, it did not take long for him to kill the two Ghost Sagekings.

[When you saw that the time was right, you immediately withdrew the blessing on the Dao of Buddhism.

[Sakyamuni, who was quickly heading to the center to meet with Confucius, also began to gradually decline from the 5th Firmament to the 3rd Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[When Lao Tzu saw this, he frowned slightly but did not ask any questions.

[Although they had known each other for thousands of years and came from the same place, it was inevitable that each of them had their own trump cards.

[It was not unusual for people like them who had created their own great Daos to have a few secret techniques that could unleash their strength.

[On the other hand, Sakyamuni was very confused.

He had clearly felt the sudden increase in power of the Dao of Buddhism just now.

Why did it decrease

‘Could it be that the potential of the Dao of Buddhism can be stimulated when fighting against the Ghost race

[After thinking for a while, Sakyamuni, who still could not figure out the reason, could only think of such a reasonable explanation.

[When you saw that the two of them had successfully reached the center of the Desolate planet and met up with Confucius, you stopped paying attention to this battle.

[It was not that you looked down on the 9th Firmament Ghost Sageking Desolate, but that you had enough confidence in the three managers you had chosen.

[If there were any MCs in this world, then one of these three managers would definitely be one of them.

[They had created heaven-defying paths that were unprecedented and would never be followed again.

They were all blessed with great luck, and none of them was easy to deal with.

[They had just merged into the universe.

If the three of them were given some time to develop, not to mention a little Ghost Sageking, even Ghost Emperors and Ghost Venerates would have to take them seriously.

[Now that the three MCs were working together to find a small boss in a novice village.

There was no reason for them to fail.]

[On the 69th day, you received three powerful surges of energy before you successfully entered Skywater planet.

[As expected, things were as you imagined.

The three of them had successfully killed Ghost Sageking Desolate and destroyed the entire Desolate planet.

After returning to their battalion, the Cosmic Human Army rewarded them with potions, and the three of them improved by a realm at the same time, reaching the 4th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[The power that was fed back to you allowed your 9th Firmament Sageking cultivation to advance one step further and reach the peak.

[It could be said that the current you only needed an opportunity to successfully enter the Sage Monarch Realm.

[Your figure did not stop and flew directly into the enormous life star in front of you, Skywater planet.

[Although it was only a Grade-5 life star, due to the teleportation formation, it was unusually prosperous here.

Although it could not be compared to those first-rate main stars, it would not be a problem for it to be ranked as a third- or fourth-rate planet.

[Sage Emperors were guarding the central city, Skywater City.

The entire city was very orderly.

There were no random fights or killings.

[You quickly flew to Skywater City.

Instead of visiting the local customs, you went straight to the teleportation formation.

[In the center of Skywater City, there was a streak of blue light that shot into the sky.

It was particularly eye-catching.

It would activate once every few seconds, and that was the cosmic teleportation formation located in Skywater City.

[You came to the side of the teleportation formation and found that there were many people gathered.

It seemed that this kind of way of transportation was very common among human Sagekings.

[You waited in line obediently and did not choose to cut the line because of your strength.

After waiting for about two hours, it was finally your turn.

[You stepped into the teleportation formation and a projection appeared in front of you.

“Please teleport to the planet.”

[You said directly, “Mercury.”

[Then, a line of small words appeared on the projection again.

“Starting from Skywater City, the final transfer to Mercury will be initiated.

Please pay 5 Yuan for the transfer fee.”

[The mission stated clearly that the transfer fee would be reimbursed.

Therefore, there was no need for you to spend money.

[A ray of blue light instantly exploded around you.

[Then, your figure left Skywater City.]

[On the 75th day, you successfully arrived at Mercury and met the person who initiated this mission, Lin Fan.

[The Mercury star system wasnt in a galaxy that was adjacent to the universe.

However, many human experts would come here whenever they had nothing to do.

[It was all because this place was the closest to the universes Wasteland region.

[For those who wanted to make a fortune, this was where the greatest opportunity was.

[Going to the Wasteland region to search for treasures was thrilling and exciting.

It was the favorite destination of countless human experts.

[Lin Fans mission stated that five experts were needed.

You were the last one to arrive.

After successfully meeting up with them, you all boarded Lin Fans private Star-class spaceship and flew toward the depths of the universes Wasteland region.

[You sat on the spaceship and looked at the five people in front of you.

Suddenly, you had a strange feeling.]


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