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[Skywater planet was located in your Silver Bull galaxy.

Although it was only a Grade-5 life star, Sage Emperors oversaw it.

[Due to its interstellar transportation means, the innately born star thrived.

[On the 67th day, with your 9th Firmament Sageking cultivation, you flew fast on the ancient human road for ten days and ten nights.

Finally, you arrived near the Skywater planet.

You did not enter immediately.

Instead, you landed on a barren planet.

[The three great Daos of Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism sent tremors over the distance at the same time.

It wasnt the kind of tremors that could break through ones cultivation level.

Instead, it was like a state of full-strength eruption when encountering a crisis.

[You hurriedly observed carefully, and only then did you realize that your three managers had actually gone crazy in the ghost domain.]

[In the Netherworld galaxy, on the Desolate star…

[This was a Grade-5 life star.

Because it belonged to the Ghost race, many ghosts would be born there under the guidance of the laws.

[At present, a destructive battle was ongoing on the Desolate star.

[Three figures charged into this planet from different directions.

They didnt have any intention of hiding anything.

They just attacked and slaughtered.

[In one direction, a 10,000-foot-tall Golden Buddha sat cross-legged in the sky.

Buddhist light surged, and golden lotuses bloomed on the ground of the Desolate star.

[Each ray of Buddhist light instantly transcended those weak ghosts.

Each golden lotus wrapped around at least one Ghost Sage.

Within the golden lotuses, they were transcended by Buddhist dharma and turned into monks.

[Shakyamuni stood in the sky, and profound Buddhist scriptures were read out from his mouth.

The ghost domain within a million miles was prepared to be quickly transcended.

[In the end, he forced out a 6th Firmament Ghost Sageking to fight with him.

However, although Shakyamunis cultivation was only at the 3rd Firmament of the Sageking realm when he was fighting against a 6th Firmament Ghost Sageking, he kept suppressing the other party.

[The Ghost Sageking was also astonished.

He didnt know what kind of technique this strange human cultivator cultivated, but it actually had a powerful suppressive effect on the Ghost race.

[This caused Lao Tzu, who was wearing a Daoist robe and riding on a green bull, to walk in a certain direction.

He held a horsetail whisk in his hand and waved it around casually.

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[Every time he waved it, the earth below would collapse and crack, and countless ghosts would die tragically.

[Many of the more powerful ghosts soared into the sky and headed in the direction of Lao Tzu.

This old mans expression did not change at all.

With a wave of the sleeve of his Daoist robe, he collected all the ghosts that had come over into his sleeve.

[With a wave of my sleeve, all the ghosts turned into dao weapons and charged toward the ghosts in all directions.

[Although the commotion on Lao Tzus side wasnt as big as Shakyamunis, it attracted two Ghost Sagekings.

One was at the 5th Firmament of the Sageking realm, and the other was at the 6th Firmament.

[Lao Tzu didnt panic at all.

In fact, Lao Tzu had already expected it.

He had sensed the existence of these two Ghost Sagekings ahead of time, so he directly used One Breath to form the Three Purities and turned into three old men to fight against the two Ghost Sagekings.

[At the center of the Desolate star, an old man in a scholarly robe didnt use any divine abilities.

He just stood there quietly and looked at the towering hall.

[This hall was where the strongest person on the Desolate star was, the 9th Firmament Ghost Sageking Desolate.

[There were only four Ghost Sagekings in the entire Desolate star.

Sakyamuni and Lao Tzu had lured away three of them, leaving the strongest one to Confucius to deal with.

[This was the final test for the three of them after joining the Cosmic Human Army.

It was similar to what you had done before.

However, the Ancient Burial star system was obviously more violent.

[The mission they received was to destroy the entire Desolate star and kill all the ghosts in it.

[Such a mission was undoubtedly extremely difficult for three 3rd Firmament Sagekings.

However, it was not so difficult for a heavens favorite who had broken through to the 3rd Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[The three of them had discussed for a while before coming to a decision.

Confucius would personally fight Ghost Sageking Desolate.

He didnt want to win, he just wanted to delay him.

As for the other two, no matter who they were facing, they had to quickly kill their opponents and then come over to support Confucius.

Finally, they would work together to kill Ghost Sageking Desolate.

[A burly figure slowly walked out from the great hall.

Ghost Sageking Desolate wasnt a human when he was alive but from another race of the universe.

He had an octopus head, eight arms, and eight long sabers.

[His cultivation was at the 9th Firmament of the Sageking realm, making him invincible in the entire Desolate star.

[He waved the long sabers with his arms.

Even if he waved them casually, he could easily cut through space.

[After looking at Confucius, Ghost Sageking Desolate laughed disdainfully and said in the universal language,”You, a 3rd Firmament Human Sageking, want to challenge me”

[After saying this, his figure disappeared instantly, and the eight long sabers on his arm slashed toward Confucius like a storm.

[Each slash of the long sabers was enough to shatter the void and kill any Sageking.

[However, the countless slashes were ineffective against this enemy.

[He saw Confucius calmly stroking his beard, and the Great Dao of Confucianism appeared behind him.

“I said that no weapons are allowed to touch my body,” Confucius calmly said, and the great Dao of Confucianism sent out a majestic power into his body.

[The eight long blades strangely stopped one centimeter away from Confucius.

No matter how the Ghost Sageking tried to control the power, the blades couldnt move another inch forward.

“How could this be What is this The power of laws”

[The Ghost Sageking was shocked.

How could a mere human Sageking control the power of laws

[One had to know that only a few Sage Emperors were proficient in the power of laws.

However, a human Sageking was able to control the power of law.

[Although Confucius had a calm expression on his face, he was complaining in his heart.

After all, there was still a huge difference in strength between him and Ghost Sageking Desolate.

[Just now, he had used the innate divine ability of the Confucian school of thought.

Although he had indeed blocked Ghost Sageking Desolates attack, he had used up more than half of his strength in an instant.

[Although he had successfully stunned the Ghost Sageking, it would be difficult for him to block once the Ghost Sageking attacked again.

[As expected, the Ghost Sageking, who had slashed madly for a few seconds, instantly understood this point and sneered.

“Hmph! Even if I dont use weapons, this king can easily kill you.”

[Following that, the Ghost Sageking put away the eight long sabers in his hand and punched several times at Confucius.

[Confucius was panicking, but his expression didnt change.

He looked like he had the victory in his hands as he said calmly, “I said that painting the ground is a prison, and there is no escape.”]


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