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[The daughter of the two Supreme beings had naturally been doted on since she was young.

Heavenly Venerate Virtual had even personally named them Princess Yun Xi.

[Everything had been going very smoothly.

Princess Yun Xi was also very talented and had reached the Sage Emperor realm early on.

[As the two Supreme beings were in charge of the two galaxies all year round, they did not have much time to spend together.

Therefore, Princess Yun Xi always ran around.

She either went to the Ancient Blue galaxy or the Bright Moon galaxy.

[It wasnt until one day 10,000 years ago that the Automaton race suddenly attacked the Ancient Blue galaxy.

The Automaton races Supreme Casco even fought with Supreme Ancient Blue for several days.

[After successfully defeating Supreme Casco, Supreme Ancient Blue received news that his precious daughter, Princess Yun Xi, had run away with a wild man.

[Because of this, the Ancient Blue galaxy and the Bright Moon galaxy were shaken.

Almost all the experts were sent to look for Princess Yun Xi, but there was no news at all.

[Helpless, the two paragons went to look for Heavenly Venerate Virtual.

Only then did they realize that their daughter had run away with a male Automaton named Lu Liu.

[No matter how much the two paragons thought about it, they couldnt understand why their precious daughter would fall for a foreigner.

Furthermore, he was an Automaton race member who had a deep enmity with the Ancient Blue galaxy.

[One had to know that Yun Xi had many methods to save herself.

If she was in danger, even if it was an attack by a paragon, she could rely on those methods to stall for time.

However, if she used those methods, Ancient Blue and Bright Moon would immediately go to her rescue.

[However, Princess Yun Xi had never used those methods.

There was only one possibility, and that was that her daughter had volunteered.

[However, since they knew where their daughter was, the two paragons joined forces to launch an attack on the Automaton race.

Their only goal was to hand over the Automaton named Lu Liu and return their daughter.

[What they couldnt have imagined was that Lu Liu had actually appeared on the battlefield.

His true strength was at the 3rd Dome of the Supreme realm, and their daughter, Princess Yun Xi, had already died.

Lu Liu had transformed her body into a 9th Order Sage Emperor mechanical puppet.

[How could the two paragons let their beloved daughter die They immediately wanted to kill Lu Liu, but unfortunately, the Automaton side was already prepared.

There were a total of five Supreme experts waiting there.

[The battle lasted for several days, and the two paragons were heavily injured.

Just as they were about to be killed by the Supreme Automatons, Heavenly Venerate Virtual personally saved them.

[However, even though they were saved, Heavenly Venerate Virtual had to pay a huge price because his actions had violated some of the universally acknowledged taboos of the universe.

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[Ever since then, these two missions had been hung on the mission board of the Virtualverse.

Heavenly Venerate Virtual had also launched many attacks against the Automaton race, but unfortunately, the results were not very good.

[After understanding the whole story of these two missions, you deeply felt that Princess Yun Xi was not worth it.

She had such a good family background but fell in love with an enemy and ended up dying.

[Looking at the generous rewards, you were very tempted.

There were five Supreme items in total, and any one of them was worth tens of billions of Yuan in the exchange.

[Only veteran Supreme beings like Ancient Blue and Ancient Bright Moon, who were close to other races, could have such savings.

For a normal Supreme being to have a Supreme artifact, it was already very good.

[You noted down this mission, and you would definitely complete it when you had the chance in the future.

Its just a 3rd Dome Supreme being.

[You then began making your big plan to earn money.

[The first plan was to earn 100,000 Yuan first and buy a universe ship that could travel quickly in the universe.

[Universe ships were divided into many levels.

In the beginning, it was separated by one star, Star-1 universe ship, Star-2 universe ship, etc., collectively known as the Star-class ship.

[After the Star-class ship were the Emperor-class and Cosmic-class ships.

[Star-class ships could only move quickly within the universe, they didnt have any other functions, and the ships above them had powerful battle capabilities.

[The battle power of a Cosmic-class ship wasnt any weaker than a pinnacle Supreme being.

[And 100,000 Yuan was the lowest level, the lowest price of a Star-1 universe ship.

[To become a Star-class pirate, becoming a Pirate King, how could one not have a ship

[You began to select a mission in the mission pane.

F-level Mission: Find Snookers cat.

Publisher: Snooker

Mission Introduction: Silver Bull System, Sageking Snookers cat was lost.

Help find it.

Mission Reward: 10 Yuan, reimbursement for round-trip teleportation fee.

Mission Failure: No punishment

F-level Mission: Find the Blue Crystal Beast

Publisher: Class Merit

Mission Introduction: The Blue Crystal Beast lives on a life star filled with ores.

Provide clues about the Blue Crystal Beast.

Mission Reward: 20 Yuan

Mission Failure: No punishment

[Youve checked many missions.

Most of the missions looked simple, but the rewards were also pitifully low.

If you wanted to earn 100,000 Yuan by doing these low-level missions… It would take hundreds to thousands of years to buy a Star-class spaceship that belonged to you.

[Although hundreds to thousands of years was a very short period for a Sageking, and it might be the time for a breakthrough in seclusion, it was undoubtedly a waste for someone like you who had cultivated for nine days and was at the 9th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[On the 57th day, you searched for a whole day and night in the mission pane and finally found a suitable mission.

D-level Mission: Summoning mission to conquer a life star in the Wasteland.

“Publisher: Lin Fan

“Summoning Requirements: Sageking realm, 5th Firmament and above.

No higher than the 9th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

(Limit: 5 people)

“Mission Introduction: A life star has been found in the Wasteland.

The aborigines on it are quite strong.

Assist the publisher in killing the aborigines.

“Mission Reward: 1,000 Yuan.

Reimbursement for round-trip teleportation fees.

Failure: No punishment

[This mission was the most suitable mission that you had carefully selected out of the tens of thousands of missions.

[The benefits of E-level and F-level missions were too low.

There was really no need to do them.

As for D-level missions, most of them required the Sage Monarch cultivation.

Your strength was also not up to the standard.

Only this one required the Sageking cultivation, and it could not exceed the 9th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[It was very suitable for you.

However, from the introduction of this mission, you felt that there was something unusual.

[Nonetheless, it did not matter.

It was just a simulation.

You were not afraid of death, so what were you afraid of

[You decisively accepted this mission and bid farewell to the Earth Goddess.

Then, you went directly to the nearest teleportation planet.

[In the human domain, there were many teleportation formations set up between the major galaxies that could teleport across galaxies.

Because the human race was powerful enough and had vast resources, the cost of teleportation was not expensive.

[And where you headed was the nearest Grade-5 life star, Skywater.]


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