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[On the 51st day, you and the Earth Goddess were playing in the world in the painting.

During that time, you were also continuously collecting all the information about the entire universe through the Virtualverse.

[Since the managers of your great Daos had developed very well, you were not too worried.

[On this day, you suddenly remembered that you had a red talent during the simulation.

It was called One Piece Pirate King.

When you became known as the Pirate King, your cultivation level would be increased by a large realm.

[Now that you were at the 9th Firmament of the Sageking realm if you could increase by a large realm, wouldnt you reach the 9h Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm

[With the current growth of your managers of your great Daos, it wouldnt be long before you became a Sage Monarch.

[When that time came, becoming the Pirate King would be like ascending to the heavens in one step and becoming a Sage Emperor.

[Not everyone could become a Sage Emperor.

Even among the countless humans in the universe.

As long as one became a Sage Emperor, they would be considered to have a place in the upper echelons.

[Even if one could not rule an entire galaxy like a Supreme being, having tens of thousands of life stars under ones command was not a problem.

[In order to achieve this goal, you created the One Piece Crew in the painting world, consisting of Widow Zhang, Lin Shuanger, Mu Linger, and a few other women who had a relationship with you.

[Because of your strength, you let everyone know your identity as the Pirate King within a day.

However, the expected improvement didnt happen.

[You were very confused.

Fortunately, the system explained it to you.

Pirate King Title: You need the recognition of a large race in the universe in order to obtain it.

[You were immediately put in a difficult position.

This Pirate King title wasnt something that you could imagine.

It wasnt something that could be recognized by a world or a life planet.

[It needed to be acknowledged by at least one of the major races in the universe before it would really count.

[Although there were many races in the universe, those that could be considered major races had at least one Supreme being.

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[Yes, there was no need for a Heavenly Venerate.

An ordinary race with one Supreme being could occupy a large area in the universe.

[But even so, with your current 9th Firmament Sageking strength, you wouldnt be able to plunder such a powerful race.

[You discussed it with the other girls and felt that it was best to take advantage of the simulation to raise your realm as soon as possible.

Only when you were powerful would you be able to learn more of the secrets of the universe.

At that time, if you really transmigrated, you would be able to make preparations.

[You planned to build a cosmic pirate fleet, but you discovered a very awkward problem.

You didnt have money.]

[On the 56th day, after five days of gathering intelligence, you finally know how powerful warriors after the Sageking realm earned money.

[Those who joined the Cosmic Human Mercenary Group and the Cosmic Human Army could complete missions and receive salaries.

[And those who joined the Virtual Supreme Alliance had many ways to earn money.

[Those who didnt like taking risks and wanted to live a comfortable life were those who worked for the Virtualverse and worked as couriers.

Although they didnt earn much, it was enough for a Sageking to live a carefree life.

[For ordinary members like you, there were three ways to earn Yuan coins.

[First, one could go to the desolate region of the universe and find a life star.

No matter what life star or race it was, you would receive a high reward if you brought it back to human territory and handed it over to any of the 108 galaxies.

[As for how much it was worth, it would depend on the grade of the life star.

Only then did you know that the life star was divided into nine grades.

The Ancient Void World, the life star that could give birth to a Sageking realm expert, was Grade 3.

The Ancient Blue Star that you went to before was a Grade 7 life star.

The Netherworld of the Ghost race and the Ancient Burial star that was next to it were both Grade 8 life stars.

[A Grade 7 life star could give birth to a Supreme expert, and a Grade 8 life star could give birth to a Heavenly Venerate.

[As for the legendary Grade 9 life star, the 10,000 races in the universe had been searching for countless years, but they hadnt found one.

In fact, many races felt that there definitely wasnt a Grade 9 life star.

[This method was relatively simple.

As a 9th Firmament Sageking expert, even if you went to the desolate domain of the universe, you wouldnt encounter too much danger.

You were very tempted.

[The second method was somewhat similar but more high risk.

All the races in the universe would spare no effort in harvesting life stars.

In short, the more, the better.

Therefore, there was no need to go to the desolate region of the universe to look for ownerless life stars.

Those who were powerful could sneak into the territories of other races, plunder a few life stars, and then escape back to the human race.

[As long as they could escape back to the human race, there would be no danger.

Every galaxy master would protect the warriors who were plundering life stars for the human race.

There was once a fierce warrior who went to the Ghost races territory and successfully plundered a Grade 6 life star.

[Then, he was chased by the Ghost race all the way and finally escaped back to the Ancient Burial galaxy.

For this, Supreme Burial even personally fought with the chasing Ghost Master Lust, severely injuring him and forcing him to retreat.

As for that warrior, he received a great reward.

[This method was undoubtedly much better than the first method.

The first method was to head to the desolate domain of the universe.

What was the desolate domain of the universe It wasnt recorded on the star map and didnt belong to any races ancient path.

[It was always desolate there.

Sometimes, one might not even be able to find a life star even after searching for tens to hundreds of years.

[Of course, there were also lucky fellows who accidentally found Grade 8 life stars.

However, after considering your luck, you felt that the first method wasnt very reliable.

[As for the third method, it was similar to the mission given by the Cosmic Human Mercenary Group.

In the Virtualverses interface, there was a mission hall.

[The missions there came from all over the universe, and many of them were on the Cosmic Human Mercenary Groups side.

However, as members of the Virtualverse, you could accept them.

[Every mission would have a reward below.

As long as you completed it, it would be settled on the spot.

[For this, you even went to take a look at the missions.

[In the mission pane, there was a large number of missions refreshed at all times.

However, at the top, there were two missions that hadnt moved at all.

“SSS-level Mission: Kill Supreme Emerald Willow.

There are no restrictions on the mission.

Rewards: 100,000,000 Yuan and 3x Supreme items.

Publisher: Supreme Ancient Blue.”

“SSS-level Mission: Find Princess Yun Xis corpse.

There are no restrictions on the mission.

Rewards: 10,000,000,000 Yuan and 2x Supreme items.

Publisher: Supreme Ancient Blue.”

[Seeing this mission that didnt scroll as you were very curious.

After searching in the Virtualverse, you quickly found the information.

It wasnt a secret.

[Supreme Ancient Blue of the Ancient Blue galaxy and Supreme Ancient Bright Moon of the Bright Moon galaxy were dao partners and had a daughter.]


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