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[The Ancient Burial galaxy was a region that intersected with the Ghost race.

There were endless battles, and the death rate was frighteningly high.

[It wouldnt be a big deal if only one of them went, but it was as if his manager-level eggs were placed in one basket.

[However, since things had already come to this, there was nothing you could do.

[On the 35th day, you left the Joyous Union Sect.

Just as you were planning to travel around, you sensed that the Earth Goddess was about to make a breakthrough.

[At the Divine World…

[At that moment, the Divine World could be said to be in chaos.

It was the twilight of the gods.

[During these few days, after the Earth Goddess refined the Lunar Goddess, she began to scheme against the other main gods.

[Of all the main gods, the Time Sovereign and Space Sovereign were the biggest threats to her.

[In the past, the Earth Goddess hadnt been able to find the Divine Kingdom of these two fellows, so she hadnt been able to kill them in one blow.

[But with the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes that she had obtained from the Lunar Goddess, this wasnt difficult at all.

[After todays earth-shaking search, the Earth Goddess had found not only the divine kingdom of the Time Sovereign but also the divine kingdoms of the other main gods.

[Thus, a world-ending war had begun.

The Earth Goddess first charged into the Time Divine Kingdom at lightning speed.

She also unleashed her most powerful attacks.

She was injured but was able to kill the Time Sovereign in an instant.

[When a main god died, the entire deity world naturally sensed it.

The main gods all appeared, intending to find the murderer.

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[The Earth Goddess didnt expose herself.

Instead, she used her fastest speed to swallow the Time Divine Kingdom with her Earth Divine Kingdom and then inherited all of the legacies left behind by the Time Sovereign.

[After the Earth Goddess completely digested everything, the main gods finally found her kingdom.

[However, at this moment, the Earth Goddess was strong enough to face all of them together.

[The great battle broke out, and it lasted for ten days and ten nights.

The main gods died tragically, and the Earth Goddess stood tall.

[All main gods died, and the Divine Dao of the Divine World belonged to the Earth Goddess alone.

[The immense power allowed the Earth Goddess to break through all the way to the 2nd Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[The Divine Dao of the Divine World was also completely controlled by the Earth Goddess.

[Although the Earth Goddess was an innate god, she was still a subordinate race among the humans.

All humans received the same treatment.

[After the Earth Goddess passed the lightning tribulation, she also faced three choices.

[The Earth Goddess didnt hesitate at all and chose to join the Virtual Supreme Alliance and become an ordinary member.

She had to do something, something very important.]

[You couldnt understand why the Earth Goddess was so cautious.

She was obviously a very strong woman.

[Still, the Earth Goddess breakthrough was also successfully reflected on you.

You successfully raised your cultivation to the 7th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[Just when you werent sure what was going on…

[The entire world in the painting instantly shook.

You frowned.

A powerful force was crossing space and teleporting into the world in the painting.

[Just by sensing it, you knew who it was.

[The Earth Goddess actually knew your location and rushed over after breaking through.

[Looking at the shy, excited, and expectant Earth Goddess in front of you, you really didnt sound like you were blaming her.

[You said calmly, “Why are you here Why arent you cultivating properly”

[The Earth Goddess took a step forward, hugged you in her arms, and said, “Anyway, its not reality.

Whats the point of working so hard I just want to be by your side…”

[A simple sentence made you feel a little lost.

[This Earth Goddess was indeed a little vixen.

She was a high and mighty empress when you were weak, which excited you.

But when you were strong, she could also be an obedient little kitten—she knew how to act coquettishly!

[Who didnt love this

[You picked up the Earth Goddess and isolated an area out of thin air.

You entered and started a battle with her.]

[On the 37th day, you fought with the Earth Goddess for two days and two nights and finally defeated this female devil.

However, when you saw the condition of the Earth Goddess, your heart was suddenly shocked.

“Kefus Bad Luck (Red): After coming into contact with the Trinity Calamitus Physique, the party that touched you accidentally contracted bad luck.

This bad luck will cause the unlucky party to possess the Kefu attribute and disregard cultivation realms.

After becoming her man, ones luck will be reduced by 100,000 until they die.

If the bad luck is dispelled, there will be a lot of benefits.



Kill the one with the Trinity Calamitus Physique.


Use a Sage Emperors blood essence.


Dual-cultivate with the one with the Trinity Calamitus Physique for one day.”

[At that moment, there were tens of thousands of horses galloping in your heart.

You actually still had so much bad luck.

Regardless of cultivation, your luck would be reduced by 100,000.

How could you live like this

[Just as you were planning to hurriedly dual cultivate with the Earth Goddess for one day to dispel the bad luck, the energy in your body suddenly went out of control, causing your blood and energy to flow backward.

You spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

[You thought this was the end, but it was just the beginning.

[From the endless void, a long arrow shot out from nowhere.

It tore through space, entered the world in the painting, and stabbed you right in the chest.

[You didnt suffer much damage.

It was just that after the long arrow entered your body, your Sageking cultivation was completely sealed, and you became a mortal.

[You pulled out the arrow and used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes to check.

Item: Divine Arrow of Destruction

Level: Sage Monarch

Effect: It doesnt cause any substantial damage.

However, the person who was hit by the arrow will have their cultivation sealed.

This will last for a month, and it will be ineffective against those at the Sage Monarch realm or above.

[When you read the introduction, you couldnt help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

[The heavens were really trying to kill you.

[Originally, it was already very miserable to be burdened with the loss of 100,000 luck points.

It was hard to say whether you could peacefully dual cultivate for a day.

[But now, after being hit by this arrow, you didnt have any cultivation at all.

[How strong did a mortals kidney have to be to dual cultivate with a peerless beauty like the Earth Goddess for a day!

[You also really wanted to know the answer to this question.

[Fortunately, bad luck didnt last forever.

After the most violent round at the beginning, you finally stepped into the formal world after successfully hearing about it.

[Just like that, under the personal service of the Earth Goddess, you started a new round of dual cultivation.

[Although there were often problems along the way, such as the Earth Goddess accidentally using too much force and breaking your arm or the force being so strong that it would knock you out, the bumpy road did not stop the dual cultivation.

[On the 38th day, you successfully dual cultivated for one day and dispelled Kefus bad luck.

The power of the Heavenly Dao surged into your body.

In an instant, your cultivation broke through and reached the 9th Firmament of the Sageking realm.]


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