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[The Earth Goddess figure appeared in the center of the battlefield.

The one who had launched a sneak attack on the Lunar Goddess was the Earth Goddess.

[She instantly crushed the heart in her hand, and the Lunar Goddess body instantly exploded, reappearing far away.

“You old woman, I knew you didnt have any good intentions…”

[At this moment, the Lunar Goddesss face was ashen, and blood flowed out from the corners of her mouth.

Thearchs werent so easy to kill.

Even if the Lunar Goddesss body was destroyed, her true spirit wouldnt be destroyed.

“Hehe, War, you can leave now.

I will personally send Lunar on her way.”

[The Earth Goddess waved her hand, pushing the War Sovereign far away, and an incomparably large divine kingdom descended.

[The Earth Divine Kingdom once again pressed down on the Lunar Divine Kingdom, and the Earth Goddess expanded the Earth Divine Kingdom to its maximum size, enveloping the Lunar Goddess within.

[In the sky, the figures of several main gods flashed and appeared, all of them staring down at the Earth Divine Kingdom, their expressions inexplicable.

“Time Should we join forces” asked the Space God excitedly.

[Every main gods divine kingdom was the most important location.

Right now, the divine kingdoms of two main gods were right in front of them.

If they joined forces, they would be able to kill the Lunar Goddess and Earth Goddess.

[Then, they would be able to divide up their divine kingdoms and strengthen their own Divine Daos.

[The Time Sovereigns face was solemn as he spoke.

“If we join forces, we might be able to tie down that crazy woman.

But if we really want to kill her, Im afraid that both of us will be in danger of dying.”

[The Earth Goddess was a 9th Layer Thearch, and she had always been at her peak.

In the Divine World, other than the Earth Goddess, the strongest were the Time Sovereign and the Space Sovereign.

Both of them were 8th Layer Thearchs.

[Normally, it would be fine if they worked together to tie down the Earth Goddess.

[But if they were to fight to the death, even if the two of them worked together to kill the Earth Goddess, in the end, there wouldnt be a good ending.

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[After the Time Sovereign said that the other main gods also restrained themselves, no longer thinking about such nonsense.

[The Earth Goddess had not come to find trouble with them, and they were already burning incense.

Now, they actually wanted to take the opportunity to kill the Earth Goddess They really did not know what was good for them.

[Just like that, none of the main gods had any plans to make a move.

The Lunar Goddess had already died hundreds of thousands of years ago, so there was no need for her to come back to life.

[If their divine kingdoms hadnt been exposed, perhaps everyone would have come to their aid.

Now that their divine kingdoms had been exposed and the most powerful goddess had made a move, none of the main gods were willing to provoke this madwoman.

[Within the Earth Divine Kingdom, explosions rang out one after another.

[The main gods outside didnt know what was going on inside, but they could all make guesses.

[How could a 7th Layer Thearch be a match for the Earth Goddess The result would probably be that the Earth Goddess would kill the Lunar Goddess once more, but she wouldnt be able to destroy her true spirit and seal it forever.]

[On the 19th day, you used dual cultivation to remove the curse on Widow Zhang.

As expected, the power of Heavenly Dao descended from the endless void and entered your body.

[On the bed, you could feel Spiritual Qi filling your body, and your heart leaped with joy.

The effect of the Trinity Calamitus Physique talent had appeared.

[By randomly casting one of the three calamities on the person beside you, you would receive a great benefit once it was successfully removed.

[You originally thought that with your 4th Firmament Sageking cultivation, you wouldnt care about such benefits.

However, it was only now that you realized that you were wrong.

The power of the Heavenly Dao had actually raised your cultivation by more than half.

You had a premonition that as long as you took care of another one, you would be able to break through to the 5th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

“Is it really that abnormal To think that theres such a huge increase in cultivation base above the Sageking realm.”

[You couldnt help but sigh.

Looking at Widow Zhang, who was still unconscious beside you, you mobilized your thoughts, wanting to plant the power of the three calamities on widow Zhang once again.

[Only then did you realize that this kind of thinking was naive.

The people who had been struck by the power of the three calamities once were already immune to your constitution.

[You walked out of the room and happened to see Butcher Zhang.

You mobilized the power of the three calamities and sent one to Butcher Zhangs body.

[Butcher Zhang, who was originally full of energy, instantly fell to the ground.

He was foaming at the mouth, attracting the attention of the villagers.

[You have used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes and saw which of the three calamities had struck Butcher Zhang.

“Heavenly Punishment (Red): After coming into contact with the Trinity Calamitus Physique, the calamity will accidentally infect the person in contact.

The calamity will paralyze the infected person and make it difficult for them to move.

They will be unable to mobilize any of their cultivation.

Then, the Nine Heavenly Punishments will descend.

If the calamity is dispelled, there will be a lot of benefits.



Kill the one with the Trinity Calamitus Physique.


Survive the Nine Heavenly Punishments by yourself.”

“It is different from Widow Zhangs.”

[This time, you only saw two solutions.

Killing yourself would definitely not work.

Although you did not understand the mechanism of the Trinity Calamitus Physique, you have also discovered that…

“It seems like I cant get some bugs to crazily get rewards.”.

[One heavenly tribulation after another descended, and all the villagers were far away.

Butcher Zhang was at the Ascension realm due to the seal, but he was originally a Mahayana cultivator.

Thus, the heavenly punishment was that for Mahayana cultivator…

[Just like that, Butcher Zhang, whose cultivation had been sealed by the calamity, didnt even manage to resist the first heavenly punishment and was directly turned into ashes.

[You were very embarrassed, silently reciting the Scripture of Man for Butcher Zhang.]

[At the same time, at the Divine World, in the Earth Divine Kingdom…

[The Earth Goddess looked at the struggling true spirit of the Lunar Goddess and was pleasantly surprised.

[She had made a great decision to kill the Lunar Goddess.

For this reason, she defied your orders.

However, she was still very satisfied with the gains.

[Not to mention that she could completely devour the Lunar Goddess Kingdom, even the Ocular Dao she had accidentally obtained pleasantly surprised the Earth Goddess.

[Thats right, after the Earth Goddess destroyed the Lunar Goddess, the Ocular Dao automatically flew out and entered the Earth Goddess body.


[And in an instant, the Earth Goddess learned of its use.

“Hehe, is this the great Dao he bestowed on you Its indeed very powerful…”

[The Earth Goddess smiled charmingly.

She hadnt planned to carry out her breakthrough plan so early, but after learning of your existence and the Ocular Dao, she decided not to endure any longer.

She would directly refine the true spirit of the Lunar Goddess and devour her divine kingdom.

Then, under the gazes of the many main gods, the Earth Goddess would immediately leave.

[She wanted to make use of the gains she had gained from this battle as soon as possible and then secretly kill either the Time or Space Sovereign.

[As long as she killed one of the two main gods, even if she was exposed, the remaining main gods would not be a match for her.

[At that time, she would be able to unify the Divine World and be the master of the Divine Dao.]


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