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“Lunar Goddess!”

[The eyes of the Earth Goddess suddenly shot out a cold light, and the whole Earth Temple trembled.

[The rabbit in the arms of the Earth Goddess jumped out of her embrace, its eyes full of tears.

[The Lunar Goddess expression was also very ugly.

She really didnt expect she would be killed by the Earth Goddess again after successfully returning to the Divine World after so many eons.

“Good, good, good.

Youre really protective of your master.

This time, Ill send the both of you on your way.”

[The Earth Goddess had wanted to ask how the Lunar Goddess was resurrected and how she was directly teleported into her divine hall.

[However, when she saw the rabbit she had raised for many years abandon her new master after seeing her old master, the Earth Goddess exploded.

A huge hand slammed down, sending the master and servant on their way.

[The Lunar Goddess also saw the attack.

She wanted to dodge, but there was nothing she could do.

Her entire body didnt even move.

[At that moment, a jade pendant flew out and blocked the Earth Goddesss attack.

Then, it flew into the hands of the Earth Goddess.

[This was naturally the jade pendant that you had given to the Lunar Goddess.

When the Earth Goddess touched it, she instantly unlocked all her memories of being with you again.

[The Lunar Goddess even sensed a trace of strangeness from the Earth Goddess.

[The main reason was that you shared a lot of obscene content, causing the Earth Goddesss face to turn red, white, sometimes excited, and sometimes shy.

[Finally, after the Earth Goddess had received all the information about the jade pendant, she said, “Since Sister Lunar had this jade pendant, why didnt you take it out earlier Why did you hide it to embarrass me”

[The Earth Goddess cold expression instantly disappeared as she turned to speak to the Lunar Goddess in a very gentle manner.

[The Lunar Goddess was rendered speechless.


“Alright, since someone from my family has instructed me, I will open up my Earth Divine Kingdom and release your Lunar Divine Kingdom so that you can recover your cultivation.

You and I are both from the Divine World.

In the future, we can just address each other as sisters.

Sister, do you think its okay”

[The Lunar Goddess was in a daze.

[Although she didnt know why, the Lunar Goddess didnt dare to say anything at the moment.

This was because the Earth Goddess in this state was much scarier than the one who was shouting and exuding killing intent.

[Seeing that the Lunar Goddess didnt respond, the Earth Goddess expression slowly turned cold.

Then, she asked directly, “Just say it directly.

What is your relationship with him If he has feelings for you, I can not kill you and make him unhappy.

However, its not difficult to torture you with some methods, so its not appropriate for him to say anything.”

[After the Earth Goddess said that the Lunar Goddess instantly understood.

[Ever since she woke up in Kong Xinyues mind, she knew everything that Kong Xinyue had come into contact with.

[Especially the palace dramas on TV, they had always been Kong Xinyues favorite.

Kong Xinyue even often fantasized about how she would travel to ancient times and enter the harem to kill those concubines through various palace fights.

In the end, she would become the empress, kill the emperor, and become the second Wu Zetian.

[Under her influence, the Lunar Goddess had also become a palace battle expert.

Didnt the Earth Goddess furious expression resemble the empress after those concubines stole the emperor

[When she thought of this, the Lunar Goddess immediately wanted to explain that she did not have that kind of relationship with any emperor.

[After thinking about the plot in the palace drama, the Lunar Goddess smiled and replied, “What is Big Sister saying Little Sister has never dared to compare with Big Sister.

We are both from the Divine World.

Ill still need Big Sister to take care of me in the future.

Little Sister will definitely follow Big Sisters lead.”

[These words showed how skilled the Lunar Goddess was.

She admitted that he was not as good as the Earth Goddess when it came to relationships.

After which, she hinted that the emperor had so many women, and they were both from the Divine World.

They should take care of each other.

After which, they established their superiority and inferiority, which served to assure the Earth Goddess.

[When the Earth Goddess heard this, her furrowed brows relaxed.

She held hands with the Lunar Goddess with a smile and sat down beside the chair.

She was no longer her mortal enemy.

[The two goddesses chatted for a long time.

The Earth Goddess was mainly asking for information about you, but the Lunar Goddess didnt know much.

[After chatting for a while, the Earth Goddess saw that it was almost time, so she opened the Earth Divine Kingdom and released the Lunar Divine Kingdom.

[The Lunar Goddess bowed to the Earth Goddess and said, “Thank you, Big Sister, for guarding my divine kingdom for so many years.

I will definitely repay you handsomely in the future.”

[After saying that, the Lunar Goddess smiled and bowed to the Earth Goddess, then turned around and flew toward her divine kingdom.

However, the Lunar Goddesss expression instantly became ugly after turning around.

“Little Sister, dont be anxious.

Here, this is your pet.

It has been in my possession for so long.

I think you must miss it very much,” the Earth Goddess hurriedly said and immediately threw the jade rabbit in the direction of the Lunar Goddess.

[The Lunar Goddess also hurriedly smiled and caught it.

“Thank you for taking care of it, Big Sister.

Ill be going now.”

[After saying this, she directly flew into the Lunar Divine Kingdom.

[At that moment, the Earth Goddess narrowed her eyes.

She could still feel a faint killing intent leaking out.]

[After entering the Lunar Divine Kingdom, the Lunar Goddess finally felt safe enough.

Even though she couldnt defeat the Lunar Divine Generals with her current strength, this didnt matter because the entire divine kingdom belonged to her.

[The power of faith that spread in the sky crazily surged into the Lunar Goddess body.

After reaching the Thearch rank, the Lunar Goddess returned to her divine palace.

[All the divine generals and servants surrendered.

[Just like that, the Lunar Goddess successfully refined all the power of faith, and her cultivation base returned to the 7th Layer of the Thearch rank.

“What should I do Am I really not going to take revenge on that old b*tch”

[After recovering her cultivation base, the Lunar Goddess immediately thought of her relationship with the Earth Goddess.

[When they first met, she had used the Ocular Dao to look at the Earth Goddess.

Her 9th Layer Thearch cultivation was no joke.

If she wanted to kill the Earth Goddess, she would have to contact the other main gods of the Divine World to attack together.

[However, the Lunar Goddess also had many misgivings.

Not to mention the main gods of the Divine World would be unwilling to attack together with her, just Zhao Hao was not someone she could deal with right now.

“Hmph! Ill let you be arrogant for a while.

When I reach the 9th Layer of the Thearch rank, Ill definitely teach you a lesson,” the Lunar Goddess said angrily.

[At that moment, an explosion resounded throughout the entire Lunar Divine Kingdom.

[A long spear pierced through the entire Lunar Divine Kingdom, breaking through the divine kingdoms defenses and stabbing into the divine palace not far in front of it.

[A burly figure stepped into the Lunar Divine Kingdom and arrived in front of the divine palace.]


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