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[Trinity Calamitus Physique (Red Talent): Your Luck reduces by 500.

Disaster, misfortune, and curses all in one body.

Contact with you will randomly trigger one of the three calamities.]

[One Piece Pirate King (Red Talent): All your attributes increase by 400.

You are an order disrupter.

Your natural rebelliousness will forever make you hostile to the order-keeping camp.

After becoming the recognized Pirate King, your cultivation level will increase by a whole realm.]

[Plunderer (Gold Talent): Your strength increases by 100.

After killing your opponent, you can randomly obtain the opponents cultivation base, talent, and one of their cultivation techniques.]


[On the first day, you descended into the world as a 4th Firmament Sageking.

You concealed your cultivation base and quietly stayed in the Great Desolate Village and pondered how to act this time.

[On the second day, through your control of several great Daos, you transmitted the method of breaking through to the Sageking realm to the managers.

You stayed in the world in the painting peacefully and didnt plan to go out for the time being.

[On the third day, Confucius felt something in the Ancient Void World after receiving your experience of breaking through to the Sageking realm and entering a state of closed-door cultivation.

[On the fourth day, because of your participation, Buddhism instantly became much stronger.

Even Sakyamuni himself didnt understand it clearly.

He inexplicably reached the 9th Layer of the Sage rank and reached perfection.

He was only one step away from breaking through

[On the fifth day, they received your guidance while you were sleeping.

You occasionally gained something and entered a state of seclusion to cultivate…

[On the eighth day, the Great Shaman Bai Qi manifested his Dao of Slaughter and became a Sage.

He reached the 6th Layer of the Sage rank with just one step.

The human side was instantly shocked.

Countless powerful warriors rushed to the Jialuo Pass, thinking that the great war between the shamans and the human race was about to begin.


[On the ninth day, something shocking happened.

Bai Qi did not launch an attack on the human race.

Instead, he began to slaughter the shamans.

Several shamanic tribes suffered heavy casualties.

Several sealed Ancestral Shamans showed up and joined forces to fight against Bai Qi.]

[On the 13th day, Bai Qi devoured the nine remaining Ancestral Shamans and eradicated the entire Shaman race.

During this period, a little loli was following Bai Qi.

[In the desert of the Western Region, in front of a mountain of corpses forged by countless shamans, a little loli stood together with a man, whose body was covered in blood and white hair fluttered in the wind.

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“Uncle Bai, my ancestor didnt ask me to refine such a disgusting thing.

Can I not refine it” Kong Xinyue said to Bai Qi with a look of disdain.

[You had teleported Kong Xinyue to Confuciuss side, but you gave him a fright.

You had conveniently sealed Kong Xinyues memories of you, so Kong Xinyue didnt know anything.

[When Confucius confirmed that Kong Xinyue was his descendant and that she was born with an unparalleled physique, he immediately set his sights on the shamans, who were the strongest in the world due to their physical bodies.

[After that, when Confucius sensed that Bai Qi had a chance of breaking through, he personally brought Kong Xinyue to have a chat with Bai Qi.

[Even though Bai Qi was about to break through, he did not dare to not give the old Sage face.

After Confucius helped him take the final step, he agreed to slaughter all the shamans and extract their blood essence for Kong Xinyues cultivation.

[At present, there were a total of ten blood pearls floating in front of Kong Xinyue.

These ten blood pearls were not simple.

Bai Qi had exterminated all the shamans and killed the nine Ancestral Shamans before he could refine these ten blood essence pearls.

“Gather the shamans blood essence and refine it into your body.

You will reach the Sage rank today.”

[In front of Kong Xinyue, Bai Qi was a cold and handsome uncle.

To be honest, if Confucius had not come personally, he definitely would not have submitted.

[That day, Confucius had come to his door to block and cause trouble for Bai Qi.

One had to know that during the great war, Bai Qi had personally killed a quasi-Sage, a disciple of Confucius.

[At that time, Bai Qi thought that Confucius had come to kill him.

Fortunately, it was just to let him do some dirty work.

[Kong Xinyue despised the ten blood pearls in front of her.

However, after Bai Qi said that she could reach the Sage rank, Kong Xinyues eyes immediately lit up.

[She was now a third-step bigshot, so she knew how powerful the Sage rank was.

[Finally, she suppressed the desire to become stronger and sucked the ten blood pearls into her mouth.

Her blood boiled, and she began to refine the blood pearls.]

[On the 15th day, you sensed that the selected managers had all developed well.

You were very satisfied, and your cultivation base was constantly improving.

On this day, you visited Widow Zhang in the village and reconnected with her, leading a shameless life.

[What you didnt know was that a manager you had chosen was currently facing a life-threatening crisis.

[At the Divine World, inside the Lunar Divine Kingdom…

[The Lunar Goddess sat cross-legged in her divine palace.

The power of faith that she had accumulated over countless years was all absorbed into her body.

[In just a few short days, her cultivation base had successfully returned, and she had directly broken through to the 7th Layer of the Thearch(Sage) rank.

[However, that was all that was left.

The power of faith accumulated in the Lunar Divine Kingdom had been exhausted, and only then did the Lunar Goddess open her eyes.

“I really didnt expect that I would actually return just like that…”

[The Lunar Goddess sighed in surprise.

[To be honest, although more than ten days had passed, the Lunar Goddess still hadnt recovered.

It was as if she was dreaming.

[A man named Zhao Hao had lifted his hand and broke the seal.

Then, he rewarded her with a great Dao.

Although it wasnt very strong, it directly made her a third-step expert.

[This was already very strange.

The other party had even waved his hand and teleported her back to the Divine World.

He had given her a jade token, which could make the Earth Sovereign let her go.

[The Lunar Goddess knew too well that the Earth Sovereign was a bad woman.

Previously, she had been schemed against by the Earth Sovereign, and during the battle of the gods, the Earth Sovereign had personally slain her.

Her true spirit had been sealed forever, and she would never be able to return.

[The hatred between the two could be said to be irreconcilable.

Even the Lunar Goddess did not believe that when the Earth Sovereign saw her return, she would hold back from killing her.

[However, she had been sent away by the teleportation light before she could even have a chance to speak.

[When she landed on the ground, she was dumbfounded because the destination of the teleportation was the temple of the Earth Sovereign in the Earth Divine Kingdom.

[Looking at the woman who was holding her pet rabbit, the Lunar Goddess face turned ashen.

[The Earth Sovereign had been rendered speechless.

She had been in a good mood that day.

She had planned to water the flowers in the garden and calculated how to capture the Life Goddess and see if she could break through after refining her.

Also, she had also considered how to open the Lunar Divine Kingdom that was suppressed below without any losses.

[Suddenly, a woman landed in front of her without anyone noticing.

That aura was extremely familiar.]


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