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“I choose Option #3, to become an ordinary member,” Zhao Hao said to the little elf.

In the next moment, Zhao Haos figure disappeared from the Virtual Supreme Alliances Milky Way branch, returning to the main street of the Virtualverse.

“Ding! As this is your first time joining the Virtual Supreme Alliance, this years membership fees will not be collected.

Please pay the fees at this time next year.”

An email appeared in front of Zhao Hao, and he let out a deep breath.

He had just become a Sageking, so he didnt have any Yuan on him.

He also didnt have any equipment or items that could be sold for money.

Therefore, if he was asked to pay the fee as soon as possible, he would probably have to think of ways to earn money for the next period.

It was difficult to move an inch in the Virtualverse without money.

Zhao Hao took a simple tour around the Virtualverse and got a general understanding.

It was the same as the description in the simulator.

Then, he left the Virtualverse.

He opened his eyes and looked around at the stars in the universe.

At that moment, Zhao Hao felt like a bird flying in the sky and a fish leaping in the sea.

However, Zhao Hao didnt go wild.

Time was still tight.

The simulator could already solidify his talent for the ninth time.


However, Zhao Hao did not plan to extract it now.

Instead, there were some important things that needed to be arranged in advance.

Under Mount Li, in the Xianyang Palace…

Emperor Qin was sitting on the dragon throne, quietly looking out of the palace.

His cold eyes seemed to be able to see through the earth and enter the depths of the universe.

“Your Majesty, that figure just now, I believe it must be the appearance of a Sage,” Prime Minister Li Si said respectfully from the side.

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The phenomenon of Zhao Hao breaking through to the Sageking Realm made the entire Earth boil with excitement.

Although no one knew who this expert was, his vast and powerful aura was enough to destroy heaven and earth.

All the forces on Earth could not help but take him seriously.

Ying Zheng, who was in the Xianyang Palace, was one of them.

Only those with stronger forces would know how powerful the figure in his mind was.

After some discussion, the ministers of Great Qin guessed that it was probably because a Sage had reincarnated and recultivated.

After all, according to the ancient books, when Confucius and the others came into this world, there were all kinds of strange phenomena.

Ying Zhengs face was unsightly.

The situation had just taken a turn for the better, and the Spiritual Qi had not yet fully recovered.

Although he had the help of the traitor Wang Teng and had collected a large amount of modern knowledge, it was impossible for him to completely digest it.

It would take him at least a few decades.

And now, Ying Zheng felt that what he lacked the most was time.

As long as he had enough time, he would be able to unify the human race in the future and become the human emperor of the human race…

While Ying Zheng was deep in thought, the entire grand hall suddenly seemed to have come to a standstill.

No one moved, and time seemed to have stopped.

Only Ying Zheng could move freely.

Ying Zheng also sensed something was wrong at the first moment.

His aura burst out, and the Yin Dragon Meridian instantly entered his body.

After a long time of recovery and the last time he fought against the Willow Tree, the Yin Dragon Meridian had become more compatible with Ying Zheng.

His overall strength had instantly reached the late stage of the Tribulation Transcending realm.

Even if he were to face all the other people on Earth, Ying Zheng would prevail victorious.

However, it just so happened that he was facing Zhao Hao, a terrifying existence who had just broken through and entered the 4th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

A human figure appeared in front of Ying Zheng, and the latter raised his eyes and looked over.

His eyes were instantly filled with sharp pain.

He did not manage to see anything and lowered his head.

Only when he sensed that human figures majestic and mighty holy aura did Ying Zheng realize that this was not the reincarnation of a Sage, but the descent of a Sage…

“You dont have to say anything.

Ive come to look for you today because I have a great opportunity for you,” Zhao Hao said to Ying Zheng.

Even Ying Zheng had no choice but to lower his proud head in the face of this terrifying expert.

“Senior, please enlighten me.”

Ying Zheng paid his respects and did not even dare to raise his head to look at Zhao Hao.

“You are an emperor of the past.

Today, I will make you the emperor of humanity.

You and your Qin dynasty will also be sent to another world, where you can do as you please and become the lord of that world.”

After saying that, Zhao Hao shot out a beam of golden light at Ying Zhengs body.

The advanced version of the Road of the Heavenly Sovereign, the Human Emperor Colorful talent, entered Ying Zhengs body.

In an instant, Ying Zheng, who had to rely on the Yin Dragon Meridian to have the overall strength of a Tribulation Transcending cultivator, became a third-step expert.

In fact, given the attributes of the Human Emperor talent, even becoming a Sage would not be a difficult task when he had enough human subordinates.

For the first time, Ying Zheng felt an incomparable fear when he sensed such a powerful force in his body.

With just a casual wave of Zhao Haos hand, Ying Zheng had gained such an overall strength increase.

What kind of terrifying existence was this person in front of him

“The world Ill send you to is called the Ancient World.

All the soldiers under your command are body refiners.

Coincidentally, that worlds Physical Dao reigns supreme.

At present, the humans and the demons are at war.

You can develop in peace, or you can fight for the human race.

Your future development will depend on yourself.”

Zhao Hao was still kind enough to give Ying Zheng some advice so that he would not waste one of his great Daos.

As the true master of the Human Dao, he naturally hoped that Ying Zhengs cultivation base could become stronger.

Without waiting for Ying Zhengs reply, Zhao Haos figure disappeared from the Xianyang Palace, and what followed was the destruction of heaven and earth.

With a wave of Zhao Haos hand, the entire Mount Li, as well as the underground mausoleum, all disappeared and were sent to the Ancient World.

Looking at the vanished mausoleum, Zhao Hao said expectantly, “Dont let me down…”

Ying Zheng, the first emperor of the Qin dynasty, was the first person he had appointed as one of his great Daos manager.

Not everyone was capable of becoming an emperor throughout the ages.

Zhao Hao was very confident in Ying zhengs capabilities.

He believed that it would not be long before the entire Ancient Worlds name changed to Great Qin World or something.

At the Jinling Villa District…

Zhao Haos figure appeared there.

After many simulations and talent strengthening, Zhao Haos eight Red talents had all become Colorful talents.

Zhao Hao had completely grasped eight powerful great Daos, and his strength would only increase.

At present, he had four managers, and a candidate manager, Bai Qi.

As for the remaining three great Daos, Zhao Hao had a perfect candidate for one of them.

Kong Xinyue was currently reading a book.

When she saw Zhao Hao walking over, her little face couldnt help but turn red.

She placed the book she was reading behind her.

Zhao Hao could vaguely see the words “Golden Scale.” His heart was filled with puzzlement.

What kind of book was she reading that she was feeling embarrassed about

However, Zhao Hao didnt use his divine sense to check on the book.

He came to find Kong Xinyue this time because he had something important to deal with.


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