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Zhao Hao had many ideas at the moment.

He would get ten Colorful talents and become the master of 10 great Daos.

Then, he would find the people with the corresponding great Daos and let them manage them.

He would hide behind them and absorb their fruits of labor.

Then, Zhao Hao continued to simulate.

This time, he only went through more than ten simulations before he successfully drew a Red talent.

After successfully strengthening the Descendant of Daoist Trinity talent, the power of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism merged and intertwined within Zhao Haos body.

In an instant, endless pressure descended upon the entire Earth.

Originally, only those who were cultivating could sense it.

However, all the living beings on the planet felt it this time.

Divine light shone brightly, and flowers fell from the sky.

Everyone unconsciously knelt on the ground and respectfully called out to the Sage for a breakthrough.

Thats right!

A majestic figure appeared in the minds of all the living beings.

There was no need to tell them who this person was.

Everyone knew that he was a powerful being.

With the power of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism, Zhao Hao and the others instantly broke through.

They didnt stay at the 1st Firmament of the Sageking realm for long before entering the 2nd and 3rd Firmament of the Sageking realm.

They only stopped when they reached the peak of the 3rd Firmament of the Sageking realm.


Zhao Hao didnt even have time to react to this scene.

He originally thought that it would be good enough if the power of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism combined into one and allowed him to reach the 3rd Firmament of the Sageking realm.

Who knew they could release such a powerful force after the three merged together

Zhao Haos eyes narrowed.

He could sense that the Sageking Lightning Tribulation was about to descend.

Zhao Haos figure instantly disappeared.

The next moment, he appeared in a remote place in the universe.

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The lightning tribulation was still evolving.

All of this was too fast.

No one had ever broken through from the Sage rank to the 3rd Firmament of the Sageking realm in a row.

Even the last time Zhao Hao entered the Sageking realm in the simulator was in the desolate realm of the universe.

He had endured ten days of lightning tribulation before breaking through.

Just now, Zhao Hao had only used a breath of time to break through.

Upon looking at the lightning tribulation that was slowly gathering in front of him, Zhao Haos brows furrowed.

He didnt have the time to wait for the lightning tribulation to be completed.

There were only two more days before he had to cross over.

Although he could directly cross the universe and follow the ancient path of the human race to find the planet where Confucius and the others were with his current strength, there was no need for that.

Not to mention the dangers of traveling in space, just the fact that he still had not extracted the last two talents was not in his best interest.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hao directly flew into the lightning tribulation.

The Endless Absorption talent was activated to the maximum as he crazily absorbed the endless power of the lightning tribulation.

Endless Absorption could convert all the energy in the world into his own cultivation base.

As long as his body could accommodate it, he could continue to absorb it.

A few hours later, the lightning tribulation completely disappeared.

It was destroyed even before it could take form, and Zhao Hao completely absorbed it.

Thanks to the lightning tribulation, Zhao Hao successfully advanced to the 4th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

“Ding! Congratulations on becoming a human Sageking.

Welcome to the human family in the universe.

I thought you had established your identity and automatically joined the Supreme Cosmic Human Alliance…”

As expected, after Zhao Hao calmed down, the scene that appeared in the simulator also appeared in his mind.

After entering the Sageking realm, he was discovered by the Supreme Cosmic Human Alliance and successfully received the three emails that represented the three routes.

“Respected new Sageking, Zhao Hao, the Virtual Supreme Alliance sincerely looks forward to your joining…”

“Respected new Sageking, Zhao Hao, the Cosmic Human Mercenary Group is sincerely looking forward to your joining…”

“Respected new Sageking, Zhao Hao, the Cosmic Human Army is sincerely looking forward to your joining…”

Looking at the three choices in front of him, Zhao Hao frowned slightly.

He had only joined the Cosmic Human Mercenary Group and the Cosmic Human Army before.

These two powerful forces hadnt left Zhao Hao very satisfied.

And this choice wasnt a simulated choice but a real choice, so he naturally had to be extra careful.

The first one to be excluded was the Cosmic Human Army.

Although it provided many benefits at the start, and he could get a salary of 100 Yuan per year, it was the one with the most restrictions.

Not to mention the need to become a soldier in another galaxy, just the various missions and training arrangements were very inconsistent with Zhao Haos image of his future plans.

The Cosmic Human Mercenary Group was powerful and unrestrained.

Among the three major forces, the freest force was also the force that Zhao Hao wanted to join the most.

However, he couldnt choose this now.

If he wanted to join the Cosmic Human Mercenary Group, he had to complete the novice mission.

Zhao Hao could not forget this mission.

The Cosmic Human Mercenary Group would scan all the nearby life planets and then issue the mission.

Other things were fine, but if the mission to go to the Netherworld Sea star and capture Ge Tianji appeared…

Then tell me, should he go or not/

“Ge Tianji…” Zhao Hao muttered to himself.

This old village head had never let him gain any advantage ever since he began his simulation.

Now that he had reached the Sageking realm, he still didnt dare to directly go and find trouble with this person.

However, this was only the beginning.

Zhao Hao gave a strange smile.

When he chose to hide and not appear in front of others, his role and Ge Tianjis would be swapped.

In the future, it would be hard to say who would scheme against whom.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Hao finally decided to join the Supreme Virtual Alliance.

After clicking on the invitation letter from the Supreme Virtual Alliance, Zhao Haos soul instantly entered the Virtualverse.

Virtualverse, Milky Way Island.

Zhao Hao was located in the Milky Way galaxy, one of the 108 galaxies of the human race.

Anyone who entered the Virtualverse from there would enter the Milky Way Island.

Because Zhao Hao had chosen to join the Virtual Supreme Alliance, he didnt directly appear on the streets like normal people who had just entered.

Instead, he arrived in front of a large hall.

There was a plaque hanging in the hall.

It was the Milky Way branch of the Supreme Virtual Alliance.

Figures walked in and out in front of Zhao Hao, completely ignoring him.

Just as Zhao Hao was in a daze, a little elf appeared on Zhao Haos shoulder.

“Congratulations on successfully joining the Supreme Virtual Alliance.

According to the test, your cultivation is at the 4th Firmament of the Sageking Realm.

I recommend the following routes for you.


Become a security officer in the Supreme Virtual Alliance.

You will receive a salary of 50 Yuan per year.

You will be responsible for daily patrols and handling miscellaneous matters in the branch.


Become a courier in the Supreme Virtual Alliance.

You will be charged according to the price.

Depending on the distance, you will be paid a commission.

There is a certain amount of risk.

Please choose carefully.


Become an ordinary member of the Supreme Virtual Alliance.

You will pay a fee of 10 Yuan per year.

The Supreme Virtual Alliance will not interfere with your life.”

Zhao Hao carefully analyzed these three choices, and they all seemed to be pretty good.

Especially for someone like him who planned to be a behind-the-scenes player, whether it was being a security guard or a courier, it seemed to be a good way to hide his tracks.

If he became an ordinary member, however, the Supreme Virtual Alliance would not interfere with his life as long as he paid a fee of 10 Yuan.


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