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The strengthening function of the cultivation simulator was based on the rank of the target talent and the rank of the strengtheningmaterials to calculate the success rate.

Moreover, after the Gold talents were used to strengthen a talent, they would not appear again in the simulator.

The success rate of using the Gold talents to strengthen the Red talents in the early stage was very high.

Basically, a Red talent could be steadily strengthened to 5.

After that, there was a chance of failure.

After failure, the strengthening level would not change.

It would only consume two Gold talents.

Zhao Hao understood the mechanism of the simulator and could not help but exclaim, “Its alright, its alright.

This is obviously not a product of goose intestines.

If I strengthen it to five and the failure rate is 0, I can tear down the simulator…”

Even so, Zhao Hao consumed a large number of Gold talents to strengthen all eight Red talents to 5.

As a result, Gold talents rarely appeared in his simulations now.

Zhao Hao looked at the row of Red talents with 5 on the interface and said gloomily, “Thats not right.

The strengthening function clearly states that there is a chance to level up solidified talents, but why did I strengthen them so many times and fail to level up in one go”

Although he said so, Zhao Hao continued to simulate.

At that moment, a red light appeared.

Finally, after dozens of simulations, a Red talent appeared.

[Octadirectional Formation of Gods and Demons (Red Talent): Your intelligence increases by 800.

The gods will retreat, and the evil spirits will not be able to escape.

You can seal all living things in the world.]



Looking at this Red talent, Zhao Hao was a little envious.

Although he knew that the sealing of all living things in the world must have a lot to do with his cultivation, he had to admit that this talent was quite strong.

However, after comparing his eight Red talents, Zhao Hao decided to use this talent to strengthen himself.

He used the old method again and died on the first day and then tried to enhance his talents.

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First, he used a Gold Confucian talent to strengthen his Disciple of the Venerable Sage talent.

[Ding! Red Talent, Disciple of the Venerable Sage strengthening failed.]

Sure enough, a 5 Red talent couldnt be strengthened by a Gold talent.

Then, Zhao Hao used the newly extracted Octadirectional Formation of Gods and Demons talent to strengthen the Disciple of the Venerable Sage talent.

[Ding! Red Talent, Disciple of the Venerable Sage strengthening succeeded.

The Disciple of the Venerable Sage talent evolved.]

[Ding! Congratulations, you have obtained a Colorful Talent, The Master of Confucianism.]

[The Master of Confucianism (Colorful Talent): Your intelligence increases by 10,000.

You are the true master of Confucianism.

The original master, Confucius, will only manage it for you.

The stronger Confucianism is, the stronger you will be.]

In an instant, the entire planet Earth quaked, and the sound of the great Dao rang out continuously.

Zhao Haos cultivation base increased.

After becoming the master of Confucianism, he inherited all the power of Confucianism and became a 9th Layer Sage!

Feeling the boundless power within his body, Zhao Hao was stupefied.

He had never imagined he would become the master of Confucianism, which Confucius had carefully cultivated for many years, just by simply strengthening his talent through random research.

It was his now!

Moreover, as Confucianism was strengthened, his strength would also increase.

“T-This is the Sage realm…”

Zhao Hao waved his hand in disbelief.

Looking at the stars in the sky, Zhao Hao felt that he could blow them up with a single punch.

Although Zhao Hao had reached the Sageking realm in the simulator, he was only a small Profound Void cultivator in the real world.

Who would have thought that a small Profound Void cultivator a moment ago would become a 9th Layer Sage in the blink of an eye!

In an instant, Zhao Haos divine sense spread out, and he thought of many things.

‘Since the Disciple of the Venerable Sage talent could be promoted to The Master of Confucianism talent, didnt that mean that the other talents…

Zhao Hao looked at the other Red talents on the panel and started simulating like crazy again.

After dozens of simulations, another Red talent finally appeared again.

[Boundless Buddha Dharma (Red Talent):All your attributes increase by 500.

Your Buddhist aptitude is the best in the world, the pinnacle of Buddhism.

With you as Buddha, there will be a heaven.

You are the living Buddha, a supreme Buddhist.]

Although the description was very powerful, Zhao Hao wasnt moved at all.

In terms of talent, he had to use it as material to strengthen it.

[Ding! Red Talent, Born Arhat has been strengthened successfully.

The Born Arhat talent has evolved.]

[Ding! Red Talent, Disciple of the Venerable Sage strengthening succeeded.

The Disciple of the Venerable Sage talent evolved.]

[Ding! Congratulations, you have obtained a Colorful Talent, The Lord of Buddhism.]

[The Lord of Buddhism (Colorful Talent): All your attributes increase by 3,000.

You are the true master of Buddhism.

The original master, Shakyamuni, will only manage it for you.

The stronger Buddhism is, the stronger you will be.]

In the next moment, another wave of power of the great Dao entered Zhao Haos body.

The two powers merged together and didnt clash at all.

The only difference was that the power of Confucianism was slightly stronger.

After all, Confucius was a 9th Layer Sage, while Shakyamuni was only an 8th Layer Sage.

At that moment, Zhao Haos energy surged as if he wanted to merge the two powers and enter the Sageing realm.

Unfortunately, he still couldnt break through.

He was only at the peak of the Sage rank and was just a little bit away from reaching the Sageking realm.

Zhao Haos expression was filled with joy.

According to the original plan, he would only be able to successfully enter the Sageking after devouring the Ancient Worlds thousand-meter Physical Dao.

However, although the Physical Dao wasnt bad, it was still quite ordinary.

Its power was limited, so it wouldnt be of much help in his cultivation.

But now, it was different.

At that moment, he did not need to absorb the broken Physical Dao at all.

He only needed to strengthen all of his Red talents into Colorful talents, and his strength would naturally increase as the great Daos he mastered increased.

In particular, he did not need to take the initiative to cultivate.

Confucius, Shakyamuni, Lao Tzu, and others had been working hard to improve their respective great Daos, even though Zhao Hao had become the true master of the great Daos behind their backs.

As long as Zhao Hao didnt depose them as managers, none of them would know that the invincible daos that they had worked so hard to create had a new master.

“10 Colorful talents, 10 great Daos coexisting…”

Zhao Haos eyes became more and more commanding.

If he obtained 10 Colorful talents, he couldnt waste them.

It was still fine if he had three of them.

At the very least, those three worked hard enough and didnt need him to worry about them.

But the next few Red talents were quite tricky.

The Asura in the World talent was not as tricky as he could use Bai Qi, a peak third-step expert and the one whose statue had provided the talent, to manage its evolution.

As for the other Red talents, there wasnt a corresponding person to manage them.


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