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[On the 134th day, time flashed by, and the 1-week deadline arrived.

On the night of that day, the 9th Layer Ghost Sage envoy, Ghosthaunt, appeared.

He didnt say anything and directly took the Ghost Stones.

[Most of the 1,000 ghosts that he had brought had completed the mission, but only a few dozen hadnt gathered enough Ghost Stones due to bad luck.

[The ghost envoy did not waste any time.

He directly threw the dozens of ghosts that had not completed the mission into the ghost mine.

[Screams sounded one after another.

Seeing the ghosts being absorbed by the Ghost Stones, all the spectating ghosts could not help but have goosebumps.

[You looked at all of this coldly.

In this place, there was no law.

The sentenceThe strong are respected was a common principle in that world.

If you could not accomplish something, then you were not strong enough.

[You planned to endure for a period of time.

When you were strong enough, you would go and take a good look at the Ghost race.]

[On the 138th day, you received 13 Ghost Stones.

You still kept the small ones and absorbed the large ones.

Your strength had reached the 6th Layer of the Ghost Sage rank.]

[On the 144th day, there was a time when the second 1-week deadline arrived.

Many ghosts were exhausted and couldnt replenish their Ghost Qi.

The speed of digging the ghost mines had also slowed down.

This time, more than 100 ghosts hadnt completed the mission.

The ghost envoy still didnt show any mercy and directly fed them all to the Ghost Stones.

[After Ghosthaunt left, there was a short commotion in the entire mining area.

Many ghosts knew that they couldnt just sit around and wait for death.


[Not only did they have to face the exploitation of several Ghost Sages, but they were also under the threat of death all the time.

[In such an environment, let alone surviving for 500 years, they were already considered powerful if they could survive for a few years.

[The ghost mines absorbed Ghost Qi at a breakneck speed, and the ghosts could not replenish it.

A third-step ghost had already fallen to the second step.

[Those with weaker cultivation levels were even weaker.

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[Many ghosts gathered together spontaneously.

In order to survive, they used all kinds of methods.

[Some snatched the stones that others had dug out, while others threatened.

In any case, the ugly faces were displayed vividly in all the mines.

[There were only two safe areas.

One was the group of Ghost Sages.

The few Ghost Sages had never mined and had always been cultivating in peace.

There were enough fat sheep below, and no one dared to provoke them.

[There were also the areas where you mined.

A few fellows wanted to acknowledge you as their boss and receive your protection.

However, you didnt have that intention.

[After killing a few ungrateful ghosts, no one dared to approach your mining areas.]

[On the 203rd day, time flashed by.

Two months had already passed in the mines.

In these two months, the 1,000 ghosts that originally entered the mines were reduced to just over 150.

[The few Ghost Sages had no choice but to increase the protection fee because they didnt have enough sheep under them.

They increased the protection fee from one to two Ghost Stones.

[This naturally caused the ghost miners to be extremely displeased.

Those who were able to survive until now were all third-step experts.

Moreover, they had extra Ghost Stones to provide cultivation recovery, and more than 100 of them rebelled.

[Although the Ghost Sages could kill all of them, this was obviously impossible.

In the end, they had no choice but to take up mining and become miners.

[You didnt care about this at all.

[At this time, you had already reached the 9th Layer of the Ghost Sage rank, and you had more than 500 Ghost Stones in your hands.

[You no longer went to mine.

Instead, you opened up a cave abode and refined Ghost Stones in peace.

When you needed to hand in the weekly fee, you went out.

In the remaining time, you went into closed-door cultivation to break through.

[In the eyes of outsiders, you were still at the 3rd Layer of the Ghost Sage rank as you concealed your cultivation.

[Since the Ghost Stone would absorb a large amount of Ghost Qi before it was mined, it would be pretty good if you could stabilize your own realm by absorbing the Ghost Stone.

[Of all the ghost miners, only the 5th Layer Ghost Sage had relied on his realm not to mine, and he had advanced to the 6th Layer of the Ghost Sage rank by absorbing Ghost Stones.

[For this reason, Ghosthaunt had even personally met him and promised him that as long as he reached the 8th Layer of the Ghost Sage rank, he would become Ghosthaunts assistant.]

[On the 235th day, after absorbing 400 Ghost Stones, you finally filled up the energy in your body and evolved your great Dao in one go.

[There were many kinds of great Daos that could be evolved among ghosts.

They were all very powerful great Dao.

When you advanced to the Ghost Sageking realm, you sensed four extremely powerful great Daos.

[They were not Daos that were tens of millions of meters or hundreds of millions of meters long.

They were Daos that were boundless and connected to the universe.

[You could conclude that these Daos were definitely the Heavenly Venerate-level Daos.

[The Dao of Dead Souls, the Dao of Curses, the Dao of Shadows, and the Dao of Destruction.

[You hesitated for a long time before you chose the Dao of Dead Souls.

It was not because the Dao of the Dead Souls was the strongest, but because in your memories, the Ghost races camp that was connected to the human races territory seemed to be the branch of the Dead Souls.

[In an instant, the great Dao entered your body, and your Ghost Qi rose.

The entire mining area shook several times.

[Countless ghosts were shocked.

They had never seen such a terrifying scene.

[Ghosthaunts figure appeared in front of you.

He looked very angry, but he didnt dare to let it out.

[Ghosthaunt asked angrily, “You… You actually hid your cultivation and secretly broke through!”

[You had broken through to the Ghost Sageking realm, so you completely ignored Ghosthaunt and looked behind him

[A figure appeared.

It was the person who had captured you, the 3rd Firmament Ghost Sageking, Greenface.

“You have good intentions and good methods.

You actually broke through to the Ghost Sageking realm in this ghost mine.

In a million years, you are the second.”

[Greenface didnt have any intention of attacking.

Instead, there was a trace of admiration on his face.

[The environment in the mine was extremely unfavorable for cultivation.

To be able to break through to the Ghost Sageking realm in such an environment showed that the ghost in front of him was extremely talented.

[Greenface asked politely, “How do you plan to deal with him”

[You politely spared Ghosthaunts life.

[This wasnt a good time to start a war.

Lets not talk about whether you had the confidence to kill Greenface, just the ghost mines alone were such a big secret.

As a Ghost Sage Emperor expert, how could Ghost Emperor Greed not send some experts to guard them

“Mm, your mind is pretty good.

You didnt directly use your cultivation base to attack.

Seeing that you cultivate the great Dao of the Dead Souls, you can become my assistant.

Remember, we are the subordinates of Ghost Emperor Greed.

Our main mission is to gather the Ghost Stones for His Majesty the Ghost Emperor.”


[On the 236th day, you successfully became a ghost envoy under Ghost Emperor Greed.

Greenface didnt doubt you.

Any ghost that could become Ghost Emperor Greeds envoy found this a supreme honor.]


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