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“Haha! Go to hell! Constant temperature burn…”

[Viscount Lambo, who was in mid-air, also laughed out loud when he saw you entangled with Long Zhan.

[Then, more than 10 missiles instantly shot out of his mecha.

Each missile had the power to destroy the world.


[No matter how Long Zhan struggled, you held him tightly, not giving him any chance to escape.

[Just like that, the missiles all hit perfectly.

[Your vision turned black.

[In the next moment, your soul flew out.

A small crack appeared in space, sucking your soul in.

[Your will started to blur.

Only then did you remember that the talents you had chosen this time were all leaning toward the ghost cultivator lineage…


[On the 119th day, you woke up from your coma and found that you had already turned into a ghost and had come to the Netherworld.

[Because you had turned into a ghost, your cultivation had been greatly damaged, and your cultivation had dropped from the 2nd Firmament Sageking realm to the 3rd Layer of the Sage rank.

[According to the information you had gathered before, the Ghost race existed among the 10,000 races in the universe, and it was also a powerful force like the human race.

[The members of the Ghost race were divided into different groups.

Any strong warrior who died could turn into a ghost and cultivate for a lifetime.

Therefore, the Ghost race was basically the strongest race among the 10,000 races in the universe.

[Now, you had also successfully become a ghost.

You wanted to get as much information as possible, so you planned to explore this unknown ghost region.

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[You slowly released your soul consciousness and began to sweep the surrounding area.

You wanted to find a few weak ghosts, extract their souls, and check out the information about this place.

[Under your soul consciousnesss sweep, strings of information appeared in your mind.

[Unfortunately, these ghosts had just woken up and didnt possess any intelligence.

The strongest ghost was just an ordinary third-step expert.

[Thus, you judged that this should be the area where the new ghosts were born.

[Before you could collect any more useful information, a withered yellow oil lamp slowly floated in the distant sky.

[All the newly born ghosts were attracted by the light of the oil lamp and headed in that direction.

[Although you had consciousness, your body couldnt help but float toward the direction of the oil lamp.

[Feeling a sense of danger, you hurriedly pretended to be like an ordinary ghost.

Your eyes were blurred, and you followed the mass of ghosts toward the direction of the oil lamp as if you were a walking corpse.]

[On the 121st day, the light of the oil lamp seemed to be very close, but the actual distance was extremely far.

You followed the army of ghosts and floated for a full two days before reaching the oil lamps vicinity.

Along the way, the army of ghosts increased.

By the time you arrived, 1,000,000 ghosts had gathered.

[Looking at this lineup, you also felt a lot more at ease because you also discovered a few Sage-level ghosts.

As long as it wasnt just one Sage-level ghost, everything would be fine.

Moreover, under your careful observation, you discovered that a few souls had clearly retained their memories from when they were alive.

[When you walked in front of the oil lamp, you discovered two black-robed ghost envoys quietly standing under it, watching the gathered ghosts.

[You pretended to have no spiritual sense and imitated them, staying where you were.

[After another half a day, about 2,000,000 ghosts gathered under the oil lamp, and the two black-robed ghost envoys finally made their move.

[The short black-robed ghost envoy said to the other obviously taller ghost envoy, “Boss, the seedlings this time arent that good.

There are only a dozen Sage-level ghosts in total.

They wont be used up in just a few days if we bring them back.”

“The feng shui here isnt good.

The corresponding region above hasnt erupted into a big battle, so naturally, there wont be many powerful existences here.

If they dont die, how can their souls be here Its already good enough to have more than 10 Sage-level ghosts.

Were not going to war.”

[The tall ghost envoy didnt show any dissatisfaction.

On the contrary, he felt that collecting these ghosts was enough.

“But boss, we havent reached our target yet.”

[The ghost envoy looked as if he wanted to say something but was stopped by the tall ghost envoys gaze.

[You were a little confused.

The two ghost envoys in front of you didnt look like good ghosts, no matter how you looked at them.

You hurriedly used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes to check the attributes of the two ghosts.

Name: Greenface

Race: Ghost

Cultivation: Ghost Sageking/3rd Firmament

Description: Ghost Emperor Greed has appointed him to mine the ghost mine for him.

The ghost mine is the common currency of the entire Netherworld.

It can be used for cultivation, making formations, refining artifacts, and many other uses.

It was invaluable.

[Ghost mines had the ability to devour the origin of ghosts, so mining them was dangerous.

Experienced ghost miners usually did the mining.

[However, this time, Ghost Emperor Greeds request was bigger.

He needed a large number of people to continue mining.

Naturally, these newly awakened ghosts were easier to control and destroy.

[Therefore, Greenface invited the avatars of Ghost Emperor Greed, the Ghost Emperor Weapon, and the Soul-Guiding Lamp.

All the ghosts within a radius of 1,000,000 kilometers which had just awakened rushed here.

[After waiting for a while and seeing that no ghosts had rushed over, Greenface knew that he had summoned all the ghosts within a radius of 1,000,000 kilometers.

[He did not stand on ceremony and directly activated the Soul-Guiding Lamps avatars.

The gray light shone brightly and sucked the 2,000,000 or so ghosts gathered under the Soul-Guiding Lamp into the lamp.

[After that, they flew into Greenfaces hands, and the two ghost envoys slowly disappeared into this terrifying area.

[You woke up in the Soul-Guiding Lamp and felt that your surroundings were densely packed with ghosts.

You didnt know what these two people were going to do, so you didnt dare to act rashly.

[After all, you were only a 3rd Layer Ghost Sage.

One of the two black-clothed ghost envoys was at the 3rd Firmament of the Sageking realm, and the other was at the 2nd Firmament of the Sageking realm.

You werent a match for these two ghost envoys at all, so you could only be at their mercy.]

[On the 124th day, three full days passed before the Soul-Guiding Lamp emitted a sound again.

You felt a majestic power spurt out, and all the ghosts that were sucked in were all spurted out by the Soul-Guiding Lamp.

[You were brought in front of a huge black mountain, and a great Ghost Qi formation covered the entire black mountain.

Whether it was guarding or hiding, one needed to place strict safety measures when it came to a ghost mine.

[A large number of ghost envoys wandered among the group of new ghosts.

Each ghost envoy had the strength of a 5th Layer Ghost Sage or above, and they had all kinds of appearances.

However, they were collectively known as the Ghost race in this place.

[Each ghost envoy picked 1,000 ghosts.

As you had the strength of a 3rd Layer Ghost Sage, you were chosen by a 9th Layer Ghost Sage envoy and became his subordinate.

[Then, you were led by this ghost envoy into the pitch-black mine ahead.]


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