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[The strength of a 2nd Firmament Sageking coupled with the support of numerous equipment gave your punch a power comparable to a 6th Firmament Sageking.

[The fist force turned into a fierce tiger and charged in the direction of Long Zhan.

[Long Zhan completely ignored it and continued to throw materials into the mechanical laboratory.

[Just as your fist force was about to hit Long Zhan, a huge mechanical ape held a large shield in its hand and blocked in front of Long Zhan.

[Your Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes showed that this mechanical gorilla had reached the 8th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[Your rear was surrounded by the other two mechanical beasts.

You had no way to retreat.

Long Zhan also had the intention to kill you.

[You had no choice but to fight with all your strength.

Your figure instantly appeared beside the mechanical gorilla, and you punched with all your strength.

Sparks flew in all directions in an instant, but the mechanical gorilla didnt move at all.

[You looked at Long Zhan behind the mechanical ape and saw that he did not care about you at all.

Instead, he was commanding a large number of mechanical beasts to attack the city.

Seeing this, you finally felt a little relieved.

You would not be in danger if you faced a few mechanical beasts alone.

If Long Zhan joined the battle, you would probably have to stay here today.

[Following that, your attacks became more and more violent like a storm.

You completely ignored the attacks of the other two mechanical beasts.

[However, the mechanical gorilla blocked your concentrated attacks every time.


[Finally, you successfully angered the mechanical gorilla.

The mechanical parts all over its body emitted a piercing sound.


[With a loud roar, the mechanical gorilla slapped its claws in your direction.

[The sharp claws that emitted a metallic luster were over ten meters long.

At the tip of your claws, there was a cold glint.

[There was a moment of panic in your heart.

However, after a short moment of panic, you instantly regained your calm.

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[With a flash, you directly retreated.

The two mechanical beasts were pouncing in your direction.

You slid past the two beasts at a tricky angle, and they immediately charged toward the mechanical gorilla.

[The terrifying sharp claws pierced through the two mechanical beasts.

The strength of the 8th Firmament of the Sageking realm allowed the mechanical gorillas battle prowess to reach an exaggerated level.

[You fought until you held your breath.

[In terms of defense, you couldnt break the mechanical gorilla at all.

In terms of attack, you could hit it 100 times, and none of the attacks could cause any damage.

However, it only needed to successfully hit you once to take half of your life.

[Looking at Long Zhan, who still ignored you, you could not help but feel angry.

Initially, you only wanted to collect more information, but you were forced to do so by him.

This enmity was irreconcilable, and sooner or later, you would have to take revenge.

[Just as you were prepared to fight to the death, a long cry came from within Lambo City.

[Following that, a blue-colored Automaton that was only a meter tall flew out of Lambo City, piloting a huge mecha.

“Arson feast…”

[Following the loud shout of the Automaton, endless flames shot out from the muzzle of the gun.

The flames were dark green, like ghostly flames.

[One could feel a life-threatening danger from the flames.

This was not an ordinary flame.

It was the manifestation of Dao of Fire, a manifestation at least tens of millions of meters long.

[Those flames were powerful.

In the blink of an eye, they burned a large number of war beasts into ashes.

[Long Zhans expression also changed instantly.

He no longer cared about you and directly commanded the mechanical gorilla to take over.

This gorilla was his strongest war beast at the moment and was responsible for protecting his safety.

[Seeing that Viscount Lambo was coming menacingly, he could only command the gorilla.

“Youd better behave yourself, or else well all be here today,” Long Zhan said to you coldly.

[Then, he summoned two 5th Firmament Sageking mechanical beasts from the laboratory to protect him and keep an eye on you.

[Viscount Lambos strength had somewhat exceeded his expectations.

He needed to use all his trump cards to kill him.

[You stood silently at the side, not saying anything.

However, there was already a hint of a smile on your face.

[The mechanical gorilla was powerful.

The mechanical gorillas large shield directly blocked the green flames that had killed more than ten mechanical battle beasts.

[Seeing this, Viscount Lambo, who was in mid-air, also let out a weird cackle.

“Human, you dare to attack the Great Viscount Lambo with your half-baked methods Go to hell! Electronic Harpoon!”

[In an instant, a lightning harpoon that was more than ten meters long appeared in the hands of Viscount Lambos mecha.

An incomparably violent lightning force accompanied it.

It crazily charged toward the mechanical gorilla.

Long Zhan hurriedly shouted, “Divine Shield Barrier!”

[The full-strength attack from a 9th Chasm Sage Monarch was not so easy to receive.

[Upon hearing this, the mechanical gorilla immediately raised its large shield.

A golden light shield rose from the ground.

It was more than ten meters wide.

The violent harpoon directly stabbed into the light shield.

[The attack broke the shield, but it stopped on the mechanical gorillas shield.

“I blocked it…”

[Long Zhan revealed an excited expression because he wasnt sure if he could block it or not.

[However, another harpoon directly smashed onto the shield the next moment.

The shield instantly shattered, and the harpoon entered the mechanical gorillas body.

[The mechanical gorilla exploded.

“What There are two harpoons!”

[Long Zhan was shocked.

He thought that he had blocked that attack, but he didnt expect that there would be another one.

[The situation had been reversed in an instant.

Even though he still had a few Sageking mechanical beasts, their strength wasnt enough to fight against a 9th Chasm Sage Monarch.

[At that moment, Long Zhan was ready to activate the teleportation tool in his hand and escape.

He did not have any thoughts when facing a mad ninth Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[At that moment, a voice sounded in Long Zhans ear.

“Brother, if you want to kill me, then I can only send you to your death…”

[Long Zhans expression changed drastically.

He turned his head and saw that the two mechanical beasts responsible for guarding you had been knocked to the ground.

[Your face was only 10cm away from his face.

“Get lost…”

[Long Zhan angrily threw a punch at you.

His fist instantly turned into a mechanical arm.

This guy had even modified his own mechanical arm.

[However, your hand tightly held his arm.

In terms of strength, as a body refiner, how could you be afraid of him, a semi-mechanical human

[You held Long Zhans arm tightly, revealing a carefree smile.

[Long Zhans tone was ice-cold as he threatened.

“Let go of me.

Do you know who I am If you dare to provoke me, Ill make sure you have no place in the entire human race…”

[You actually didnt want to be like this.

Although it was a simulation, given Long Zhans strength, he would definitely remember these past experiences when he met you again.

However, things had already developed to this level.

[Even if you didnt kill him today, given Long Zhans character, he would definitely kill you in the future.

Instead of having so many inexplicable enemies at that time, it would be better to directly put him on the blacklist.

Wasnt it just the Dragongrace clan It wasnt a supreme aristocratic family.

You really didnt believe that you couldnt afford to offend them.

[Therefore, you did what you wanted to at that moment.

You only wanted to kill Long Zhan or be killed by him.]


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